TOP 10 Best Salad Bowl to Buy in 2021


Considering the healthy lifestyle people lead nowadays, most people prefer eating salads. Breakfast salads are becoming the latest trend. Salads are a great way to start your day with foods rich in nutrients. Salads can help boost your productivity, improve your digestion and even aid in losing weight. Serving salads is an attractive salad bowl that helps develop an interest in vegetables and fruit.

A Salad Bowl is a large vessel with shallow sides. The shape is such that you can add in a large amount of vegetables, pour on the dressing and toss the salad comfortably so that you can enjoy the flavors in every bite.

To make your task easier we have come up with this review article where most of the products are rated between 4.6 to 4.8 stars on Amazon. So, take a look at the products and sort out your need today.

Best Salad Bowl Reviews

#1 Things to Consider Before Buying Best Salad Bowl

To get a fair idea of what are the factors to be considered while buying a salad bowl you can take a look at any of the best Salad Bowl Reviews available all over the internet. Below we have highlighted some of the crucial factors:

Material – Salad bowls are made of different materials like high-quality wood glass, bamboo, plastic, ceramic and stainless steel:

  • Wood – When you are looking for wooden salad bowls go for bamboo, cherry, maple, black walnut, olive, acacia or teak varieties. These are tough and durable wood that makes them a good choice for serving food that even has high water content.But remember, beech, birch and oak are not a good choice as they are less durable and can easily split or warp.
  • Glass – When you want your bowl of salad to look attractive, using glass salad bowls seems to be the best option as you can see the salad through the bowl. It helps you make out if the ingredients have been properly tossed. Glass bowls are even refrigerator safe that helps in keeping the ingredients cold and fresh for longer. They also do not affect the color and taste of your salad.
  • Ceramic – Ceramic salad bowls have gained huge popularity worldwide due to their attractive look. They are considered a little bit more durable than any regular glass bowl. A ceramic salad bowl is visually appealing and adds a distinct look to your dining table.
  • Stainless steel – Though stainless steel bowls are highly durable, sturdy and lightweight they are the least preferred material for salad bowls. The reason behind this may be its traditional and boring look.
  • Plastic – This is the least expensive choice available in the market. Compared to glass or ceramic, they last for a long time. But the main disadvantage of plastic salad bowls is that they are not heat-resistant and therefore you cannot leave them on any hot surface like a stove or an oven.

Size of the bowl – It is the size of the bowl that decides whether it is a fruit bowl or salad bowl. The standard size of the salad bowl is around 15 inches with a deep bottom that allows you to hold and toss the salad with ease without dropping. This size is appropriate for fitting in a salad meal for two.

Weight – Since salad bowls need to be carried here and there the weight of a salad bowl plays a vital. Therefore, a light bowl proves to be convenient. But the ergonomic construction of certain bowls made of expensive teak wood or maple wood allows you to them easily despite the weight.

The design – Your salad bowl should be functional as well as aesthetically appealing. You can go for pedestal bowls that are highly stable. Some of you may also prefer salad bowls with lids that help you to keep your food covered and carry them conveniently. Balance your needs and tastes to find a bowl that you truly enjoy using.

Ease of cleaning – Since salad bowls are an everyday use item so go for something that is easy to clean. Plain bowls are a good choice as the more they are grooved there are chances of bacteria hiding. You can also opt for bowls that are dishwasher safe.

#2 Best Salad Bowl Reviews 2021

#1 Y YHY Ceramic Salad Bowls Set

Y YHY Ceramic Salad Bowls Set

This Y YHY Ceramic Salad Bowls Set with a 9.75 inches diameter offers a large capacity of 50 oz,This makes it perfect for serving pasta, rice, soup, dinner salad, main meal or broccoli in big portions. The best part is their wide and shallow design ensures everything stays inside the bowl.

This round bowl comes in a set of four. They are made of high-quality ceramic that lends them an elegant white shade. The oil and stain-resistant feature ensures that they last for ages. Being oil and stain-resistant the bowls are able to retain their luster for a long time.

To sprinkle some fresh olive oil on your salad with ease you should get a good Olive Oil Dispenser. Their stackable design makes it convenient to store. For easy cleaning just toss the bowls inside the dishwasher. The user rating of 2426 makes it a perfect choice.

