TOP 10 Best Rotating Christmas Tree Stands to Buy in 2020


Christmas is a few months away, and it is obvious that you worry about a home decoration or office decoration for Christmas. The center of attraction for the Christmas is undoubtedly Christmas Tree. And today we are here with Best Rotating Christmas Tree Stand reviews.

If you are looking for Heavy Duty Christmas Tree Stand, then it is suggested that read this article carefully. With the Rotating Christmas Tree Stand Reviews, we also have covered some additional topics like things to consider before buying Decorative Christmas Tree Stand. So let’s start with the informative topic first.

Best Rotating Christmas Tree Stands Reviews

#1 Best Rotating Christmas Tree Stand Reviews 2020

Of course, you do not have time to compare all the products and find the best one. So to help you, we have completed this process and find the TOP 10 Best Live Christmas Tree Stand and post it as Rotating Christmas Tree Stand Reviews. You can also compare the products, features, price, etc. and choose the one for the upcoming Christmas. It will surely beautify your home. So let’s start with the first product of the list.

#1 Winter Wonder Rotating Christmas Tree Stand

Winter Wonder Rotating Christmas Tree Stand The next name in the Rotating Christmas Tree Stand Reviews is Winter Wonder Rotating Christmas Tree Stand by Coffeesamplers. This durable and adjustable sturdy tree stand can handle any artificial Christmas tree with a height of 7.5 feet and 1.25-inch base. It is capable of holding the weight up to 80 lbs.

The base has three operating settings. Rotate & light on and not rotate & light off, and do not rotate & light on. So you have the option to switch on or off any functions.

It gives a perfect view of each angle with continuous 360-degree rotation. It rotates 3/4 circles per minute. If you want to connect any additional light strings or electrical decorative material, then to facilitate the work, it has three outlets for connection at the base. Until 400 Watts, you don’t have to worry about power.

The five separate pieces include four legs, motor, and base. But the assembly is easy and can be done within few minutes.

#2 CINCO EXPRESS C-152E 8′ Christmas tree stand

CINCO EXPRESS C-152E 8' Christmas tree stand This Extra Large Christmas Tree Stand has a revolutionary push and pulls locking system. This system provides extra safety to the parents with a child in the home. It is easy to setup. It can hold a Christmas tree with a height of 8′ and a diameter of 6′.

If you are using a real Christmas tree, then you have reservoir features with 1.25-gallon water capacity. The water can be easily filled. The lower branches can also stand tightly. The Spill Guard has a warranty of 10 Years. It can hold trees up to 8 ft. tall and with a trunk diameter of 6″.

Stand side. Clean leather clothes are used to give finishing to the product. It also incorporates spill guard and reinforced screw holes. The lock mechanism makes the set up easy. After Christmas, you can easily take down the trees within a few minutes. With three strong galvanized pins in the center of the stand’s base, it locks and adjusts the tree before the final setup.

#3 CMI Rotating Tree Stand for Artificial Trees

CMI Rotating Tree Stand for Artificial Trees I know, we all love Christmas trees, especially during festival days. But don’t you like that your Musical Christmas Tree Stand rotates. It keeps moving and shows it beaut from each corner. The AC powered cord has ON/OFF switch at the base.

Your tree will rotate 360 degrees once you set up the tree on the stand. Do not worry; the cord will not tangle. It is designed for an artificial tree for indoor use. There is three option to choose for rotation and lighting. You can either switch on or off the light with or without rotation. You can also keep off both options.

The rotation happens at moderate speed. It takes 70 seconds to complete a single rotation. It can handle an artificial tree with a diameter of 0.75- 1.25 and height up to 7.5 feet tall. You need the input of 120 volts and 4.32 watts.

#4 Morris Costumes Christmas Tree Stand Ez Rotate

Morris Costumes Christmas Tree Stand Ez Rotate You will surely like the rotating tree stand that is designed for the artificial Christmas tree. This stand gives quality for sure. The constant 360-degree rotation gives a beautiful look to your in house decorative Christmas tree.

The 23.5″ base gives sturdy support for the small to medium trees. It can handle trees with a height up to 8.5 feet, weight up to 150 lbs and a diameter up to 1.25″. The outlets on the top unit help to prevent tangle of the cord.

