Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 Carpet Cleaner Review


Carpet Cleaning is never an easy job, even for the professionals. Thus, a while back, machines took over from humans in order to clean these exquisite yet stubborn pieces of cloth. Rug Doctor was a pioneer of this change, creating a class of Best Carpet Cleaners that made it a favorite of customers. While today, there are many competitors like Hoover and Bissell, Rug Doctor still holds the throne.

Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 Carpet Cleaner Review

#1 Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 Carpet Cleaner Review

In this Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 Pet Pack, Deep Carpet Cleaning Machine review, we are taking a look at one of the Best Carpet Cleaning Machines from the company. The big name of Rug Doctor has already raised hopes of the customers. Let’s see if the product stands true to its reputation.

#1 Design

On the surface, the Rug Doctor Mighty Pro Carpet Cleaner fails to impress. It has a generic design that doesn’t try to look different or appealing. It only comes in two colors- blue and red. However, as far as functionalities are considered, the carpet cleaner definitely scores some points. The bug wheels ensure easy mobility, while the hose is long enough for easy cleaning. The build is really strong and durable, making it withstand the test of time. There is no fear of damage if after slightly rough usage.

#2 Features

  • Vibrating Brush Technology: Rug Doctor’s own technology, the vibrating brush is capable of removing the most stubborn dirt from the carpets.
  • Powerful Engine: A 1.74 HP engine along with a 28 psi motor ensures that the cleaner has enough power to do the work.
  • Path Width: The 10.8 inches Path Width follows the globally-accepted cleaning standards.
  • Adjustable Handle: The handle of the carpet cleaner can be adjusted around 4 inches and have a total height of 36.5 inches, thus making it suitable for people of every height. Also, it can be folded and stored with ease.
  • Separate Tanks: The two-tank system of Rug Doctor Mighty Pro carpet cleaner ensures that the clean and dirty water is stored in separate tanks, thus providing a constant cleaning efficiency.
  • Hot Water Cleaning: The water tank is capable of storing hot water, which ensures better cleaning.
  • Accessories: The Rug Doctor comes with a 12-inch long hose and stair tool. It also comes with a 40-oz bottle of cleaning formula.
  • Warranty: The cleaner comes with a warranty of 5 years, thus giving you the assurance of long-term stability.

#3 Pros

  • Suitable for professional cleaning

The benefit of being of the best carpet cleaners brand is that you know your stuff. Rug Doctor Mighty Pro is capable of removing even the most stubborn stains, and discoloration is never an issue. The Vibrating Brush technology proves to be quite effective in cleaning hidden dust and ensures a smooth cleaning experience. The cleaning path is wide enough to cover more ground, thus saving you time. Also, the carpet cleaner is multipurpose. Thus, not only can you clean carpets with it, but also stairs, parts of your room and even your car.

Preview Product Rating Price
Rug Doctor 95531 Mighty Pro X3 Carpet Cleaner Machine Rug Doctor 95531 Mighty Pro X3 Carpet Cleaner Machine 13 Reviews $2,200.00
  • Strong Build

In every Best Carpet Cleaners Review, we try to find the USP of the cleaner. For this one, it is its build. In case of most regular grade carpet cleaners, the lifespan of the machine is only a few years. However, the commercial-grade build of Rug Doctor avoids wear-and-tear for a long time. Given that the warranty itself is of 5 years, it is safe to assume that the cleaner would last much longer than that. The long lifespan ensures that in the long run, the machine justifies the price you are paying for it. Also, the strong build ensures that you don’t have to repair or replace parts often.

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  • Really easy to use

Rug Doctor Mighty Pro Carpet Cleaner may be a commercial-grade cleaner, but it has the simplicity of a regular grade carpet cleaner. There are not a whole lot of complicated functions. All you need is the instruction manual to smoothly use it.

Another reason why the carpet cleaner is so easy to use is the two-tank system, both are which are easy to empty and refill. The long hose allows you to clean carpet without moving too much and reach places that are typically hard to clean.

#4 Cons

  • More weight to carry

The Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 weighs around 39 pounds, which is heavier than your typical carpet cleaners. This might not be an issue while you are only cleaning the carpet or your room, since the wheels ensure smooth movement. However, if you were hoping to clean your stairs too, then carrying it around would indeed be a hassle.

  • Over Consumption of Water

Perhaps the biggest drawback of Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 is the amount of water used in the cleaning. Many users have complained that they need a lot of water to efficiently clean the carpets. While it means a lot of water wastage, it also implies that you would have to empty and refill the water tank multiple times. It would indeed be a hassle since the tanks are also heavy in weight.

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  • Single-direction Cleaning

Unfortunately, the carpet cleaner only cleans in a single direction. It means that you have to put more efforts and invest more time to ensure thorough cleaning. It is a serious drawback since most of its competitors like Bissell Big Green Carpet Cleaner use two-way cleaners for easier and faster cleaning.

#2 Conclusion 

The Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 Carpet Cleaner is certainly one of the better carpet cleaners in the market. It has a certain target audience, those who are looking for a commercial-grade carpet cleaner but without the complex features. There are many interesting features (like Vibrating Brush technology, separate water tanks, adjustable handle etc.) that make it a preferable choice. The strong build certainly makes it appealing to people who are looking for a long-term investment.

The flaws that we discussed earlier might dissuade few people from buying it. If you are someone who loathes wasting water or who don’t want to put efforts in carrying it around, maybe you would like to give it a pass and go for something like Hoover FH50150 Carpet Cleaner. However, for some others, it is a great choice. People who want a carpet cleaner for purposes other than cleaning a carpet would find it perfect. The adjustable handle and ease of maintenance, along with the 5-year warranty, certainly make the carpet cleaner a keeper.

In conclusion, Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 Carpet Cleaner might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is certainly impressive for most. If you are looking for make a one-time investment, go for it.


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