#1 Key features:

• Set of 4
• Made of high-quality ceramic
• Sturdy
• Drop and shock-resistant
• 50 oz capacity
• 9.75″ large diameter
• Wide and shallow design
• Stackable design
• Oil and stain-resistant
• Oven, microwave, freezer and Dishwasher Safe

#2 DOWAN Angled Ceramic Bowls for Salad

DOWAN Angled Ceramic Bowls for Salad

Add some excitement to your breakfast with this set of DOWAN Angled Ceramic Bowls for Salad uniquely shaped. A special slanted curve lends them this unique shape that looks great on your dining table. These bowls work great for serving salads, soup, mixed fruit, taco salads, ice cream sundaes or pasta sauce.

This set includes two angled salad bowls. They are made of lead-free and non-toxic white-colored ceramic. This elegant double glaze helps you to coordinate with all kinds of tableware. The bowls are corrosion and chip-resistant.

It can resist a temperature of 5 – 572 degrees. The stackable shape helps you easily store them. The smooth porcelain finishing makes cleaning easy.

#1 Key features:

• Pack of 2
• Made of lead-free and non-toxic ceramic
• Durable glaze
• Corrosion-resistance
• Unique angular shape
• Capacity between 24 to 26 oz
• Chip-resistant
• Easy to Store
• Microwave, oven, dishwasher and freezer safe

#3 Gibson Home Acacia Wood Salad Bowl Set

Gibson Home Acacia Wood Salad Bowl Set

Whether you want to serve hot or cold food items this Gibson Home Acacia Wood Salad Bowl Set is a perfect choice. Its attractive natural grain getup brings a touch of warmth to any table.

These pieces of three round salad bowls in this set are made of all-natural acacia wood. The gorgeous natural finish of the acacia wood lends them a natural beauty that enhances your overall dining experience. The bowls help in bringing out your artistic side.

The bowls are water and stain-resistant and also do not absorb any odor. The bowls come with two matching wooden servers. When you want to eat healthily and boil veggies in your Electric Hot Pot, you can serve them in this salad bowl as it is ideal for serving both hot and cold food.

#1 Key features:

• 3-piece set
• Made of all-natural acacia wood
• Water-resistant
• Stain-resistant
• Odor-resistant
• With 2 matching servers

#4 AIDEA Wooden Salad Bowls with Spoon and Fork

AIDEA Wooden Salad Bowls with Spoon and Fork

This AIDEA Wooden Salad Bowls with Spoon and Fork big salad bowl with server set is very suitable for tossing and serving salad.

This set contains three bowls that are made of natural acacia wood that gives them a natural wooden finish. A food-grade oil layer that has been used to paint the bowls makes them absolutely safe for use. The large salad bowls each have a diameter of 12.5″.

These wooden bowls are perfect for serving cereal, pasta, green salad and popcorn. The bowls have a smooth and waterproof surface that makes them easy to clean. You just have to wash them with water and wipe them with a dry cloth after every use. The set comes with a spoon and a fork that helps you to easily blend the salad.

#1 Key features:

• 3-piece set
• Made of natural acacia wood
• A food-grade oil paint layer
• Large capacity
• Smooth and waterproof surface
• With spoon and fork

#5 Stock Your Home Disposable Plastic Salad Bowls

Stock Your Home Disposable Plastic Salad Bowls

Does it become really tiring to wash and clean your bowls after any occasion? Then you should go for this Stock Your Home Disposable Plastic Salad Bowls. These containers come with airtight, leak-resistant plastic lids. This helps you keep your food fresh and secure. These plastic bowls have multiple uses.

These transparent round-shaped disposable serving bowls are made of high-quality BPA-free plastic. It comes in a set of 50. They are strong yet lightweight. The bowls have a large capacity of 32 oz. Their stackable design makes them easy to store.

Being recyclable they are even environmental-friendly. The bowls are perfect for serving everyday needs in cafes, food trucks, grocery delis, restaurants, catering events, etc. even at home you can use them for packing lunch for the office or school and they will even serve your food storage needs.

#1 Key features:

• Set of 50
• Made of high-quality BPA-free plastic
• Strong and lightweight
• Large 32 oz capacity
• Airtight
• Leak-resistant
• Recyclable
• Multiple-use
• Freezer-safe
• Stackable

#6 Bormioli Rocco Viva Salad Bowl

Bormioli Rocco Viva Salad Bowl

When you want to mix salad for your entire family then you should go for this extra-large Bormioli Rocco Viva Salad Bowl with a capacity of 77 Oz.