It has different switches for rotation and light. You can rotate the tree with or without rotation. You can use this at a maximum of 8 amps or 960 watts at 120 volts. It includes a circuit protector for your safety, so you have to push it to reset. It includes a five-year limited guarantee. It is also perfect for garland or string lights.

What you have to do is, put the tree in the stand, decorate it if you want and start light and rotation. Simple!

#5 Best Choice Products 360-Degree Rotating Christmas Tree Stand

Best Choice Products 360-Degree Rotating Christmas Tree Stand After working hard to decorate the Christmas tree for the special occasion of Christmas, it is time to give it a new look with rotating Extra Large Christmas Tree Stand. The rotation displays each angle of your tree as it rotates full 360 degrees.

The built-in outlet prevents the cord from tangling during spinning. So with this stand, you don’t have to face any power cable or light cable tangling problem. It is durable and sturdy enough to handle the rotating tree up to 7.5′ tall, 0.9″- 1.25″ trunk diameter, and 80 pounds weight.

3 easy settings for light and rotation gives you a choice according to the ambiance. A single rotation takes 70 seconds and rotates continuously. You can attach cords, preventing wires, and Christmas lights with 3 two-prong outlets.

#6 National Tree Revolving Stand for Trees

National Tree Revolving Stand for Trees The next name in the Rotating Christmas Tree Stand Reviews list is National Tree Revolving Stand for Trees. The unique design and great weight capacity.

This tree stand is for mid to large trees. The 360-degree rotation completes in 60 seconds. The stand is extremely stable and can be used for artificial Christmas trees. It can fit the tree with a diameter of a maximum of 1.25 inch.

The price is an irrespective thing as quality is best. So go and find all the features and get it if it sets in your budget.

#7 Halloween FX Christmas Tree Stand Ez Rotate

Halloween FX Christmas Tree Stand Ez Rotate This 360 degree rotating Halloween FX Christmas Tree for artificial Christmas tree is best for you if you want to decorate your tree with even 2000 mini lights.

If you don’t want to tangle the wires while rotating the Christmas tree, then it has a stand that prevents wires from getting tangled.

This Christmas tree can hold a tree with 1.25’diameter and up to 8.5 feet height. You will see two switches on the control box; one is for light, and another one is for rotation. Put one end of the light string on the tree and start rotating to rotate the lights itself on the tree.

The stand is secure and well-aligned. The electric powerful gives perfect rotation silently. I am using it, and it is a mixer of fun and glamor.

#8 360 Degree Rotating Christmas Tree Stand

360 Degree Rotating Christmas Tree Stand Now show off your Christmas tree decoration to all your visitors and relatives with this 360-degree rotation. This stand is also able to light up 2000 mini lights.

Before buying, remember that it is designed for the artificial trees only so if you looking for the real tree, then skip this option. It can hold the tree with a diameter of 1.25′ and 8.5′ height.

The control box is made up of two switches, one is for rotation, and another one is for lighting. It is also suitable for garland and stringing lights. It is suitable for indoor use only. You can also Design Your Home Table with Best Christmas Tablecloths.

#9 Krinner’s Tree Genie Deluxe L, Christmas Tree Stand

Krinner's Tree Genie Deluxe L, Christmas Tree Stand Krinner’s Tree Genie Deluxe L Christmas Tree Stand for Artificial Trees is a single cable operator. It also provides water indicator for the real trees. The five stabilizer feet provide extra security and make you worry-free if you have a pet or child in the home.

You can set up your Christmas tree less than a minute, no screws or no assembly required. It is 18″ (46cm) diameter extra-large stand with the base weight of approx. 13 lbs. (5.9kg). It is secure for any tree with height up to 8 feet and trunks with 1-7 inches in diameter.

If you are using it for a real Christmas tree, then it can hold 1-gallon water in the reservoir and the indicator is also there, so you do not have to worry about the water level. A convenient foot pedal allows you to the easy moving of the tree. The product weight is 13lbs, and it provides a 3-year warranty.

Using this stand is also an easy task. Just place your tree, and open the stand. Now, hold the tree straight and pump the pedal until it holds the trunk. And within seconds your tree is ready to place and decorate.

