TOP 10 Best Trivet to Buy in 2022


Best Trivet Reviews: When we design your kitchen countertop or buy a dining table we look for the best design and quality. No one would want their beautifully finished expensive table or countertop to crack by placing hot pots and utensils directly from the stove or to get stained with marks that refuse to go. Investing in a good Trivet Set can save you from all such nasty experiences.

Functionally, a good quality trivet set can not only saves the surface from cracking when you place your hot pots directly on the countertops but also adds style to your kitchen. Trivets can be made of different materials and come in various shapes and sizes.

In this article, we have given an insight of 10 such best trivets highlighting their features so that it would help you find the perfect set. All of the products reviewed here are rated between 4.5 and 4.8 stars on Amazon.

A trivet is a must-have kitchen accessory, whether you’re an avid cook or you just like to keep your countertops looking nice. But with so many options on the market, it can be hard to know which one to choose.

In this blog post, we’ll be taking a look at the 10 best trivets you can buy in 2022. We’ll be considering factors like material, design, and price to help you make the best decision for your needs. So whether you’re looking for a traditional wooden trivet or something more modern, we’ve got you covered.

Best Trivet Reviews

#1 Things to Consider before Buying Best Trivet

To know some of the factors to consider while buying trivets you are recommended to go through some of the best Trivet Reviews. Listed below are a few of them:

Material – Trivets can be made of different materials. Trivets made of stainless steel and cast iron may be durable but they are heavy and less versatile. Wooden trivets are stylish and add a touch of elegance to your kitchen.

Silicone trivets are more flexible and versatile therefore a good choice. But in this case, you should make sure that the silicone trivets are thick enough and highly resistant to heat. Cotton trivets are also popular but they get dirty easily.

Size – While choosing trivets note that they are big enough to accommodate some of your specific pots and pans. So, check the dimensions before you decide.

Heat-resistance – No want would want their new hot pads to melt or warp when you place your hot pot or pan on it. Hence, it is really important that you check its heat resistance temperature range. The heat-resistance capacity varies from material to material.

Durability – When you consider buying kitchen hot pads remember they should be highly durable and sturdy and also waterproof. Make sure the set you pick serves for long.

Style – Trivets come in various attractive colors and designs to pick from. Look for a good style that would match your kitchen’s interior.

Ease of cleaning – Trivets are normally easy to maintain. They can be wiped easily with a damp cloth. But most models are dishwasher safe ensuring that you can just pop them, thus making the process super convenient.

#2 Best Trivet Reviews 2022

#1 Jennice House 100% Pure Cotton Trivets Set

Jennice House 100% Pure Cotton Trivets Set

If you are in search of any house warming gift then you can take a look at this Jennice House 100% Pure Cotton Trivets Set that are designed to offer complete protection from heat and save your kitchen surfaces. Apart from adding a natural elegance style to your dining counter they also improve your overall dining experience.

This set includes three different sets of round trivets that are weaved from 100% pure cotton thread and comes in different sober shades of gray. Being accented with handmade stitches makes each piece unique. They are handcrafted with care. Each has a diameter of 7 inches.

Being heat-resistant you can safely remove the hot pots directly from the oven. Woven with cotton strings they are eco-friendly. The trivets can prove to be great gifts for birthdays, Mother’s Day, Christmas, housewarming and more. The huge number of user ratings of around 8360 and a reasonable price of X.XX$ makes it a highly sought product.

#1 Key features:

• Set of 3
• Weaved from 100% pure cotton thread
• 7 inches diameter
• Accented with handmade stitches
• Stylish design
• Heat-resistant

#2 ME.FAN 3 Set Silicone Multi-Use Trivet

ME.FAN 3 Set Silicone Multi-Use Trivet

To protect your kitchen countertop from the scalding dishware get this set of ME.FAN 3 Set Silicone Multi-Use Trivet today. It is a unique yet practical set of trivets that are soft and flexible and therefore can be used as kitchen mats, bowl mats, table mats, dish mats and even jug coasters.

