TOP 10 Best Portable Massage Chair to Buy in 2021


Massage therapy is considered a very old and effective practice that can help you relax both your body and mind. Normally people prefer to take massages from massage therapists but nowadays you can also opt for any good quality Full Body Massage Chair to get the massage done as per your convenience.

Massage chairs are gaining extreme popularity due to the mobility, convenience and time efficiency they offer. Massages can also prevent and give you relief from any kind of back, neck and shoulder pain, soothe your mind and help you recover from anxiety and depression, help retain proper posture and improve the overall blood circulation.

Our massage chair buying guide includes products mostly having a rating between 4 to 4.5 stars on Amazon. Take a look at the features they offer, the price, etc. and choose the one that matches your need.


#1 Best Portable Massage Chair Reviews 2021

#1 BestMassage Store Portable Massage Chair with Bag


Be it for massage, tattoo or acupuncture, this BestMassage Store Portable Massage Chair is an ideal choice and can be really useful for salons.

This black-colored chair is made of a lightweight heavy-duty metal frame with a 2.5″ thick high-density sponge. Its high gloss powder-coated finish not only enhances its look but also makes it resistant to rust and corrosion.

The PU leather used is water and oil proof making it ideal to clean as a tattoo chair. When not in use you can fold and keep it aside and also carry it from one place to another in the sturdy nylon carry case provided. Its space-saving design allows you to keep it in any corner of the room.

The adjustable design can be customized as per the comfort level of each user while the headrest perfectly cradles the faces and neck curves The quick-release lock system adds to its safety while using and the slip-free footing keeps it in place. The chair is simple to assemble and doesn’t require any tools.

Being rated by around 723 customers and available at an affordable price of only XX$ on Amazon makes it one of the Best Massage Chairs.

#1 Key features:

• High-density sponge
• High-quality leather
• Adjustable height and angle with flexible headrest
• Support 300 lbs of working weight
• Folding design
• Oil and waterproof
• Multiple-use
• With an oxford carrying bag
• Easy to assemble

#2 Nova Microdermabrasion Portable Light Weight Massage Chair


Whether it is for your house, gym and office use this Nova Microdermabrasion Portable Light Weight Massage Chair can be the right pick. It offers a luxurious comfortable therapeutic massage experience.

The frame of this ergonomic massage chair is made of aircraft-grade aluminum with a high gloss powder-coated finish. The multi-layer higher density foam is covered with black CFC-free PU leather. It features an adjustable seat, armrest, chest pad and head support to accommodate clients of different heights and also ensures that they can be comfortable and relaxed.

It is compact and foldable which makes space-saving and easy to store. It is ideal for homes, shops, gyms or office use to enjoy a luxurious therapeutic massage experience. The material is easy to clean and maintain.

#1 Key features:

• Sturdy build
• Lightweight
• Made of multi-layer higher density foam
• Adjustable seat, armrest, head support and chest pad
• Oil and waterproof PU leather
• Non-slip mats under the legs
• Working weight up to 660lbs.
• Folding and portable
• With carrying bag

#3 Master Massage Professional Portable Massage Chair


Irrespective of whether you are a Professional masseuses, a sports therapist or a normal person everyone will love this Master Massage Professional Portable Massage Chair due to its versatility and strength.

The Massage Chair Pad is 2-inch thick covered with long-lasting CFC-free with denim-like blue-colored PU upholstery while its frame is made of a lightweight aircraft-quality aluminum frame.

The frame is electrostatically powder-coated which prevents it from rusting and scratches. Being fitted with multi-layer small cell foam on every working surface offers ultimate comfort. It comes in a luggage-style wheeled carrying case that makes it convenient to carry.

Some of the other accessories it includes are a six-way adjustable face cradle, a session pouch for storing your eyeglasses and jewelry and a comfortable memory foam layered pillow.

#1 Key features:

• Incredibly sturdy construction
• Ultra-lightweight
• Thick cushion with exclusive small cell foam
• A 6-way adjustable face cradle
• With a comfort chest bolster
• Working capacity of 650lbs.
• Convenient session pouch
• Luggage style wheeled carry case

#4 Giantex Light Weight Portable Travel Tattoo Spa Massage Chair w/Carrying Bag


Meet your different comfort requirements with the multi-tap adjusting feature of this Giantex Light Weight Portable Travel Tattoo Spa Massage Chair. Its seat, armrest, ultra-soft face cradle chest pad and head support can be adjusted as per the different body types so that you can sit and relax in a comfortable position.