This serving bowl is made of BPA-free glass. This clear bowl is round-shaped with several ring-like patterns on its body. Being lead-free it is extremely safe for usage. The bowl has an extra-large capacity of 77 oz.

The bowl is both dishwasher and microwave safe that makes your cleaning and reheating task easier. The bowl is priced at only XX.XX$ making it one of the most affordable serving bowls available nowadays.

#1 Key features:

• Made of BPA-free glass
• Extra-large capacity of 77 oz
• Lead-free
• Resistant to use
• Long-lasting
• Dishwasher and microwave safe

#7 GEHE Bamboo Fiber Salad Bowl with Servers Set

GEHE Bamboo Fiber Salad Bowl with Servers Set

This GEHE Bamboo Fiber Salad Bowl with Servers Set features a natural bamboo lid that can also be used as a cutting board. The lid has a groove for a spoon and a server fork that saves you from the trouble of searching for the spoon here and there.

This serving bowl is made of food-grade BPA-free natural bamboo powder. The body is white with a wooden shade lid. It is free of lead, PVC, cadmium, phthalates, mercury thus making it extremely safe. The large diameter of 9.8 inches makes this one of the best amongst the serving bowls with lids.

#1 Key features:

• Made of food-grade natural bamboo powder
• Large 9.8 inches diameter
• Lead and BPA-free
• Biodegradable
• With a serving spoon and a server fork
• Easy to clean

#8 ECOHAGOU Bamboo Fiber Salad Bowl Set for Salad

ECOHAGOU Bamboo Fiber Salad Bowl Set for Salad

This ECOHAGOU Bamboo Fiber Salad Bowl Set for Salad has a lid with a unique groove design on it that contains a server fork and a spoon. The other side of the lid can be used as a cutting board or a stylish serving tray.

This wooden salad bowl is made of natural organic BPA-free bamboo. Its body is matte black while the lid has a natural shade of bamboo. It is lightweight yet sturdy and definitely eco-friendly. The bowl has an extra-large capacity of 125oz.

It is suitable for serving cereal, salad, pasta, soup, etc. and can also be used as a storage container. Being dishwasher safe you can easily clean it.

#1 Key features:

• Made of natural organic BPA-free bamboo
• Huge capacity of 125oz
• Lightweight but sturdy
• Recyclable
• Biodegradable and eco-friendly
• Dishwasher safe
• Comes with a server fork, a spoon and a dish cloth

#9 Nambe Braid Salad Bowl with Servers

Nambe Braid Salad Bowl with Servers

This Nambe Braid Salad Bowl with Servers is cut from solid rich acacia wood this is what makes it the heart of your dining table. The intense wood grain is further accentuated by the shine of chrome on the handles and at the end of the serving spoons.

This boat-shaped wood bowl comes in a generous size and is handcrafted. So no two pieces look alike. The handmade design is highly appealing to the eye and the smooth finish offers a good feel when touched. The wide mouth of the elegantly shaped bowl makes it easy to toss the salad.

#1 Key features:

• Made from solid rich acacia wood and chrome
• Generous size
• Hand-crafted
• Elegant
• Wide mouth
• Hand wash recommended
• With 2 servers

#10 LOVYANXUE Fiber Salad Bowl with Servers Set

LOVYANXUE Fiber Salad Bowl with Servers Set

This LOVYANXUE Fiber Salad Bowl with Servers Set features small holes on both sides of the bowl where you can place the spoon and fork included in the set. This saves you from the trouble of thinking where to place the used serving utensils.

This salad bowl is made from natural, biodegradable bamboo that makes it eco-friendly. It comes in white color with a natural bamboo shade lid. The bowl has a smooth surface that makes it comfortable to hold.

Being made of safe food-grade bamboo the lid can also be used as a chopping board. It has a capacity of 3.7quarts making the bowl ideal to serve fruits, salads and veggies. The bowl is bio-degradable making it a great addition to your dining table. To serve tamagoyaki with some salad you need to invest in a good quality Tamagoyaki Pan.

#1 Key features:

• Made from natural, biodegradable bamboo
• Capacity of 3.7quarts
• Large 11-inches
• Biodegradable
• Smooth surface
• Can be used as a chopping board
• Dishwasher safe

#3 Conclusion

Kids are mostly inclined towards junk food. To ensure that your kids eat healthily and take interest in eating salads, make sure you invest in an attractive salad bowl that will help develop an interest in the food.

But only investing in good quality and attractively designed salad bowl is not enough. You need to clean them properly to ensure they do not retain any bacteria after every use.


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