This set of 3 round trivets is made of 100% food-grade BPA-free silicone and comes in black color. Being made of premium quality silicone material they won’t stain, rust, absorb odor, crack or chip. They feature three different types of intricate curved design that makes them beautiful and adds style to your kitchen or dining table. Each has a large size diameter of 20*0.6cm.

The trivets can tolerate extreme temperatures ranging from -40°F to 482°F. They are easy to wash and store. The flake-like design helps you easily hang when not in use.

#1 Key features:

• Set of 3
• Made from 100% food-grade BPA-free silicone
• Large size diameter of 20*0.6cm
• Flexible and soft
• Durable
• Non-slip
• Non-toxic
• Won’t absorb odor or get stained
• Rust, crack and chip-resistant
• Heat resistant up to 482 degrees F
• Withstands low temperatures too
• Holes for easy hanging
• Oven, freezer and dishwasher safe

#3 Q’s INN Black Silicone Trivet Mats

Q's INN Black Silicone Trivet Mats

This Q’s INN Black Silicone Trivet Mats set has seven different uses. You can use them as hot pot holders, drying mat, spoon holder, garlic peeler, jar opener and coaster.

The set includes two round trivets having 7″ diameter and two square 7.28″x 728″ trivets. All of these are black in color. They are food-grade FDA-approved silicone. The honeycomb pattern adds to their beauty and makes them easy to dry and squeeze. Its large size together with this pattern makes them suitable as dish drying mats.

Being non-slip in nature they can be used as jar openers and the good adherence nature makes them good garlic peelers. They remain intact even under extreme temperatures ranges from -40°F to 440°F. The holes at one corner of each mat aids in easy hanging in the kitchen. You can even store them in the drawer.

#1 Key features:

• Set of 4
• Made of food-grade FDA approved silicone
• Honeycomb pattern
• Durable
• Flexible
• Non-slip
• Heat-resistant up to 440°F
• Good adherence
• Hole in one corner for easy hanging
• Multi-purpose
• Oven, freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe

#4 Zulay 2 Pack Silicone Trivets For Hot Pots

Zulay 2 Pack Silicone Trivets For Hot Pots

With this Zulay 2 Pack Silicone Trivets For Hot Pots set you can minimize your everyday kitchen struggles. They will protect your countertops from hot pans, pots, unwanted drips and spills. Whenever you are taking out a hot pot or pan directly from the stovetop then having a good trivet mat is the best idea to save your kitchen countertop from cracking or fading.

This set includes two rectangular trivets having a dimension of 9″x12″. These durable trivets are made of BPA-free 100% premium quality silicone and are black in color. This makes them non-slip in nature. The wavy stripe design works great to prevent any oil spillage or splashes. The trivets are soft and flexible.

The trivets are waterproof, stain and odor-resistant. They can withstand both cold and hot temperatures from -40 to 480 degrees F. Their shape makes them easy to stack and roll.

#1 Key features:

• Pack of 2
• Made of BPA-free 100% premium quality silicone
• Durable
• Soft and flexible
• Non-slip
• Anti-overflow design
• Deep grooves for added protection
• Waterproof
• Stain and odor-resistant
• Can withstand cold and hot temperatures from -40 to 480 degrees F
• Multi-purpose
• Microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe
• Easy to stack and roll

#5 Ikea Cork Trivet 7″ Heat

Ikea Cork Trivet 7 Heat

When you love nature and believe in buying eco-friendly products then you should go for this Ikea Cork Trivet 7″ Heat set without any second thought. Cork is known to be a renewable natural material that is made from the bark of the cork oak tree. The trunk of a tree can be stripped of its bark several times during its lifetime.

The set of six round trivets are made of high-quality cork and comes in a natural light brown shade. This makes them lightweight. They are flame and heat-resistant thus making them ideal for placing your hot cookware. These trivets can handle a temperature range of -292 degrees F to 248 degrees F.

Join them together to so that your larger pots and dishes from the Utensil Set fit in. To keep them clean, you need to regularly dust them and wash them with vinegar mild soap. These trivets are water-resistant.