#10 Fotoconic Black Electric Motorized Rotating Turntable Display Stand

Fotoconic Black Electric Motorized Rotating Turntable Display Stand The Fotoconic Spinning Christmas Tree Stand with the ultra-bright Led surely beautify your home and thanks to its double direction rotation. Its glorified display and energy-efficient illumination are another two feature that adds value to the product.

It is great for home, store, office, shop, etc. The 360-degree rotation with 1.6RPM makes your Christmas tree more beautiful. You can change the direction of rotation by pressing ON/OFF switch.

The LED at the base of the stand light up in the darker side. Eevn there are two options like Rotation & Light ON and Rotation & Light OFF to fulfill your lighting requirement. With one switch, you can get your required effect.

It can handle load up to 20lbs with rotation. Even you can find a total of 9 variations according to size in the same product with black and white color. The CE, LVD, and EMC certification add value to the products.

In short, this product is easy and durable in use, provides excellent effect, and ideal for product display in all kinds of exhibitions as well.

#2 Things to Consider before Buying Best Christmas Tree Stand

#1 Type of Tree

Artificial Christmas tree stands are designed to connect different Christmas tree. So first consider which type of tree you want to buy, real or artificial. Your stand must be suitable for your tree; otherwise, the money will get wasted.

Some products are there which is suitable for all kinds of trees but according to me. It is always a good idea to buy the specifically designed stand according to the tree you have. It saves your lots of time and works to set the Christmas tree.

#2 Size of the Tree

The second thing to consider is the size of the tree. It is an important aspect. For example, if you have a 14-16 foot log tree and you buy Small Christmas Tree Stand, then it of no use. It can’t support the weight of the tree.

For such trees, you need Heavy duty Christmas tree stands. It will work better for the fatter size trees as well as average to large height trees.  When you pick any product, the suitable size of the product is given in the description. So first look at its specifications like small, medium, large, etc. and then select the product.

#3 Material

Christmas Tree Stand is available in various types of material like plastic, metal, cast iron, etc. The Cheap Christmas Tree Stand is made of mostly plastic. Extra costly Christmas stands are made up of metal like cast iron. But the high price of the product is worth due to its high support and durability.

If you want to use the tree stand for year or two, then go for the plastic one but if you want to use it for life long, then go for the durable material.

#4 Water holding Capacity

Many believed that the real Christmas tree is best and if you are thinking the same, then you have first to make sure that it can hold enough water. Enough water keeps your tree looking greener in the holiday season.

Ideally, water reservoirs hold one-quarter of water with the inch of the trunk’s diameter. A gallon of water works best for most of the tree. Remember freshly cut trees soak lots of water in the first week.

#5 Spin

Some tree stand rotates the Christmas tree. Spinning tree stands are perfect for the artificial trees and give a little presence in the home. Even the spinning tree stands are available for artificial trees only. You have to the plugin in the wall. It is a good feature that you can add to the artificial trees. It rotates slowly and shows the entire decoration. You can also choose rotation speed.

#6 Size of the Product

If you are using a smaller tree, then you need the plastic underneath or gigantic metal piece. Not only this, but a big tree causes big distraction. And it can also make difficulties to find a place to put a big tree. So it is advisable to pick the smaller tree.

You can also buy a big tree, but before buying it makes sure that your home has enough space to place it. Also, pick a product that supports its height and don’t waste your money.

#7 Safety Claws

Safety claws are at the base of the product. It ensures that the trunk of the tree is securely fastened into it. Safety claws also add support, and security is a good thing. Another thing to note that all the trees do not require a safety clause to fit firmly, but if you need additional support, then this is a good additional product. Just put the claws and make sure that the tree stays firm.

#8 Straps

Security is the first thing for the trees as well. The straps help you a lot when it comes to the safety of the Christmas tree. Straps add extra security. It is necessary when you have a taller or heavier tree. It also improves visibility.

We prefer transparent straps so it can’t be seen. For the larger trees, it is secure, and if you put it inside, then it can’t be visible from outside.

