TOP 10 Best Projector for Phone to Buy in 2021


Gone are the days when you had to align your head and strain your neck to get a glimpse of the content or video in someone else’s phone screen. Technology has now gifted us phone projectors for an ultimate screen-sharing experience.

This simple innovation works by simply projecting the images of your phone on the wall or a plain sheet and help you create your own mini cinema letting everybody watch at their comfort. Apart from movies and casual videos, you can also use this device for any kind of work presentation.

They offer you high-quality image and video projections along with a whole range of flexibility to allow you to watch your phone’s content on a bigger area. Phone projectors that are a little reasonably priced compared to the traditional projectors.

In this article, we have reviewed some of the top products that will help you get a clear idea about which product will meet your need and budget.


#1 Best Projector for Phone Reviews 2021

#9 WiMiUS Newest P20 Native 1080P Smartphone Projector


If you are looking for a phone projector that produces ultra-clear images then go for this WiMiUS Newest P20 Native 1080P Smartphone Projector that features Full HD 6800 lumens having a 1920 x 1080P resolution and a contrast ratio of 10000:1. It promises 4 times more detailed images than a regular 1080p supported projector.

This black-colored device is equipped with USB, HDMI, AV and VGA inputs that make it easier to connect to your smartphone. Its super-color display technology produces rich and more realistic color images offering a true viewing experience. It comes with a dual 5W stereo sound speaker with HiFi and Dolby support that offers wide treble, and powerful bass.

The device can support both vertical and horizontal ±50°keystone correction along with a100 – 50% zoom out function. It promises a 50% reduced noise that any other regular phone projector. Not only your smartphone, but the device is also compatible with PC, USB stick, Laptop, Fire TV stick, Ruku Stick, Chromecast and TV box.

#1 Key Features

• 50-200 inches screen
• 4D keystone correction
• Supports SRS sound with Dolby
• Two 5W HiFi Speaker
• Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use

#8 Zeacool LED Portable Home Theater Phone Projector


For a high-end audio-visual experience get home this LED Portable Home Theater Phone Projector by Zeacool that has 3x advanced optical glass lenses capable of delivering 16.7 million colors with a 3000:1 contrast ratio thus presenting more precise images with a higher intensity that proves to be ideal for any home theater setup.

This black and white mini device is compact in size with soft-touch operating buttons on the top. Its Bridgelux LED light source ensures 50% brighter images. The device supports 1080P full HD resolution so that you can enjoy vivid and crystal clear images anywhere on the go. Its 2 built-in speakers improve your audio experience.

The focus ring along with a ±15° manual keystone feature makes it easy to adjust. You can enjoy the best output from a distance of 7-8 ft.

It comes with a silent fan providing a very quiet environment. The different cables included in the pack makes it easy to set up. This interface rich device can be used not only for watching movies but also for an unforgettable gaming experience. The best part is, you get to enjoy so many excellent features at a price of only XX$ in Amazon.

#1 Key Features

• 170″ projection size
• Multi-lens for excellent image quality
• Brighter image quality
• Focus ring for easy adjustment
• Built-in Stereo Speakers
• Diffuse reflection technology to save your eyes
• Easy to carry around

#7 XIAOYA Mini Projector HD 720P with HiFi Speaker


This XIAOYA Mini Projector HD 720P with HiFi Speaker is equipped with a 4000 lumen LED light that projects clear and vibrant colored images on the wall for you to enjoy.

You can also use it for any business PowerPoint presentation or other office presentations as its display quality is much better in a dark environment compared to any other 720p projectors.

This mini projector comes in an elegant combination of black and bronze. Its Hi-Fi Sound Chamber offers a premium audio experience with a powerful sound throw thus making it a perfect choice for home movie entertainment. Its improved technology extends the life of the LED lamp to around 60000 hours even when you use it outdoors.

The multiple digital connection options along with the USB port lets you connect it with most of your devices. This phone projector can be installed in the ceiling and also mounted on a tripod.

#1 Key Features

• Extra bright and vibrant images
• Hi-Fi Stereo Speaker
• Reduced-noise
• Long LED lamp life
• Multiple digital connectivities
• Easy to set up

#6 VicTsing Mini Projector for Android Phone


This Mini Projector for Android Phone by VicTsing comes with a built-in Bluetooth chip that lets you connect to a Bluetooth headphone and enjoy its Hi-Fi sound without disturbing others around. You can also connect it to a Bluetooth speaker or home audio system for cinema-like experience with everyone.