#1 Key features:

• Pack of 6
• Made of high-quality cork
• 7 ” diameter
• Lightweight
• Flame-resistant
• Water-resistant
• Multi-use
• Handwash

#6 NC Home Kitchen Bamboo Hot Pads Trivet

NC Home Kitchen Bamboo Hot Pads Trivet

Nothing can protect your countertops, tabletops and kitchen slabs better from heat damage caused by cookware, hot dishes, pots or pans. This NC Home Kitchen Bamboo Hot Pads Trivet that comes in a set of 4 being made of 100% carbonized natural and renewable bamboo is highly resistant to heat.

The bamboo trivet set contains two square and two round trivets each of different sizes. One round is 5.9 inch in diameter while the other is 7.1 inch. The smaller square has a dimension of 5.9in x 5.9in and the bigger one has a dimension of 7.1 in x 7.1 in. They feature a natural wooden shade with pretty wood grain. This beautiful natural coloring won’t fade-proof and promises to last permanently.

These eco-friendly trivets are mildew proof and odor-free. The grid design expels hot steam effectively and ensures that they dry up fast. The trivets have smooth edges and won’t hurt your hands. They are strong enough to hold the weight of big-sized hot pans. Being durable and tough they don’t deform and last for long.

They come with non-slip pads at the back that prevents them from slipping off and prevent accidents. They also protect the countertops or dining tables from getting scratched. Apart from being used as dish mats, kitchen table mats, pot holders, table mats and coasters you can also use them to place teapots or kettle, plates, coffee mugs or anything hot.

#1 Key features:

• Pack of 4 of different shapes and sizes
• Made of 100% Carbonized natural and renewable bamboo
• Grid design
• Eco-friendly
• Odor-free
• Non-slip design
• Smooth edges
• Heat-resistant
• Resistant to moisture
• Multi-functional

#7 Renawe Large Wood Trivet for Hot Dishes

Renawe Large Wood Trivet for Hot Dishes

This Renawe Large Wood Trivet for Hot Dishes set of three all-natural Vintage wood trivets will add an extra charm to your kitchen and dining table while protecting your countertops from hot utensils.

These all-natural round trivets are made from 100% food-grade wood. They are hand-carved from a single piece of wood having a large diameter of 11 inches. They are BPA-free and non-toxic hence safe for use. Being crack and odor-resistant makes them long-lasting.

They are multifunctional and can be also used as a large coaster, a hot pot holder, a hot mitts and a spoon rest. To keep them clean just hand wash with a mild soap and cold water.

#1 Key features:

• Pack of 3
• Made from 100% food-grade wood
• Hand-carved from a single piece of wood
• Durable
• All-natural
• Large 11-inch diameter
• BPA-free
• Non-toxic
• Crack and odor-resistant
• Multi-functional
• Hand wash

#8 BTaT- Trivets for Hot Pots and Pans

BTaT- Trivets for Hot Pots and Pans

This BTaT- Trivets for Hot Pots and Pans set contains two trivets made of food-grade silicone material which makes them perfect to be used as coasters, pot holder, spoon rest, jar opener, and a lot more.

These square trivets come in two different shades of blue with a dimension of 6.75 x 6.75 inches. Their honeycomb pattern makes them excellent drying mats and lends an attractive look too. They are highly resistant to heat and can withstand a temperature up to 440F.

The convenient hanging hole aids in air-drying and convenient storing. The trivets are easy to clean be it simply in hot water or in a dishwasher. The surprising price of only X.XX$ on Amazon makes it one of the most popular silicone trivets available in today’s market.

#1 Key features:

• Pack of 2
• Made from food-grade silicone material
• Honeycomb pattern
• Heat-resistant up to 440 degrees F
• Convenient hanging hole
• Oven, freezer and microwave safe

#9 ChefBee Non-Slip Heat Resistant Kitchen Trivets

ChefBee Non-Slip Heat Resistant Kitchen Trivets

The trivets of this ChefBee Non-Slip Heat Resistant Kitchen Trivets set features 3 trivets each reflecting different intricate designs. Their hollow design helps you easily hang them on the hook.