#9 Foot Pedal

Many products have a foot pedal that can secure or release the tree by simply pressing the foot on the pedal. This feature makes putting up as well as breaking down the tree lot easier. If you have a small kid in the home, then we suggest you avoid this feature. Your kid might find it curious and push the paddle, and it may lead to injury. However, if you want it compulsory, then pick the paddle with child lock.

#10 Weight

Revolving Christmas Tree Stand weights from 2 lbs to 25lbs. You can decide the weight of the product according to other features and the size of the tree. The manufacturer also decides the size of the product according to the method that secures the tress with all the features.

Just for information, the plastic stand can also weight up to 20lbs with safety features and security features. Note that your tree is secure all the time, but if you store it in a heavy stand with a box, then it gives added safety.

#11 An auto-lock Mechanism

People with a pet or curious children need an auto-lock mechanism in the Christmas Tree Box Stand to make sure that the tree can’t release easily. It is a safety mechanism, and we consider it a must-have feature.

Another thing is if you have young children, then get an auto-lock mechanism that is children’s resistance. It can’t be easily realized and save it from the damage in the home and children as well.

#12 Water Indicator for Real Trees

As stated earlier, Plastic Christmas Tree Stand designed for real trees has a water holding box. However, not all of them have an indicator that let you know the remaining water. For the healthier plant, you have to make sure that the tree gets enough water, so an indicator outside the tree stand is too much helpful.

Your tree stays beautiful and green all the time if it gets proper water.

#13 Assembly

No one likes to assemble products and do all the hassle with the product like this. If you don’t want to assemble parts of the product, then you can also choose the stands that do not require assembly at all. It makes the setup Christmas tree lot easier.

Additionally, you don’t have to worry about the wrong assembling of the parts. Improper assembly leads to some security breaches, and it also happens that the tree falls out and causes damage to any home accessories, children, or pet.

#14 Color

The color choice is an easy thing. Most of the products come in two colors, red and green. For real or real looks like artificial trees, you can pick the darker forest green color as it mixes with the tree very well.

If you are looking the stand for the decorative artificial tree made up of metallic, flocked or fiber optic, then they come with a color combined stand. If you wrap a piece of cloth or table cloth around the base of the tree, then the color is not much important.

#15 Warranty

A warranty is something that you have to look at while buying the product. If the product manufacturer gives a warranty, then they are confident in the product quality. It stands for a long time compared to non-warranty products.

Considering the product warranty, it is more likely to stands for more years. The warranty also covers any defects or damage to the warranty period at least. So you can make sure that you are not wasting your money on an unworthy product.

#16 Price

The last but most important factor to consider is the price. You have to decide your budget first, and according to it, you have to choose the real or Fake Christmas Tree Stand. The price has a big effect on the features as well as product quality. But it does not mean that Cheap Christmas Tree Stand does not provide quality.

#3 FAQ

#1 What Does the Christmas Tree Stand for?

A Christmas tree stand is a stand, or you can say an object that is designed to support a freshly cut and natural or an artificial Christmas tree.

The first time these stands appeared in 1876, and at present, they have various designs, styles, colors, and shapes available in the market.

#2 What is the Best Christmas Tree Stand?

These are nothing like the best or worst Christmas tree stand. According to me, a stand which can fit your natural or artificial tree bast is the best one. If you ask me a single name from this list, then according to my experience, Krinner’s Tree Genie Deluxe L, Christmas Tree Stand is the best.

#3 What to put in Christmas Tree Stand Water?

If someone told you to add ketchup or something more strange thing in the water reservoir of your Christmas tree stand, don’t believe it. The best thing to put is plain water. And it does not need any further classification like mineral water or distilled water. Tap water or normal rainwater is best to put in Christmas stand for the real Christmas trees.

#4 What size of Christmas Tree Stand should I Buy?

See, the size of the Christmas tree stand depends on the size of the tree. You need to consider its height, weight, and diameter of the trunk. In the market, you will find various types of stand with different sizes. So first measure the approx size of your tree and find the stand according to it.

#4 Conclusion

So it is all about plastic and Cast Iron Christmas Tree Stand. We hope you find the suitable stand from this Rotating Christmas Tree Stand Reviews list. In case if you need a review of any other product, you can ask for it. We will love to help you. Thank you!


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