It comes in a pure white color that matches the décor of any room perfectly. With 4200 Lux brightness and a contrast ration of 2000:1, you get to view +60% brighter and clearer images compared to any other ordinary projectors. This mini projector provides you the best viewing experience as it supports 1080P resolution. The device also offers a 40,000 hours of lamp life.

It supports both wired & Wi-Fi connection for both iOS and Android systems thus allowing you to share video and other contents from your smartphone, laptop, tablet, computer or any other miracast-enabled device. This multimedia device comes with diverse ports for easy connectivity.

The pack includes a storage bag that makes it easy to carry around. The cleaning cloth and mini brush provided helps you keep it clean and dust-free.

#1 Key Features

• Projection size of 32-170 inches
• HiFi stereo sound
• Keystone correction and focus adjustment
• Bluetooth connectivity
• Long lamp life
• Comes with a tripod

#5 GooDee LED Mini Projector for Phone


This cute pocket LED Mini Projector for Phone from the house of GooDee comes in a bright combination of blue and white. It is even popular amongst the kids and an affordable gifting option for any other friend or family member being available at the cheapest price of only XX$ in Amazon.

The size of the phone projector is equal to that of a 6.5-inch smartphone that makes it convenient to carry it wherever you want. It features a blue-colored power and volume control button at the top along with few other control buttons in a light brown shade.

Just beside the lens, there is a brown-colored small lever that helps you adjust the focus. The USB port and the micro SD card slot allow you to watch the contents directly from a USB flash drive, firestick or micro SD card. To watch the contents of your smartphone you need an HDMI Adaptor.

The home theater projector supports a1080p resolution with 30,000 hours of lamp life. When you watch it from a distance of 0.8M-2.0m it gives you a clear projection. The plug and play system makes it easy to install. The remote control lets you operate it with ultimate convenience.

#1 Key Features

• Lightweight and compact
• Projection size of 20-60 inches
• Comes with eye-protection
• In-built powerful stereo speaker
• Long lamp life
• Carry it anywhere

#4 AZEUS RD-822 Video Projector


Do you find the noise of the fan of your phone projector really disturbing then shift to this AZEUS RD-822 Video Projector today as its dual-fan design ensures lower noise compared to the other models.

The portable projector comes in a smart combination of black and white with a huge display of around 200”. It supports 1920x1080P with Native 1280X720P resolution along with a contrast ratio of 3000:1 to produce 80% sharper and crystal clear images that serve the purpose of projecting graphics, movies as well as games.

There are around 5000 lumens promising a +80% brighter display than any ordinary projector. The LED light source and TFT LCD display technology ensure low energy consumption and also extends the life of the LEDs up to 50,000 hours.

Its built-in powerful 5W speaker delivers HIFI sound quality without having to connect to any external speaker. The excellent heat dispersion system keeps the device cool. This mini projector is highly versatile being equipped with a good number of ports and outputs that help you to conveniently connect to many devices. The cords provided in the pack makes the setup easy.

#1 Key Features

• Enormous projector display up to 200 inches
• Excellent viewing experience
• Built-in powerful 5W speaker
• Long-lasting LED lamps
• Flexible connectivity options
• Easy to connect
• Low noise

#3 Mini Projector – 3600L Hompow Smartphone Portable Video Projector


Enrich your entertainment experience with this large size projector of 176 inches HD screen.

This pure white-colored phone projector portrays a user-friendly design. The size is so compact that, you can easily put it in your handbag while traveling so that you get to enjoy big-screen movies outdoors.

Now get an amazing feeling while watching movies and games with your family through this mini projector that supports 1080p high resolution. Its upgraded to 3600 lumens along with a 2000:1 contrast ratio ensures that the images are bright and clear.

The lifetime of the projector lamp is 50,000 hours that lets you enjoy a home theater for 30 years without replacing its light bulb. This phone projector uses the upgraded 2020 noise reduction technology which ensures that you are able to concentrate while watching your movies even from a distance of 60-200 inches.

Be it your iPhone, Android smartphone or any other multimedia devices you can easily connect them to this projector.

