TOP 16 Great Kitchen Ideas on Budget in 2020


Are you looking for budget kitchen ideas? Want to spend less money on your kitchen remodeling without compromising on style? Do you have a kitchen which looks a little bit tired and you want to improve the overall look? All it takes to have a significant kitchen remodeling is a little creativity, effort, and time. Update your kitchen décor with some of the best kitchen idea remodeling tips.

Great Kitchen Ideas on Budget

#1 TOP 10 Great Kitchen Ideas on a budget

It is easy to create an appealing and functional kitchen for your family without spending a fortune. According to statistics from Home Advisor, the average cost of a kitchen remodel is $12,000 to $33,000. Instead of breaking the bank, here are some kitchen remodeling tips which will cost less.

Having a kitchen makeover on a budget can be a bit challenging. Updating your kitchen is one way of raising property value and attracts potential buyers. Low-cost home improvements can be made to improve kitchen appearance. These DIY projects include lighting, painting walls, and updating cabinet hardware. If you start a kitchen renovation project without setting up a budget, you may end up spending more.

If you are not planning to stay for long, it pays to limit your spending. Make sure to do some thorough research into local home improvement costs. Some of the best places to find helpful tips include your local home improvement store and online websites. Determine how much it costs to DIY and also how much you would need to hire a professional. By doing thorough research, you will end up having a realistic kitchen makeover budget.

Make sure to consider your neighborhood. Putting a high-end kitchen in a middle-class suburb is not recommended.

#1 Bring Color into your Kitchen

A fresh coat of paint into your cabinets, ceilings, and walls can make a huge difference. Painting jobs is one of the most effective and quick ways of having a perfect kitchen remodeling project. Having a paint job is also pocket-friendly and takes a short time to complete. When it comes to kitchen colors, make sure to stick with neutral tones. Neutral tones offer an excellent backdrop for kitchen décor. You can also buy Best Honey Dispenser to Decorate Your Home.

You can also go for bold colors but in small amounts. Go for an accent wall or accessories which will help create interest. Make sure you go for quality paint to ensure it goes on smoothly. 

Quality paint should cover walls well and should be durable. Using light colors on your space can open up space.

Green, light blue, orange, and yellow are color pallets that have become a popular kitchen choice. Dark colors are known to close in spaces that make them feel smaller and tighter. If you have wooden units, go for a splash of color and paint a feature wall. Go for the season’s latest shade to produce a warming kitchen look.

#2 Brightening your kitchen

Shed a new light by incorporating dramatic ceiling lights. A perfect way to make a statement is using oversized metal pendants. Metal pendants help introduce an industrial feeling in your kitchen. Make sure to hang them over a table or island which will help create a focal point. If you opt for a smaller design, hang the metal pendants in threes to create maximum impact.

A decorative light fixture upgrade will cost only $30 to $80. You can select chrome, fancy, or rustic light texture that matches your existing kitchen décor, and adding a statement floor lamp or hanging battery-powered LED Lights inside or under the cabinets would also brighten the kitchen. These are affordable and smart ways of increasing lighting which creates a cozier and welcoming kitchen space.

#3 Change kitchen hardware

Cabinet handles and drawer pulls may at times appear to be insignificant. They make a significant impact on your overall kitchen appearance and style. An average kitchen has over forty drawer pulls and knobs. Go to your local store and get an affordable and stylish set of hardware. Ensure kitchen hardware you choose matches with your cabinets and polish the overall kitchen color.

Updating hardware can significantly revamp the overall kitchen’s appearance. Some of the most popular options include burnished bronze, matte nickel, and vintage-look glass. These three options can easily make dated cabinets look brand new. Make sure to replace sink faucets. Sink faucets come in a wide variety of finishes and styles. It makes them an ideal choice for coordinating with the kitchen décor. You can also decorate Your kitchen by buying Best Manual Food Choppers.

Another proven way of improving a kitchen’s appearance is changing kitchen countertops. If you have cracked, dated, or stained kitchen countertops, consider replacing them with new ones. You can easily find a countertop finish that will suit your budget and style. Some of the countertop styles include granite, laminate, or quartz.