The frame of this massage chair is made of aluminum with durable powder-coating that extends its life. The 2-inch thick high-density small-cell foam padding is covered with wear-resistant and moisture-proof high-quality black PU leather.

The massage chair can be folded flat thus occupying very little space and also is easy to store. Its simple design makes the chair a perfect match for both houses and shops.

Unlike traditional massage treatments, massage chairs do not require any Massage Oil for Body, it is self-sufficient and uses a combination of airbags and massage rollers to massage the different parts of your body.

#1 Key features:

• The size is larger than the others
• Constructed of durable aluminum
• High-quality PU leather
• Adjustable head support
• Solid leg support with foot pads
• Multi-tap adjustable
• Water and oil resistant
• Space-saving folding design
• With carrying bag

#5 EARTHLITE Compact Portable Massage Chair


Would you like to carry your massage chair even while your traveling? Then this folding design extremely lightweight EARTHLITE Compact Portable Massage Chair can be a perfect companion. The sturdy nylon carry case allows you to carry it anywhere you want.

Its innovative oval frame is made of light and strong aircraft-grade aluminum. The Folding Massage Chair comes in a beautiful mystic blue shade. The dual- density Pro-Lite cushioning together with the soft Natursoft upholstery offers superior comfort.

There are multiple arm, face and seat adjustments that can match the optimal client positioning. Its 3-adjustment for cushion height accommodates people of any size easily. The chair can be set up quickly setup.

#1 Key features:

• Compact and lightweight
• Innovative oval frame
• Dual-density Pro-Lite cushioning
• Natursoft upholstery
• Chest pad height and armrest adjustment
• 3 adjustments for cushion height
• Sternum pad and strap for extra comfort
• Quick setup
• Travel-friendly
• With carrying case

#6 STRONGLITE Ultra-Strong Portable Massage Chair


If you invest in this STRONGLITE Ultra-Strong Portable Massage Chair, the next time you get your massage done you can conveniently store your glasses, phone, jewelry or any other essentials in the hidden pouch on the massage chair and not misplace them.

This black ergonomically designed Facial Massage Chair is made of lightweight and strong heat-treated aluminum alloy with a high gloss powder-coated finish that makes it highly durable. The NatureTouch upholstery is soft leather-like.

Its double tube patented design adds to its stability. The seat can be adjusted between 4ft 6-inches and 4ft 6-inches for accommodating different positions. The chest pad can be tilted and slided with an adjustable face cradle and armrest.

Its removable leg pads make it perfect for disabled or injured clients. The chair is foldable and has attached offset nylon wheels making it easy to move around. The nylon carry case with a padded strap helps you carry it from place to place while the heavy-duty zipper protects it completely. It comes with a lifetime warranty.

#1 Key features:

• Ultra-strong
• Lightweight
• Highly adjustable
• Folding design with telescoping legs
• A fully adjustable face cradle
• Working weight of 600lbs
• Wheels making it convenient to move
• A hidden pouch
• With carrying case

#7 Master Massage Bedford Portable Light Weight Massage Chair with Carrying Case


The frame of this Master Massage Bedford Portable Light Weight Massage Chair is made of aircraft steel that has a no-mask finish and an eco-friendly electrostatically powder-coated finish that prevents it from any kind of nicks, rust and scratches.

This aircraft steel frame is extremely sturdy yet lightweight. The multi-layer small cell foam cushioning system is covered with extra-durable CFC-free burgundy-colored PU upholstery. Each of the cushioned surfaces is adjustable offering personalized comfort.

It features a 6-way adjustable face cradle with a memory foam layered pillow that offers a luxuriously comfortable therapeutic massage experience.

#1 Key features:

• Rust, nicks, and scratch-resistant
• A 6-way adjustable face cradle
• Memory foam layered pillow
• Cushioned sternum bolster
• Oil and waterproof
• The working capacity is 500lbs
• Folds compactly
• Luggage style carrying case

#8 PayLessHere Folding Height Adjustable Massage Chair


Enjoy ultimate comfortable posture while Getting Massage on this PayLessHere Folding Height Adjustable Massage Chair. The height of the cushion, leg pads, handrest, etc. of this massage chair is highly adjustable.

The frame of this massage chair that has been designed especially for the professionals is made of heavy-duty grade metal with a high gloss powder-coated finish making it extremely durable. The high-density foam is wrapped in black-colored PU leather. The thick foam offers ultimate comfort while taking the therapeutic massage.

