How Often Should You get a Massage ?


Best Massage Chair can help you by offering great Massage. Getting a massage is a great way to treat your physical body and mental stress. It addresses medical issues, de-stress your body, and offer relief in muscle pain. You can either self-massage or take the help of a therapist for different kinds of Massage.

There are no fix guidelines for Full Body Massage and how many times you can get a massage, but a doctor or therapist recommends frequency and duration that your body needs.

Sensual Massage or Massage for relaxation occurs less often, whereas Massage for injuries occurs more frequently and for decided time. If you want to know the answer to the question, how often should I get a massage, then I am here with the answer.


#1 What Is Ideal For The Massage Frequency?

The type of Massage usually decides the frequency and duration of the Massage. It also determines the target area of the body. According to various studies and research, particular massage frequency and duration are idealized to solve different health problems, but again it is not fixed. The best option is to ask the therapist to find out the correct answer in case of pain or injuries.

If you can’t afford a regular massage, then you can take time between each session. You can learn different massage techniques from home as well as from therapists or doctors.

#2 What Frequency Of Massages Do You Need?

If you are already doing a massage, you know what is right for you. In a time of little extra stress or tension, you might want it a little more than usual. If you suddenly experience a contraction due to stress, it is best to see the therapist ASAP.

If you are in chronic pain, find a good massage therapist to check Massage will help you or not. Let them know hows the pain and where it occurs. It will help them a lot to apply proper Massage. According to the type of pain, they will refer you to different kinds of Massage like neuromuscular training, Rolfing, deep tissue massage, or craniosacral therapy.

#3 How Many Massages Can You Afford?

If you look in the right place, Massage could be a part of your routine at a relatively low amount — an average massage spa charges between $55-$85. One can take monthly or yearly membership. The majority of the time, the charges are decided by the local owner and expertise level of the therapist. Another factor is a tip that determines the final price, but it is always an optional one!!

#4 Types Of Massage

in this section, you will find the type of Massage for various body parts, including Massaging Lower Back and Penis Massage.

#1 Full-Body Massage

A full-body massage, or you can call it Swedish Massage, which promotes relaxation. You can take it occasionally at a few weeks or once in a month to offer more concentration in work with lower stress levels.

#2 Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage reaches to the deeper layer of muscles and connective tissue due to slow and forceful stroke. It is recommended for muscle pain due to injuries.
According to the pain, you may seek it daily, a few times a week, or a few times in month according to the direction of the therapist. It is addressed to recover your health condition from any damage and accident.

#3 Lymphatic Drainage Massage

This type of massage helps to drain the lymph nodes affected by medical condition or surgery. It will release the fluid build-up by prompting the flow of fluid in your lymph nodes. Initially, you need this Massage daily, but after some time, you need it once or twice a week.

Point to note down: Never try this Massage on your own. It is always performed by a professional only. If an expert teaches you some massage techniques and approves, then only try at home; otherwise, do not take a chance.

#4 Scalp Massage

Messaging Your Scalp is very relaxing, and it is beneficial for your high blood pressure and heart rate. According to a Korean study, working women show a positive effect on health after a 15-25 minute massage twice a week for 10-week continuously. With regular scalp massage, you feel calm and improve your overall look and behavior.

#5 Best Massage Chair

A massage chair is programmed with different kinds of massage techniques. You will get relief from aching and sore muscles. According to the study, adults experience positive benefits from the usage of massage chair if used 20 minutes a day. One can buy it after reading reviews online or offline.

#5 Massage Frequency For Different Conditions:

Massage may reduce stress and anxiety and offer relief in painful symptoms. For pain relief, you need regular and more frequent Massage with a regular schedule. Here are the massage types according to your health conditions.

#1 Neck Pain

Massage is always helpful in neck pain. You can see its effect on a short time. And frequent Massage is most beneficial for regular neck pain problem.
60 minutes of Massage twice or thrice in a week is more beneficial compared to 30 or 60 minutes Massage once a week. (from studies)

#2 Back Pain

regular Massage on the back for few days effectively reduces your back pain. According to one study, deep tissue massage for continuous ten days for a time of 30 minutes can reduce your pain. For the back pain, there are massage treatments that run for 12 weeks as well.

#3 Anxiety and Stress

Massage once or twice in a month can help to reduce stress and anxiety due to your busy schedule. Erotic Massage can help reduce your stress and anxiety.

A per the study of the American Massage Therapy Association, in 2018, 66% of the person who took Massage to feel relaxed, and their stress level decrease.

For relaxation, purpose, take 60 minutes of Massage. It could also lower cortisol levels by 30% and improve serotonin levels by 28%. Mental well-being is a bonus with all these things.

#4 Pregnancy

light Massage from a therapist or someone at home may improve the mental state and reduce back pain and leg pain. 15-minutes of Massage during every hour of labor shorten the labor time and also reduce the medication needed to a pregnant woman.

20-minutes massage weekly is enough to reduce the physical symptoms of pregnancy, stress, and anxiety.

Note: Avoid Massage during your first trimester, high blood pressure, high-risk pregnancy, and recent surgery. Always find a specialist for Massage in pregnancy instead of diving directly for it.

#6 What Are The Benefits Of Regular Massage?

There are many benefits of Massage, and some of the major are:

  • Pain reduction
  • Low blood pressure
  • Low stress
  • Release muscle tension

#7 Cautions To Take While Massaging:

In certain health conditions, Massage is not safe for you. Take proper precaution in the following situation before and while doing Massage:

  • bleeding disorder
  • fractured bones
  • burns or open wounds
  • osteoporosis
  • cancer
  • other serious medical issues

#8 Conclusion

Due to many reasons, you seek frequent, semi-frequent, regular, or infrequent Massage. For example, shoulder massage. You can take it according to your choice if everything is fine, but in case of health condition, you seek it as per the recommended frequency. As per my concern, always consider expert advice before taking any deep massage and cope up with health conditions.


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