For a discount on kitchen countertops, go to salvage shops that specialize in reclaimed materials. 

#4 Refreshing the sink

Instead of replacing your sink, you can upgrade it by giving it an excellent paint job. Use sandpaper or a spray paint designed for metal to help refresh your sink.

#5 Update the kitchen floor

If you have a tatty kitchen floor that’s messing up your kitchen décor, it’s time for new flooring. You can give the kitchen a new look entirely by replacing your current with a sleek new tile that is color-matching and appropriate.

#6 Shop for carcasses and upgrade doors

The cheapest way of getting a kitchen with a solid wood finish is to go for off-the-shelf carcasses. What makes this type of kitchen beautiful is it can create the look of an expensive framing. You can comfortably dress them up with luxurious fixtures and finishes. It is also possible to purchase a bespoke solid wood at reasonable prices. The bespoke solid wood comes with freestanding kitchen units. You can go buy from companies that offer solid wood doors and carcasses made from white melamine.

#7 Scale your kitchen furniture

Having a big piece of furniture in your kitchen will shrink the room. Make sure to go for small tables and chairs. If possible, go for barstools as freeing up kitchen space will make the room feel bigger. You will also have more walking space around the kitchen without having to bump or maneuvering around furniture.

#8 Uncover kitchen windows

If you cover any windows, you will be shrinking your kitchen space immensely. Having a balance of light with airy window treatments gives the kitchen more appeal. Letting in natural light will make your kitchen look bigger, brighter, and cheerful.

#9 Add a super-easy window treatment

Window treatments for kitchens can be blissfully simple. Make sure to use a washable fabric when treating your kitchen windows. If you have privacy concerns, go for window toppers and stationery shades.

#10 Using shine and sheen texture

If you want your small kitchen to appear and feel big and bright, use high sheen and shiny surfaces. A glass table which will show through the floor can significantly enlarge your kitchen space. Having shiny appliances and sheen texture makes the kitchen space feel and look bigger.

#11 Use open shelf storage

If you have a small kitchen, having cupboards with doors makes the room feel dingy and small. Make sure you remove some of the entries on your cupboards to help create a few open shelves. Having open shelves creates the appearance of an airy and spacious room. Another vital tip is to paint the cabinets with a light color, preferably cream tone or whitewash.

Make sure to set aside an afternoon to sort out your kitchen cupboards. Organize your kitchen cabinet so you can have easy access to things you use every day. Clearing worktops can also help improve your kitchen and won’t cost much. You can also put up extra shelves and hanging rails to make use of available space.

#12 Have a hanging rail

You can create a new hanging rail by attaching two handles and a length of dowel. From foil to kitchen towels, you can use the hanging rail to store kitchen appliances. You can create a kitchen hanging rail for a kitchen memo board.

#13 Cover appliance with a curtain

Leaving kitchen appliances exposed can spoil the look of your kitchen. Make sure to soften the scheme by making a pretty curtain to conceal them. Also, choose a fabric that emphasizes the current theme of your kitchen with colors of kitchen walls.

#14 Hang a pan rack

If you have a short storage space, invest in a spacious ceiling rack. It helps to store big and bulky pans and utensils. If you have a kitchen island theme, soften the look by decorating with dried flowers and rustic baskets.

#15 Turn your fridge into a chalkboard

You can turn a fridge into a chalkboard and give your kids space to draw on your refrigerator. Make sure to use a painter’s tape to outline the shape and size of the chalkboard. Apply a thin layer of magnetic primer and chalkboard paint. If You are a fan of ice cream, then You can also consider Buying High-Quality Fried Ice Cream Machine for it.

#16 Install new worktops

Make sure to deep clean your kitchen worktops. Set aside an hour or two to wipe away the crumbs on your kitchen worktops. Use a palette knife to remove stubborn spots.

When it comes to kitchen makeovers on a budget, which might include things like getting a new dishwasher, updating the tile, and other upgrades, the options are endless. Whichever tip you choose to use, the most important thing is to clean the cabinets and countertops thoroughly. Remember, spotless clutter kitchens look and feel better.

There you have it; you don’t need to break the bank to have a perfect kitchen remodeling project.


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