TOP 10 Best Wire Cutters to Buy in 2021


Irrespective of whether you are an electrician or an expert person who prefers to fixes any kind of electrical issues on your own then you will agree to the importance of owning a high-quality wire cutter in your toolbox.

A wire cutter is designed to cut wires or peel off the insulation from the wire when you try to connect them with other wires. They have two intersected jaws that can be used to cut the wires at an angle. The two vital uses of wire cutters are stripping and cutting the wires. Some of the Best Wire Cutters Reviews can give you a fair idea of the different models available in today’s market.

In this article, we have shared a complete buying guide of wire cutters and reviewed some of the best products that are rated between 4 to 5 stars on Amazon.

Best Wire Cutters Reviews

#1 Best Wire Cutters Reviews 2021

#1 Hakko-CHP-170 Micro Red Wire Cutter

Hakko-CHP-170 Micro Red Wire Cutter

This Hakko-CHP-170 Micro Red Wire Cutter is a reliable tool that you can use for a variety of purposes. It has gained huge appreciation all across the globe.

This red and black wire cutter is made of 2.5mm heat-treated carbon steel and has an 8mm long jaw. This not only adds to its durability but also makes it corrosion resistant.

Precision-ground holes ensure a smooth movement. The Dolphin-style nonslip handgrips offer a good grip and ultimate comfort and control. The Parkerized surface prevents glare.

It can cut copper and soft wire up to 16-gauge. Its 21-degree reverse angled head together with the cutting surface makes it ideal for cutting terminal wires. It has an internal spring that quickly readjusts it to the original position after every use, this can be considered as a great feature.

It has been reviewed by a good number of users which is about 13776 and being available at a price of only XX$ you will find it on most of the Best Wire Cutters Reviews.

#1 Key features:

• Heat-treated carbon steel construction
• 8mm long jaw
• Dolphin-style non-slip hand grips
• Curved fore-edge
• Precision-ground holes
• Spring returns tool in the original position after cutting
• Corrosion resistant

#2 IRWIN VISE-GRIP Diagonal Cutting Pliers

IRWIN VISE-GRIP Diagonal Cutting Pliers

This IRWIN VISE-GRIP Diagonal Cutting Plier may not be the most powerful tool you will come across but is undoubtedly the best wire cutters as per most users.

This blue and yellow-colored wire cutter boasts of a durable nickel chromium steel construction while its handle is made of alloy steel. The ProTouch grips offer extra comfort and minimize hand fatigue.

The handles are padded for extra comfort. The machined jaws offer maximum gripping strength and the induction hardened cutting edge ensures that the tool stays sharper and longer. It can slice through all types of wire be it electrical or hardware cloth.

The cutter meets or exceeds all ANSI standards and comes with a lifetime warranty.

#1 Key features:

• Compact
• Constructed from nickel-chromium steel
• Alloy steel handle
• 6-inch
• ProTouch grips
• Machined jaws for maximum strength

#3 DOWELL 10-22 AWG Wire Stripper Cutter

DOWELL 10-22 AWG Wire Stripper Cutter

When you are looking for something that cuts faster yet neatly and is convenient to use then you should pick this DOWELL 10-22 AWG Wire Stripper Cutter. So be it for machine maintenance, electrical installation or factory this is the best choice.

This yellow and black Wire Stripper is made of polypropylene material with a handle made of Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR). Its ergonomic design along with the TPR material offers a comfortable feeling to the hands and works best even when your hands are oily or wet.

The coated surface prevents the fingers from being squeezed between the handle. The high-quality springs make it extremely easy to be operated single-handedly. Its built-in wire cutter can cleanly cut copper and aluminum wires from 10 to 22 AWG.

#1 Key features:

• Ergonomic design
• Made of polypropylene
• Built-in wire cutter
• Handle covered with thermoplastic rubber (TPR)
• Comfortable grip
• High-quality springs that save effort
• Simple one-handed operation

#4 CHANNELLOCK 957 7″ Ergonomic Handle Wire Stripping Tool

CHANNELLOCK 957 7 Ergonomic Handle Wire Stripping Tool

Irrespective of whether you are a professional or amateur this CHANNELLOCK 957 7″ Ergonomic Handle Wire Stripping Tool proves to be equally effective for both.

