TOP 10 Best Trojan Condoms to Buy in 2020


TOP 10 Best Trojan Condoms to Buy in 2020 : Isn’t it good to find a friend who gives you the right advice all the time? Do you accept us as a friend? Why because we are here to help you with Best Trojan Condoms Reviews.

A right pick of condoms not only gives protection but important for pleasure as well. To make your personal life better we have made a list of Best Ultra Thin Condoms of Trojan.

Here we have listed the top 10 Trojan condoms with its type and important factors while buying. A Trojan is making more than 30 different types of condoms for men. Due to its unparalleled competition, they provide various product and size for innovative designs.

From our side as well we have done the tasting. Do not you trust us, then read reviews, you will get the answer. The name we have listed are our recommendation from the overall Trojan selection as each penis are not same. And hence, it needs different types of condoms. Before going through TOP 10 Best Trojan Condoms to Buy in 2019, first, let’s have a look at Trojan Condoms Types and factors to consider.

Best Trojan Condoms Reviews

#1 Best Trojan Condoms Reviews 2020

#1 Trojan Ultra Thin Lubricated Condoms 36ct

Trojan Ultra Thin Lubricated Condoms Are you looking for the condom that gives an experience of pleasure to protection? If yes, then this Trojan Ultra Thin Lubricated Condoms pack of 36 is for you.

Every condom is tested electronically for reliability and made with high-quality latex. It gives you comfort and extra sensitivity all the time during its use.

The chances of STI, AIDS, and pregnancy also reduce with this product. As it is thinner to standard latex condom, it provides a natural feeling and increases sensitivity.

It also has a special reservoir tip for safety. One thing that amazed me is its 100+ year’s guaranty. Premium, silky smooth lubricant adds extra comfort while using it.

#1 Features

  • Thinner than standard condom Trojan Latex Condoms
  • Specially designed for a more natural feeling
  • Made from premium quality latex
  • Reduce the risk of pregnancy and STIs

#2 Trojan Pleasure Pack Premium Lubricated Latex Condoms

Trojan Pleasure Pack Premium Lubricated Latex Condoms Are you confused about which type of condom suits you? Which can fill your partner with pleasure without worrying pregnancy or STDs? If yes, then you can surely try this 5 in 1 Trojan condom pack. This 40-count box has five types of condoms, including Double Ecstasy, Lubricated, Ultra Thin, Ultra Ribbed, and ENZ condom types.

It has all the type of condom to try. The pack also vary in shape and size so you can find out the best comfortable size. It does not have overpowering latex smell, which is one of the reasons behind its high selling. The high-quality and Trojan Ultra Ribbed Condoms makes it a more reliable product.

#1 Features

  • Double Ecstasy gives a natural feeling to him and stimulation for her
  • Fire & Ice lubricant with deep ribbed design gives maximum stimulation
  • The ultra-thin design provides a more natural feeling
  • Ultra Ribbed designed to increase stimulation
  • There is a special reservoir end for providing extra safety

#3 MAGNUM Large Size Condoms, 36ct

MAGNUM Large Size Condoms There is no doubt that Trojan is providing one of the finest company that deliver the best quality condoms. Compared to other product like standard condoms, Magnum condoms are large to provide more comfort. This Gold Trojan condom has a special reservoir for extra safety. The premium quality latex ensures extra comfort and strength.

For assuring the reliability, all condoms are electronically tested. It also minimizes the risk of STIs and pregnancy.

#1 Features

  • Larger than standard latex condoms
  • Narrowed at the base for a secure fit
  • Silky-Smooth Lubricant provides sensitivity and comfort
  • Special reservoir end
  • Reduce the risk of pregnancy and STIs with high-quality latex

#4 Trojan ENZ Lubricated Condoms

Trojan ENZ Lubricated Condoms Hey if you are looking to stock up the luxury condoms, no need to look further like Skyn Condoms as you have Trojan ENZ lubricated condoms.  This pack of 36 lubricated condoms is available for an affordable price. It designed with a reservoir tip. The smooth and non-ribbed texture gives the feel and pleasure to your partner.

