5 Things to Consider before Purchasing Above Ground Pool


We all know swimming is a lot of fun and a good way to enjoy some nice moments that will last in our memory with friends and family. But we don’t all life near the beach, neither can we all build in-ground pools at our residence,

In such situations, above ground pools come as the best alternative. Additionally, they are quite practical and affordable compared to their in-ground counterparts.

Just like in-ground pools, above ground pools also offer some cool features and add-ons like railings, ladders, decks, heating systems, energy-efficient covers, and saltwater systems for the best swimming experience.

They range from the luxurious style inflatable pools which can be quite expensive, to the very portable and affordable ones, all depending on your taste and budget. If you are planning on buying an above ground pool anytime soon, there are a few things you need to consider to avoid regrettable purchases.

Things to Consider before Purchasing Above Ground Pool

#1 5 Things to Consider before Purchasing Above Ground Pool

Below are 5 things you need to look out for before purchasing an above ground pool.


Here Is where you decide on the pool that fits your lifestyle and meets the number of people you will mostly have in the pool.

If you are a homeowner or a renter and you need a budget-friendly, simple and easy-to-set pool, you may want to go for inflatable pools. These type of pools are very fashionable and attractive, and they usually come with air pumps to inflate them.

If you need a temporary, yet sturdy and durable above ground pool, you may want to consider metal frame pools. They can be set up within 30 minutes and can be dismantled in no time.

If what you need is a permanent pool, a metal wall above ground pool would be fine as, it is usually built with heavy-duty steel materials. You may, however, need the help of professionals for its installation due to its technicalities.

Whichever one you decide to go for among these three, you will find them in different styles and shapes including oval, round, and rectangle from which you can choose the one that most suite your lifestyle. You can also choose any size for these three ranges according to the number of people you are buying for. However, the pool capacity will determine how long it will take to fill it up with water.

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The pool liner is what holds the pool water in place, as well as protect the base and walls of the pool set up. It basically prevents the pool from punctures, tears, and damage, and for an extended pool life. When the liner gets weak, tears, or gets punctured, the pool water starts to leak and this hole will widen the more you use the pool. By then your pool set up is already deteriorating.

There are four types of pool liners and they are overlap, beaded, J-hook, and expandable liners.

Overlap liners attach to the pool by resting on the sidewalls, and they are held in place with coping strips. However, it is sometimes difficult to align them evenly on the sidewall, most especially the ones with pattern designs.

The beaded type of liner comes with beads at its edges and it requires a bead receiver into which you can feed this beads to have a proper fit. The bead receiver will be purchased separately. If the beads are not properly fed into the receiver, water can get in-between the wall and the liner and that could damage the metal parts.

The J-hook liner, however, is quite flexible and easy to fix as it comes with a hook that you can simply hang on the sidewalls to suspend the liner. Expandable liners are a good choice too if you will be digging a hole for your pool. This type of liners can be stretched and tucked below the pool set up for a firm fit.


Another thing you need to put into consideration is the pump and filter system for the pool. They are considered as the heart of the pool, creating a form of circulation and filtration processes within the pool to ensure the water is clean and safe. The three kinds of filter system you can choose from are Cartridge, Sand, and Diatomaceous Earth.

The Sand filter is the traditional way of keeping the pool clean and it works by running the pool water at high pressure through some sand in the pump system to filter out dirt.

Cartridge filters are quite simple to use and ensure a proper cleaning as they run at a lower pressure than the sand filters for a better flow rate. However, they are more expensive than sand filters, but if you don’t mind the cost, they can get the job done more accurately.

The third, which is the D.E filter is the most efficient of the 3 types of filters, and it makes use of D.E powders to trap dirt and tiny particles present in pools as water flow through it. Even though D.E filters offer the best filtration, they are quite expensive to maintain, and they also pose health risks since D.E powders are carcinogenic.

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After getting a good filter and pump system for a good circulation, it is equally important to maintain a good pool sanitation. This is the best way to handle contaminants and micro-organisms such as algae or bacteria that could be present in the pool. You can sanitize your pool with chlorine tablets, salt, or mineral packs.

Chlorine tablets can be applied with a Chlorination which dispenses the content into the pool in bits and at a controllable rate. The salt here is the common salt which is similar to what is being used in water conditioners. It’s been confirmed that salt pools are not always harsh on the skin or even clothes which makes it a safe and affordable option.

Minerals, on the other hand, neutralize and ensures a balance in the pH level of your pool water, and it is capable of replenishing itself against bacteria for an added protection.


If you are going for an above ground pool, you definitely need a ladder for entry and exit, and a lot of buyers seem to forget this part in their buying decisions. Although ladders rather come as an add-on to pools and not a basic item in the package, you should go for a manufacturer that offers it as an add-on.

With a pool ladder, there will be less stress on the edges of your pool during entry and exit. It also makes it easy for children to get into the pool. There are different kinds of ladders and the very common one is the A-frame ladder which allow both exit and entry into the pool.

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