#1 Key Features

• Big sized screen
• Bright with high contrast
• Built-in speaker
• Lifetime projector lamp
• Improved cooling system
• Noiseless design

#2 Mini Projector 2020 Upgraded Portable Projector for Smartphone


Enjoy your own home theatre with Auking Mini Projector 2020 Upgraded Portable Projector for Smartphone that comes with 55000 hours of lamp life ensuring that you can constantly use it for 15 years.

This all-white upgraded projector offers you a premium home cinema experience with its 170 inches big-sized screen. The images produced by it are 35% brighter images than similar projectors available in the market.

The built-in speakers offer an excellent loud and clear sound that you can make out even when you are watching it from a 5m projection distance.

Its advanced fan cooling technology helps in lowering the noise and even adds to its long-life. This portable movie projector is compatible with multiple devices for playing videos, watching matches, enjoying TV series, sharing photos, etc. the remote control provided in the kit helps in easy navigation.

The product has been reviewed by a good number of 2254 users and it is priced at only XX$ in Amazon making it one of the most desirable items in the market today.

#1 Key Features

• Portable
• Big screen size
• 35% brighter
• Extra-long life LED lamp
• Built-in dual audio speakers
• Plug and play
• Easy to carry

#1 TOPVISION Projector for Phone

For a top-class cinema experience, take a look at this Projector for Phone by TOPVISION and enjoy your home cinema time happily.

This white-colored phone projector comes with an environmental lamp that has a life of 50000hours for you to enjoy 30years without changing the lamp. It has upgraded to 3600lux which makes it even brighter. The projector is capable of displaying a size of 50-176 inches. It is recommended that you view it from a distance of 3m.

The ±15 keystone correction along with the focus ring adjustment ensures that you get to watch at the right angle. Its tempered glass lens offers thermal stability ensuring that it can resist high temperatures effectively.

You can even connect this movie projector to your laptop or smartphone with the help of a USB cable even without an HDMI adapter or Wi-Fi environment. It has been rated by around 3860 that speaks of its popularity.

#1 Key Features

• Enjoy big screen
• Upgraded brightness
• ±15 keystone correction
• Built-in HiFi Stereo Speaker
• Advanced cooling system

#2 Projector for Phone Buying Guide

Before you buy a phone projector, you can check some of the Best Projector for Phone Reviews to know the factors you need to consider:

Projection Size – There are certain phone projectors that can project from 70 to 100 inches which is sufficient for a room full of people to be able to see the clear image. Some projectors are smaller in size maybe around 50 inches. You need to select as per your need.

How Powerful It is – Phone projectors are usually powered. Here you need to see how many lumens of light is projected. When the number of lumens is higher the projected image will be brighter. But higher the number of lumens, it will generate more heat and the device will use more power. A lower number of lumens are able to project a somewhat clear image or video only in a very dark room.

Keystoning Feature – Keystoning is the feature where the phone projectors automatically adjust the way that the image is projected. So even if the projector is not aligned properly to the wall you will still be able to view a square or rectangular image.

Ability to Block Notifications – Always opt for a phone projector which ensures that the notifications will only appear on your phone screen and not distract the projection on the wall. This not only prevents disturbance but also maintains your privacy.

The Cooling System – When your phone processes any image or video it tends to heat up. If you are using the phone together with a projector then there will be additional heat generated. So, here you should note that your device should have a cooling system like a fan to solve this issue. But then make sure that the fan is not too noisy.

Audio Connectivity – Though phones have their own speakers, that won’t be sufficient for a room full audience to understand. So, always go for phone projectors that have in-built speakers that are adequate for small group presentations. If you intend to use it in a bigger room go for better quality speakers.

Look for an Integrated Stand – When you choose a phone projector you can opt for one that comes with an integrated stand so that the image is clearly projected on the wall. This saves you from the hassle of spending too much time setting it up.

#3 Conclusion

A portable projector can accompany you even to the outdoors. These are available in different price ranges. You need to decide whether you are aiming to use it for your personal purpose or satisfy your professional needs and decide on the features and technical specifications accordingly.

Here, you should remember that for your business needs you should go for a better quality projector, but still it will be cheaper than any normal wall projector. So, check out the models that we have reviewed here mostly rated between 4 to 5 stars and select the right model accordingly.


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