This blue and black wire stripper is made of CR steel and comes in a matte finish. Its scissor-type blades are heat treated and precision ground to hold the edge of the wires.

It is designed for stripping 10-20 AWG copper wire. The Lean-nose design pulls and loops the wire. There is a laser-etched marking for lasting indication of the wire gauges.

There precision holes for wire stripping and the product come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

#1 Key features:

• Made of CR Steel
• 7-inch with spring
• Lean-nose design
• Comfortable grip
• Precision wire stripper

#5 Knoweasy Automatic Wire Stripper and Cutter

Knoweasy Automatic Wire Stripper and Cutter

This Knoweasy Automatic Wire Stripper and Cutter is a 2-in-1 tool that can help you as both a wire stripper and cable cutter.

This black-colored wire stripper cum cutter is made of steel strips and shock-resistant glass fiber nylon while its handle is made of Polyvinyl Chloride. The Steel clamping jaws prevent the cable from skidding.

The self-adjusting jaws of this Wire Stripper Tool make it fit for multiple standard or solid wires and it can precisely strip from 0.03 to 10mm² without any readjustment. It has a stripping range of 7 to 32 AWG.

It proves to be great for stripping speaker wire but can be comfortably used for cutting off copper, cable, aluminum wire, fine thick single multi-stranded conductors, PVC and other insulation wire types. The product comes with a 12 month warranty

#1 Key features:

• Made of steel strips and glass fiber nylon
• 2-in-1 tool
• Lightweight and durable
• Ergonomic design
• Self-adjusting jaws
• Easy to change blade
• Adjustable length stop
• Easy to handle
• Multi-purpose

#6 BOENFU Precision Side Wire Cutter

BOENFU Precision Side Wire Cutter

This BOENFU Precision Side Wire Cutter is suitable for cutting various types of wires including memory wires, cables, headpins, small chains, eye pins, Tiger tail, beading, cords, etc.

This black with two orange stripes on each handle is made of advanced CR-V chrome vanadium alloy steel. The non-slip handles are made of non-slip scrub that makes them safer and more comfortable. It can protect you from any kind of electronic shock hence safer to operate.

The scientific design protects your arm and reduces fatigue while working for long. It can cut different types of wires up to a thickness of 1. 8mm. the hard edges make it suitable for cutting into harder things.

#1 Key features:

• Durable
• 6-inch wire cutter
• Harder edge
• Safe and non-slip scrub handles
• Safer
• Coated handle for comfortable grip

#7 Muzata Stainless Steel Wire Rope Cable Cutter

Muzata Stainless Steel Wire Rope Cable Cutter

This Muzata Stainless Steel Wire Rope Cable Cutter cuts wire cleanly without fraying or smashing. It is used both in industrial and home applications. It can also be used for cutting stainless steel cables up to 5/32” and for cutting fencing wire, bicycle cable housing and wire.

This red and black is one of the best Heavy Duty Wire Cutters that is lightweight and portable. The blades are made of CR-V hardened steel. The contoured cushion rubber handle ensures non-slip grips and you can use it comfortably for long hours.

There is a safety lock for additional safety. The thumb catch design enables one-hand operation. You can easily cut up to 3/16 galvanized and coated cable with one hand. Its unique angled blades enable quick and neat work that proves to be great even for grommet removal.

#1 Key features:

• Portable and lightweight
• Thumb catch design for one-hand operation
• Contoured cushion rubber handle non-slip grips
• Safety lock
• CR-V steel hardened blade
• Unique angled blades

#8 Dykes 4.5″ Diagonal Wire Cutting Pliers

Dykes 4.5 Diagonal Wire Cutting Pliers

This Dykes 4.5″ Diagonal Wire Cutting Pliers proves to be a great tool for electronic repair or jewelry making. This 4.5″ diagonal plier with tempered jaws can easily reach difficult areas.

This 4.5″ red-colored wire cutting plier is made of carbon steel and its handle is made of plastic. This carbon steel construction adds to its long life.

The spring-loaded design makes the wire cutter extremely easy to use. This together with the plastic-dipped handles and ensures that you can comfortably use it for long hours.

You can use it for conveniently cutting soft wire, copper, aluminum, guitar strings, soft-alloy wires, plastic parts and cable ties.

