TOP 7 Best Pet Friendly Interior Tips for Your Home


Pets are kind of awesome. They are great companions and they make any house into a home. Keeping pets also has numerous benefits. Did you know that if you have pets at home studies have found that you’re most likely to have lower blood pressure, lower levels of cholesterol, decreased feelings of loneliness, and increased chances of exercise and going outdoors? That’s pretty amazing, I should say. Not only are pets great companions, but they also keep us healthy as well.

Best Pet Friendly Interior Tips for Your Home

#1 Best Benefits of Having a Pet at Home

Our furry friends have been known to elevate our quality of life. But they don’t only shower us with unconditional love; they also have an impact on our physiological health.

#1 Decreased stress

Pets have been used for a number of stressful situations. Therapy dogs have been used to patrol the halls of the children’s unit in a hospital. They’ve also been used to help recovering addicts overcome their addiction in numerous treatment facilities.

#2 Ease pain

There’s no need to take any medication for pain when you have a pet close at hand. Chronic pain patients have reported a decrease in pain felt when they have a pet with them. It’s called pet therapy and a few hospitals have been experimenting with it to help patients recover from surgery and lessen pain medication.

#3 Improves mood

There’s no doubt the one benefit pets have on us is in our emotional well-being. Having pets at home just makes us better human beings. We’re less stressed, less hurried, and more laughter and enjoyment.

These are only a few examples of how pets benefit our overall well-being. So it only makes sense that we give back to them, right? How? Well, for starters, we treat them right. We provide the right food, comfortable shelter, and medical attention when they need it. We give them attention, play with them, and make sure they exercise. And lastly, we make sure that our homes are pet-friendly.

#2 Making a Home Pet-friendly

A pet-friendly home doesn’t necessarily mean drastic changes to your abode. It just means making a few accommodations to make sure your pet is in a safe and secure space.

#1 Fur-free upholstery

One drawback of keeping a pet is the fur. It will get everywhere; your clothes, your furniture, your bed…everywhere. What you want to do is avoid using fabrics that attract fur like a magnet. Such examples are velvet, corduroy, mohair, or velour. You should also avoid using delicate and expensive materials that could easily be damaged by your fur friend like silk.

#2 Furniture are not toys

There have been many complaints of their dogs or cats making their furniture a chew toy or a scratching pole thereby ruining it forever. One, you need to train your pet better. And two, avoid using furniture with exposed wood, wicker, or rattan. Instead, go with metal and chrome.

#3 Floor safety

If you get your pet at a young age, chances are you’ll have to toilet train them in the beginning. During this time, they can make a mess on your floor so make sure you’re not using hardwood floor that easily dents or scratch or are sensitive to water. You can go for laminate flooring or ceramic tiles. If you insist on hardwood floors then go for hardier wood like oak or mahogany.

#4 Kitchen friendly

If we have pets, there’s no place like the kitchen that shows that. Food and water bowls are easily seen and ruining the vision of a clean kitchen. Make sure you have these bowls away, or better yet, take them out only during mealtime. You can leave a bowl for their water but make sure it’s tucked away in the corner.

#5 Sleeping pad

In all homes with pets, it’s essential that there is a dedicated spot where our beloved fur babies rest. In these spots, we can put their sleeping mats or pet beds. In order to preserve the aesthetics of the room, we should take care not to mismatch the material and color of the pet bed with the rest of the room. Their beds should also be made of quality material to give them the space to rest and relax.

#6 Mudroom

Having a mudroom might seem too traditional but this extra space right before the entrance to the main house is a great way to prevent dirty pets after a long walk out from soiling the interiors. In here, you can store wipes and cloths to help dry your pets after a fun romp with the outside. You can also use the space to store coats and umbrellas. It’s dual purpose!

#7 Window treatment

If you’ve noticed, our pets love to stare out the window to see what’s going on outside especially when we’re out doing a quick errand. It’s also a good opportunity for them to bask in the sun. Avoid using curtains with thick fabric, let them enjoy basking in the sun. Go for lightweight and sheer material to allow them to see outside. If pets frequently perch by the window during the day, install a camera or audio recorder near it for easy monitoring.

The health and well-being of our pets should be our main priority. The fact is, we signed up to be their caretaker and with so much they have given us, it is only fitting that we return the favor. Pets don’t stay with us their whole life, yet despite their short lifespan, they’ve shown us, unconditional love. It’s only fitting that we return the favor.

Transforming our home into a space that is pet-friendly is only one way to make sure our pets are comfortable and safe. And despite the numerous tips, following them won’t make too drastic a change in your home. It’s nothing compared to having a kid where you are legally required to make as many changes to keep it baby-proof. It’s no wonder why more and more people are opting for keeping pets than having kids. They don’t demand too much from us, besides the bare necessities of food, water, love, and attention.


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