It made from Natural rubber latex & Dimethicone that gives protection from pregnancy only. It also adds comfort and sensitivity. As a result, it will lead to extream intimacy. The special reservoir end gives extra safety and ultimate pleasure.

#1 Features

  • Trusted condoms, made from premium quality latex that reduce risk of STIs and pregnancy
  • Provide comfort and sensitivity with smooth lubricant
  • Special reservoir end for extra safety
  • The electrical testing ensures reliability

#5 Trojan Sensitivity Bareskin Lubricated Latex Condoms

Trojan Sensitivity Bareskin Lubricated Latex Condoms These condoms are designed to feel you closer from your partner. The thinnest condoms forever with the protection of a special reservoir tip. According to Trojan, it is 40% thinner than other condoms. The silky-smooth lubricant adds comfort and sensitivity. I think people hardly notice it, but it must need a try for once. They are smooth in texture and don’t have any studs.

From the reviews of the user, on the one hand, they feel amazing, but on another hand, it is not effective to prevent STDs and pregnancy.

#1 Feature

  • 40% thinner than other standard condoms of Trojan
  • Special reservoir tip provides extra safety
  • Premium quality latex to reduce the risk
  • Best comfort and sensitivity with silky smooth lubricant

#6 Trojan Extended Climax Control Lubricated Condoms

Trojan Extended Climax Control Lubricated Condoms This product is designed for men who have the issue of premature ejaculation (PE). This condom controls the climax and extends the time of about five minutes. It is like to go last as long as you can go. It can improve the pleasure with extended time.

Trojan, as well as all other manufacturers, use 4% Benzocaine that reduces the sensation of the penis or numb the penis. The concentration is low, and the condom is thicker, that causes a delay in orgasm. The condoms are high in quality, boost your stamina and partner’s pleasure.

I do not recommend to those whos partner is not meet the climax soon. It is because it not only numbs your penis, it also numbs the vagina as well and hence she feels less excited. And on the long, it might show some adverse effect.

#1 Features

  • Thick in size and special reservoir end for extra safety
  • Electronically tested condom to ensure reliability
  • Premium quality latex reduces the risk of unplanned pregnancy

#7 Trojan Condom Pleasure Pack Lubricated

Trojan Condom Pleasure Pack Lubricated If you are confused about the choice of condom, then you can try this pleasure pack. This 36 count box has four different types of best-selling condoms to experiment with your partner.

The pack includes a twisted, sensation, intense, and warming type of condom.

It protects from STDs, infections, and unplanned pregnancies. The lubricated condom offers the most pleasurable experience whenever you use it.

Each condom is tested electronically. It is made of high quality and industry-grade latex. It lasts long and does not reap easily. Do not use any other lube with it; otherwise, it can affect the quality of the condom.

#1 Features

  • Well Lubricated for extensive sensitivity and comfort
  • Electronically tested and passed with quality approval
  • Made with premium quality latex

#8 Trojan Condoms Ultra Ribbed Ecstasy Lubricated

Trojan Condoms Ultra Ribbed Ecstasy Lubricated Do you now that Trojan is dominating the US condom market over 100 years with different types of condoms. One such name is Trojan Condoms Ultra Ribbed Ecstasy Lubricated. It is a premium latex condom that fits all size of the penis. The price is affordable.

Each condom in the pack is designed with an extra-large head shape. It is ribbed as well. Both together makes it comfortable and fit to the men.  Ultra lubrication gives a smooth experience. For those who have a size range of 5-6 inches, they might feel it bigger. So before buying it note that it is designed for the penis larger than average size but not like a magnum.

#1 Features

  • Premium lubricant inside and outside for more natural feeling
  • The comfortable shape gives the freedom of movement and gives natural experience
  • Increase stimulation with deep ribs at base and end
  • Narrowed at the Base For a proper and secure fit
  • The premium quality latex reduces risk

#9 Trojan Nirvana Collection Variety Pack Condoms

Trojan Nirvana Collection Variety Pack Condoms Trojan Nirvana Collection Variety unlocks the new world of pleasure, and it has a collection of various type of trojan condoms. It offers a variety of sensation packaging design inspired for unique sensory experience.