#1 Key features:

• Durable
• Made of carbon steel
• 4.5″
• Tempered jaws
• Spring-loaded design
• Plastic-dipped handles for added comfort

#9 Stedi 5 Inch Wire Cutter

Stedi 5 Inch Wire Cutter

This Stedi 5 Inch Wire Cutter features a double-low-edge beveled edge design that prevents the wire from splashing while you cut it. It has a wide range of uses like for cutting electronic components, soft iron wire, plastic burrs, etc. It is ideal for students, model making, beadwork, electricians, jewelers and craftsmen.

This blue-colored 5” wire cutter is made of special SK5 steel material. The hardness of the blade goes is up to HRC50 ± 3 deep quenched making it easy to use. The double-low-edge beveled edge design

The TPR handle with a plastic sleeve handle offers a non-slip comfortable grip. The spring design handle makes it easy to use for a long time. You can use it for cutting 1.6mm/0.06inch soft copper wire and 0.8mm/0.03inch soft iron wire

#1 Key features:

• Made of special SK5 steel
• 5-inch
• Lightweight
• Sharp and durable
• Strong and resilient spring
• Non-slip TPR handle

#10 iCrimp Wire Flush Cutter

iCrimp Wire Flush Cutter

This iCrimp Wire Flush Cutter features a high leverage design that requires 50% less labor than any other conventional type. It is ideal for cleanly cutting into soft materials, electronics, cable/hose, for jewelry making, floral wire, flat cuts on zip ties, plastic, edge banding, soft metal wire, etc.

This red-colored Flush Wire Cutter features a CR-V steel body and has Plastic-dipped handles with two blue stripes on each handle for easy identification. The handles offer ultimate comfort.

Hot-riveted joint promises smooth action and ensure that the handle doesn’t wobble. It is heat-treated with a precision ground angled head that reaches hard-to-reach areas.

Its reasonable price of X.XX$ has helped it make its place in some of the Best Wire Cutters Reviews.

#1 Key features:

• CR-V steel body
• High leverage design
• Ergonomically designed handle
• Hot-riveted joint
• Plastic-dipped handles

#2 Best Wire Cutters Buyer’s Guide

To get a fair idea of the different factors you need to consider before buying a good quality wire cutter, you can go through some of the Best Wire Cutters Reviews. Mentioned below are a few of them:

The different types

  • Flush cutter – It is a type of Mini Wire Cutter that can be used to cut wire of about 1.3mm effectively.
  • Shear cutter – It is one of the best cutters that finely cut all the wires without putting in much pressure.
  • Diagonal cutter – The most commonly used type of wire cutter mostly by the tradesmen worldwide.
  • Insulated cutter – Insulated cutters from a reputed brand offer you’re the required safety while using.
  • Lineman’s wire cutters – Also known as combination cutters and considered to be the workhorse of the family of cutters.
  • Needle-nose wire cutters – Its key specialty is its long jaw that can be used for bending and twisting the wire of a switch-gear in electrical panels.

These are the types of manual wire-cutter, if you are a professional you can also use Electric Wire Cutters.

Size – It is always recommended to go for Small Wire Cutters as handling a big-sized wire cutter for a long time can cause pain on your wrist.

Construction – Check the construction of the tool and see to it that it is built in such a way that it does not include any pointed metal parts that may injury to the users.

Rubber grip – The handles of the cutter must have good rubber grips to ensure that while handling, it should not slip off from the hand and offers a comfortable grip.

Excellent cutting ability – See to it that the wire cutter is able to finely cut the wires and not produce a spike while cutting them.

Pressure to be applied – A good wire cutter is one where you don’t have to apply too much pressure while cutting the wire. Instead, it should make the process effortless.

Cable size – Always select a wire cutter considering the cable size you need to cut. There are different cutters available for cutting wires of different sizes, so choose wisely.

#3 Conclusion

It is not always practical or economical to call a professional like an electrician, cable repairer, technician for doing small things at home some things can be fixed by you. Here, a wire cutter can prove to be a great tool in any household that can resolve your wire-related issues.

Whether it is for removing a worn-out or damaged wire or for replacing an old wire a wire cutter can be a great companion that can help you get the job done effortlessly. To buy one you can consider any of the models discussed above. The only thing here you need to be careful about is to follow certain safety precautions to avoid an injury. To ensure this safety, the tool should be of a reliable company.


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