The PU leather used is water and oil-proof making it easy to clean. The adjustable face cradle is a big comfortable foam layered pillow that offers perfect support. Its armrest, chest pad and the seat can also be adjusted as per the need of the person taking the massage. The chair is extremely versatile and easily adjusts to the different changing positions and body types.

It features a quick-release lock system that makes it extremely safe to use and the anti-slip foot padding keeps the chair in place. Its folding design saves space and also makes it convenient to carry here and there. The sturdy nylon suitcase provided makes the task even easier. The massage chair is easy to assemble and requires no tools.

The best part is you can purchase it at an extremely affordable price of only XX$ from Amazon.

#1 Key features:

• Heavy-duty metal frame
• High-density foam
• Adjustable posture
• Folds compactly
• Can support a working weight up to 300lbs
• Oil and waterproof
• Anti-slip footing
• Wide-range of applications
• Easy to assemble
• Includes an Oxford carrying case

#9 VIVOHOME Folding Adjustable Portable Travel Massage Chair


This VIVOHOME Folding Adjustable Portable Travel Massage Chair being wrapped with water and oil-resistant durable PVC leather can be kept clean and shiny easily with a dry or slightly damp cloth.

This massage chair is constructed with a heavy-duty iron frame that is black in color. The material is highly durable and sturdy that won’t tilt, bend or scratch your floors.

Its different parts namely the hand rests, headrest, hip rests and height are adjustable so that people of any height can enjoy taking massage in this chair

It is designed to be folded away when not in use making it space-saving. To transport it from one place to another just fold and place it inside the carrying bag. This Professional Portable Massage Chair is ideal for homes, offices, studios, hospitals, gymnasiums, salons, etc.

#1 Key features:

• Durable
• Adjustable face cradle
• Rotating handle
• Adjustable sit plate
• Anti-slip leather cushion pad on the legs
• Folding convenient storage
• Carrying bag black

#10 Mefeir Portable Massage Tattoo Chair


Enjoy ultimate comfort on this Mefeir Portable Massage Tattoo Chair whose seat, head support, face cradle, armrest and chest pad are designed with fair thickness cushions to offer you comfort. The height of each of the above parts can be adjusted to meet the needs of the to meet customers.

Apart from foam, the other materials used in constructing this massage chair are aluminum alloy, iron, wood and black PVC leather. The chair can be folded when not in use and you also get a carrying bag to take it along wherever you want. It is perfect for various occasions making it highly versatile.

#1 Key features:

• Lightweight
• Adjustable design
• Working Weight Capacity Of 496lbs
• Folding design
• Adjustable face cradle
• Multi-functional
• With Oxford fabric carrying bag

#2 Things to Consider Before Buying Best Portable Massage Chair

To get a clear idea of the factors you should take care of while buying a massage chair, you should go through any of the Best Portable Massage Chair Reviews.

Features – Every chair has its special features. Some target the pressure points on your body by swaying, pressing and rolling movements while others use light intensity kneading movements.

Then you will come across the Zero Gravity Massage Chair that normally reclines to a zero-gravity position before starting the massage. Try out every type to find out which gives you the best experience.

Size – Massage chairs are normally bulky and huge that needs sufficient space to place them. If you are buying it for personal use, remember even it looks aesthetically pleasing you should not place it in your living room as it will spoil the entire décor of the room.

So, think of a room where you have sufficient space to accommodate it and then choose the model of the massage chair accordingly. Also, opt for folding design chairs or chairs with wheels that make it easier to store when not in use or move around.

Durability – Massage chairs are made of many moving parts, wiring and computer component that may start malfunctioning at any time. Since you would be using the chair frequently, go for heavy-duty and reliable chair. It may seem expensive initially but in the end, it is a good decision. Buying cheap quality massage chairs is not at all a good option.

Ease of repair – Always go for massage chairs having modular designs. This makes the job a lot easier. If any part is broken then you can just remove that part and send it in for repairing instead of paying for the shipment of an entire chair.

#3 Conclusion

Massage chairs are a form of investment and one of the most significant home furniture purchases so you need to treat them with care to ensure that they will serve your needs. But since you them regularly, they are more prone to wear and tear. So, if you don’t take proper care of the chair, after months of usage it will become shabby.

The synthetic leather or vinyl upholstery should be cleaned gently to ensure it stays in good shape. Pay more attention to the areas that are exposed to skin and hair while cleaning as you sweat while taking the massage.


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