Even while buying the package of condoms, it is always a good idea to get a different variety of options. It has condoms such as breathless, bold, amplified, and real. It offers a unique experience and high-satisfaction to each. The product is made with high-quality material and proven strong and effective. It minimizes the risk of contracting STDs and unplanned pregnancy.

This Xoxo Trojan condom comes in different size and makes sure your partner gives you satisfaction. It prevents the risk of ripping in case of tightness.

#1 Features

  • Four types of condoms include REAL, BOLD, AMPLIFIED, and BREATHLESS
  • Well lubricated for extra sensitivity and comfort
  • Each condom tasted electronically for ensuring reliability
  • Premium quality latex reduces the risk of STIs and pregnancy

#10 Trojan Ecstasy Pack Lubricated Condoms

Trojan Ecstasy Pack Lubricated Condoms This variety box of Trojan Ecstasy Pack Lubricated Condoms will surely bring your attention. It comes up with 26 condoms mixed type. It includes double Ecstasy, pure Ecstasy, ultra ribbed Ecstasy and fire and ice Ecstasy condoms.

It provides contraception and STIs protection. The lubricant gives you smooth feelings, and high-quality latex gives the added protection. However, there are no reviews on the site, but those who have used it say that it is their go-to choice. Even people gave positive reviews on this ecstasy pack. And they are great for the allergic person.

#1 Features

  • Ultra Ribbed Ecstasy features to improve smoothness
  • Deep ribs increase stimulation
  • Double Ecstasy features ultrasmooth premium lubricant inside and outside for him and her
  • Pure Ecstasy features ultrasmooth premium lubricant for a smooth experience

#2 Types Of Trojan Condoms

We have made a list of different types of trojan condoms according to alphabetic order to makes your search easy. Have a look at it.

#1 Armor

The armor condom has Nonoxynol-9 Spermicide on it. It gives extra protection against pregnancy. Keep in mind this condom does not give you extra protection against STDs and AIDS. Some people are sensitive to Nonoxynol-9, and hence, it is not suitable for them. This condom is not for rectal use or more than once a vaginal use.

#2 Bareskin

Bareskin is one of the thinnest condoms made by Trojan. It is studded and includes the Supra Bareskin and the Magnum Bareskin a nonlatex polyurethane condom.

#3 Charged

Trojan claimed that the user would feel Orgasmic Pleasure with this condom. It contains an intensified lubricant. However, we do not refuse the fact that the ultimate outcome of any condom is an orgasmic pleasure!

#4 Enz

Trojan Enz is a standard condom which is an average straight-walled condom. It comes in lubricated, nonlubricated, and spermicidal. Another one is Trojan Ultra Enz, which is wider at the end. All Enz condoms have a reservoir tip including the Enz Non-Lubricated.

#5 Ecstasy

Ecstasy is a condom line which has no reservoir tip and a shape that provides comfortable shape. It gives a free moment for a natural experience.

#6 Extended

This unique Trojan condom contains a climax control lubricant. It is clean and odorless and has special additives names as Benzocaine. It prevents premature ejaculation and improves staying power.

#7 Edge

Trojan Edge Condoms can take you, and your partner to the world of pleasure with a new lubricant. It has a changing sensation lubricant both inside & outside that provides extra fun to your moments.

#8 Fire & Ice

Two extreme ends are meeting here. It has dual action lubricant inside that provides tingling and warming sensations to both partners.

#9 Groove

Its unique channels designed keep the lube on the proper place for better lubrication. To provide stimulation to both partners, it has ribs and ridges.

#10 Her Pleasure

You have read Her Pleasure Trojan Condoms Reviews for sure for at least once as it specially designed for woman’s pleasure. The ribbed and contoured feature provides extra enjoyment and stimulation.

#11 Intense

As per name suggest, it provides intense sexual pleasure to you and your partner. Deep ribs provide intense sexual pleasure and stimulation. It also included ultra ribbed condoms.