They are made of 100% food-grade silicone that makes them highly durable and also soft and flexible. These black trivets are round in shape and won’t deform easily. The hollow design can help dissipation the heat. Each has a diameter of 7.6 inches.

They are waterproof and also do not absorb oil ensuring they last for a longer time. Being heat-resistant up to 375°F, they protect your kitchen countertop from being damaged by directly placing hot pans and utensils on the countertop. They are non-slip in nature and prevent any kinds of accidents.

The trivets are easy to clean. Since these do not absorb oil, you can use them to place your Butter Dish. They work great for quartz and granite countertops, wood kitchen counters and dining tables. Being priced at only X.XX$ anyone can easily afford it.

#1 Key features:

• Set of 3
• Made from 100% food-grade silicone
• Diameter of 7.6 inches
• Durable
• Non-slip
• Soft and flexible
• Won’t deform easily
• Heat-resistant up to 375°F
• Easy to hang
• Versatile
• Microwave, oven and dishwasher safe

#10 Nonley Trivets Set with Silicone Oven Mitts

Nonley Silicone Oven Mitts Trivets Set

This Nonley Trivets with Silicone Oven Mitts Set works best for your table or countertop. Unlike jute, rattan or wicker woven trivets they have a heat resistance range is -40F to 480F and will not melt when you place your hot pot or skillet directly from the stove or oven.

The set contains four round trivets crafted from 100% pure cotton thread weave. They come in different shades of gray and features creative handmade stitches design. They are oil resistant and have good water absorption capacity. They have a large size with a diameter of 7.3 inch.

The trivets are non-slip in nature and resistant to wear and tear. Their high absorbent capacity ensures that there is no leakage and your countertop or table remains clean. You can also use them as a coaster, beer cushion, spoon holder, coffee cushion, vase cushion, coaster, tea cushion, instant pot trivet and also for placing small pots.

Being wrapped with gift tape makes them an excellent gifting option. The set comes with oven gloves that are made of high-quality silicone and perfect for handling hot dishes or pots.

#1 Key features:

• Set of 4
• Crafted from 100% pure cotton thread weave
• Durable
• A large diameter of 7.3 inch
• Accented with handmade stitches
• Heat-resistant
• Wear-resistant
• Non-slip
• High absorbent capacity
• Easy to store
• Dishwasher safe
• Comes with 2 silicone pot mat gloves

#3 FAQ’s

What is a trivet?

A trivet is a fashion of countertop stove that utilizes three heating components instead of the common two. Most electric stoves have two radiant plates in the cooktop and then a central convection fan. The trivet system has three radiant plates, which are all located around the edge of the stove. This design makes it optimal for cooking with multiple pans and pots at once, as well as helps to prevent heat loss from the middle of a pot or pan.

What are the different types of trivets?

There are three main types of trivets: electric, gas, and induction. Each type has its own unique set of benefits and drawbacks.

How do I choose the best trivet for my needs?

The best trivet for your needs will depend on a few factors, including the type of cooking you do most often, the number of people you cook for, and your budget. If you do a lot of cooking with multiple pots and pans, a trivet with three heating elements will be ideal. If you have a smaller budget, an electric trivet may be the best option.

#4 Conclusion

Using trivets are the best way to provide protection to your tablecloths and tables and kitchen countertops from the heat produced on placing the pots or other cookware and also from any kind of stains. These are not only functional but also have a certain aesthetic value.

Depending on the type you select, you want you can use some trivets can also as cutting boards or hang them on the wall to add some beauty to the room. So, check out the products featured on this page and pick your set of trivets today that will meet your need.

We hope our list of the top 10 best trivets to buy in 2022 has helped you find the perfect one for your needs. With so many great options on the market, it can be hard to know which one is right for you. However, we are confident that if you take our advice into consideration, you will be able to find a trivet that is perfect for your kitchen. Thanks for reading and happy shopping!


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