How To Make A Christmas Tree Stand?


We all put up the Christmas tree before Christmas arrives. But putting up the tree is an art, and when you have kids in the home, you have to find some way to place a Christmas tree so that it can’t harm trees and kids in the house.

We are sitting in the home free, so it is time to make Rotating Christmas Tree Stand from wood. I know it is a little boring and tricky. But with the right guide, you can make it in a few hours at no or low cost. Note that while making Christmas tree stand, you have to use the tools carefully. If you do not know how to use it, then we suggest you use it under the guidance of an experienced person. It involved little maths and calculations, too. So let’s start with the procedure.

How To Make A Christmas Tree Stand

#1 How To Make A Christmas Tree Stand?

No matter whether you’re using a real or artificial Christmas tree, you need a stand that covers the base of your tree. The traditional cover is good, but it is hard to clean. In case you don’t want a conventional skirt, you can make a stand from wood. A box of wood of tomato cages or handmade boxes of work makes the best stand for the Christmas tree.

Compare to traditional fabric skirts, it is more reliable and long-lasting. It can easily vacuum so the kid in your house can play around it without generating a mess around the tree. It also offers an excellent grip on the tree. The wooden Christmas stand is an excellent alternative to the old fashion tree skirt. It needs pieces of wood and some tools.

#2 How To Make A Christmas Tree Stand Out Of Wood?

Building a Revolving Christmas Tree Stand is quite easy. Today we are sharing you a full guide on making of Christmas tree made out of wood, which is customizable and fit all sizes of trees inside it. You need a drill, driver, Allen wrench, Miter saw, impact drill, wood (2 nos: 8-ft 2×4’s), wire eye lags (8 nos- 8 in), and screws (8 nos, 2-1/2-in.)

#1 Step 1: Building a Base

Make A Christmas Tree Stand Out Of Wood

Take one piece of your 8-ft. 2x4s and cut it into four 23-1/2-in. Lengths. For this work, use the circular saw or miller saw. Now take all four pieces of 2×4, and build square out of them. Join the ends in a spiral pattern so that you will get a square base of 25×25 inches. Use the screw to join it. It will last longer and do not apart later.

Make A Christmas Tree Stand - Build a Base

#2 Step 2: Decide the Size of the Opening

The opening at the center of base needs to be big enough to hold the trunk of your tree. The average size of the Christmas tree trunk is about 4-inch, so we are making a base with an opening of 5 inches.

After deciding the size of an opening, you have to do some quick maths to find out the size of rest four parts of your 2×4. For that, take the width of your base and subtract the opening size. Divided this resulting number by two and then add the size of the opening in it.

For example, width of the base is 25 inches, and the size of the opening is 5 inches, then the calculation for this measurement is: ((25″-5″)/2) + 5= 15″.

The resulting number is the length at which you have to cut more than four 2x4s wooden blocks to make the top of the stand.

#3 Step 3: Border and Pre-drill Making

On each 2x4s, you have to make three marks. One should be the length of your opening that is 5 inches away from the end of woodblock, one should, one should be at the length of your opening plus 3/4 inch (5 inches + 3/4 inch), and one should be at the exact middle in the 5-inch opening mark (2-1/2 inch).

After marking, do some pre-drilling work. The first two drill holes are for 2-1/2 inch screws at the mark you have made at (5-3/4 in.). Partially drive the screws in it. The wire legs hold the drill in place, and hence you have to place two holes for it. It goes the middle mark that is at 2-1/2 inch.

Border and Pre-drill Making

#4 Step 4: Assemble the Stand

Now in a pinwheel shape, assemble these four woo blocks of 2x4s, border each edge up at 5-inch mark. Perfectly lined up the pre-drill holes and finished driving the screws you inserted earlier at the top of the stand.

Assemble the Stand

#5 Step 5: Attach Two Pieces

Now attach top and base of the tree stand together. Set the base and put the top on it, line up all sides so that everything is in level with an opening on your top piece is at the center of your base. And now secure the top with the base.

Attach two Pieces

#6 Step 6: Wire Eye Lags Driving

Now partly drive the lag bolts into the pre-drilled holes. Once you place the tree, it will quickly drive into a tree. Drive screw eye bolts to put an Allen wrench into the end of your drill and use it to spin the bolt. Once this step is done, your Christmas stand is ready. Now it’s time to shop the tree and put it inside the stand.

Wire Eye Lags Driving

#3 Where To Buy Christmas Tree Stand?

Artificial Christmas Tree Stand is available everywhere. You can buy it from the malls and nearby shops. But if you want some great deals and more products to compare, you can find the best one from the Amazon. Go and visit the site and find some fantastic Christmas trees with excellent discounts and affordable rates.

#4 Conclusion

With this, we put a full stop on this post. See Christmas is not all about party, celebration, and shopping. And at this time, when we are locked in the home, sitting free in the house, let’s try to make something useful for this Christmas. What do you say?


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