#12 Intensified

The intensified lubricant inside the condom gives the enhance pleasure to you and your partner.

#13 Magnum

Trojan Magnum Condoms are a larger line of Trojan condoms. It referred to Magnums, which are branded and most organized condoms in the market.

The magnum line includes the Magnum Thin, Magnum Original, Magnum Bareskin, Magnum Ecstasy, Magnum XL, Magnum Fire & Ice, Magnum ribbed.

Even people refer all large condom as a magnum irrespective of its made.

#14 Naturalamb

These Trojan Non-Latex Condoms are made from natural lamb intestines. In short, it does not contain latex and hence useable latex-sensitive people. It gives protection for pregnancy but does not protect against STIs.

#15 Pleasures

Again the name suggests all. This unique, designed condom provides more pleasure. Pleasure condoms include Extended Pleasures climax control condoms and the Fire & Ice condoms.

#16 Sensitivity

The thinnest condoms of Trojan include under this category. Trojan Bareskin and Trojan Ultra-Thin are two known names of sensitivity providing condoms.

#17 Stimulations

These condoms are ribbed and help to enhance stimulation between partners.

#18 Supra

Supra is Latex Free and America’s thinnest condom but non-latex. It is made from the material named as a polyurethane.

#19 Intensity

These condoms are 25% thinner, and hence, it gives mo comfort a sensitivity during your loving time. It is one of the thinner condoms in the class of sensitivity provider.

#20 Twisted

At the end of a condom, it has a special twist to help stimulate both partners in sensitive areas and provide more pleasure.

#21 Ultra-Thin

Now this category of Trojan condoms is the thinnest condom. They fall under the latex condom.

#22 XL

These are the largest condom made by Trojan. And Magnum XL is one of the largest condoms available in the US market.

#3 Things To Consider Before Buying Best Trojan Condoms

You might think that why one needs to look for factors in buying condoms. But my friend, you are underestimating the power of condoms, urge of your partner and its feel. A good sexual experience can lead you to the world of extream pleasure. And if you want to feel it, read this section.

#1 Lubricated or Not Lubricated

Many manufacturers make lubricated as well as nonlubricated condoms. The benefit of buying lubricated condom over a non-lubed condom is they are hard t break and make the sex activity more comfortable. You can also choose non-lubed condom, but my suggestion is to try lubed just once to find the difference.

#2 Texture Options

Each condom made today have a different texture. Some of the known texture include Most of the condoms that are dotted condoms, ribbed condoms, a mixture of dotted and ribbed, ultra-thin, extream pleasure, etc. or have both textures. These special textures improve comfort while sex and simulation between the partners.

#3 Size of Condom

It is another important aspect. Trojan Condoms Size also varies from one to another. See if the condom is too large, then it will slip off. On another hand, if it is too small, there are chances of breaking when it squeezes during sex.

You can find the right Trojan Condoms Size by looking at the chart by the manufacturer of the condom.

#4 Material

Not all human are the same; the same is for sex. Some are sensitive to a particular material, whereas some are comfortable with it. For example, Nonoxynol-9 Spermicide. I have found that many people are sensitive to this material. My concern is if you know that your partner has a problem with some material, then first look for the made and then choose the product.

Even some couples find extream pleasure with one kind of condom and the same things completely work opposite for others. So you have to look for your own. Do not believe in someone’s opinion blindly without personal experience.

#5 Thickness

From the above types, you might know that condoms are either thick, thin, or ultra-thin. Thin and ultra-thin condoms increase the sensitivity, but they have chances of breaking in case if you are not using it according to instruction.

If you are worried about breaking, go for a thick condom. The average thickness of condom ranges from 0.045mm to 0.115 mm.

#4 Conclusion

All these are TOP 10 Best Trojan Condoms to Buy in 2019. See if you are using it for the first time then buy the pack that has more than one type of condom. With it, you can find the best type and size both. After then go for the one that satisfies you and your partner both. What are your views? Kindly share with us!


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