How to Get Rid of Carpet Beetles


How to Get Rid of Carpet Beetles: Small pests that known as Carpet beetles can damage carpets, furniture, clothes, and other material if they remain untreated. Treatments are there to remove the carpet beetles. Even you can get rid of carpet beetles naturally using the right methods and treatments.

Today we are here with the same topic that is how to get rid of carpet beetles permanently. With it, we share tips for the prevention of beetles as well. But before we move to the main topic, first let me share with you the types of carpet beetles and how to identify it.

How to Get Rid of Carpet Beetles

#1 Types of Carpet Beetles

There are three most common types or species of carpet beetles that can harm your things at a maximum extent. They are the furniture carpet beetle, varied carpet beetle, and the black carpet beetle.

Their life cycle has four stages: egg, larval, pupal, and adult, out of which the second stage is most harmful to us. That why we need to get rid of carpet beetle larvae, most importantly. The more details about each species are given below:

#1 Varied carpet beetles

The size of varied carpet beetle is one-tenth of an inch, and it is black. On the top of its body, you can notice an irregular pattern of brown or white with yellow scales on the wings. As the beetle grows older, these scales wear off.  The larvae feed on wool carpets, cattails, wool fabrics, feathers, animal hides, hair, dried flowers.

#2 Furniture Carpet Beetles

These species are larger and rounder than the first one. The wings have dark yellow to orange colored scales, and if the scales are worn off, wings appear to be solid black. It can affect the same material as the varied carpet beetle.

#3 Black Carpet Beetles

Black carpet beetle size ranges from one-eighth inches to the three-sixteenths inch. With dark brown to black shiny body and brown legs, it can infest stored food like dry fruit or dog food. Even this species can infest wool, dried flowers, and animal hides.

#2 How To Get Rid Of Carpet Beetles Permanently?

To get rid of carpet beetles and Remove Blood Stains from Carpet, you have to clean the place throughout. For that, you have to remove adult beetles, larvae, and eggs using the different methods and proper cleaning.

#1 Vacuuming

The first step is vacuuming. Vacuum the area where you have seen eggs or larvae. It can be rugs, furniture, carpet, and curtains.

#2 Steam Cleaning

The next step is steam cleaning after vacuuming. All those areas that you have vacuumed going over the steam cleaning in the same area with a steam cleaner. A combination of moisture and heat will remove the beetles and eggs that are remaining.

#3 Laundering Pillows and Clothing

Wash all clothes, towels, curtains, linens, and pillows with hot water and detergent. If it is too much damaged to wear or you are not comfortable to keep infested cloth, disposed it in sealed garbage or within a plastic bag so it can’t affect other things.

#4 Wipe or Spray Surfaces with Vinegar

A mixture of apple cider vinegar or normal white vinegar with water can be applied to the drawers, hangers, shelves, window sills, and cupboards. After that, clean it with a soft and clean cloth to remove all dirt and residue. With dust and food particles, it also works for Removing Nail Polish from Carpet.

#5 Apply Boric Acid

Remaining beetles can be removed easily by sprinkling the mild insecticide that is boric acid on the rugs, carpet, and furniture. Sprinkle the boric acid powder and stay it for two hours. After that vacuum the residue and do not forget to dispose of the vacuum bag. This solution works efficiently to get the mold out of the carpet, but you have to stay it for longer hours.

#6 Use an Indoor Insecticide for Carpet Beetles

For carpet beetles, the particular sprays are easily available from local retailers. You can use it around Crevices, under sink or baseboards where the carpet beetle can hide. We also suggest you do not use it on clothes, furniture or carpet.

#7 Call a Professional Exterminator

If you find this task difficult to be done on your own, then you can call a professional exterminator. They will provide proper treatment to get rid of carpet beetles naturally using tough and persistent household pests.

#3 How To Prevent Carpet Beetle?

You can easily control carpet beetles by combining the following pest control techniques. So let’s have a look at it.

#1 Clean

Clean your house regularly to keep it pest-free. It removes all food sources of carpet beetle and other pests.

#2 Vacuum

Vacuuming keeps your home clean as well as pick up and remove eggs or carpet beetles from your home. Vacuum all of the parts of your house including carpet, furniture, curtains, etc.

#3 Spray

If you had a problem of carpet beetles in the past, then it is always a good idea to prevent it from using a spray. Find one that is specially made for carpet beetles and use it as per direction.

#4 Boric Acid

Using boric acid is natural as well as a safer method than using a spray. You can use it n edges of your carpet, furniture, etc. Do not keep it for more than 2 hours.

#5 Mothballs

Fabrics and packed clothing are the first targets of carpet beetles, so do not forget to put the mothballs inside the box before storing them.

#6 Store in Plastic

If possible, store clothing inside the plastic bag before putting it inside the closets. Because carpet beetles only feed inside a dark and hence the less open and dark closets are their first target. Choose Synthetic:

Whenever possible use synthetic fiber over natural to deter the carpet beetles. It is especially valuable for rugs, carpet, and furniture.

#7 Control Other Pests

If the other pest present in your home rises, the number of carpet beetle also rises. So make sure you follow regular cleaning and pest control treatment for all types of pests.

#4 Conclusion

So it is all about how to get rid of carpet beetles. We hope you like the methods and steps of prevention for carpet beetles. In case of any question, we have put the comment section below. Thank You!


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