TOP 10 Best Money Belt to Buy in 2021


It is true traveling is fun but it can be dangerous too if you don’t take the necessary precautions. So, in order to keep your phone, passport,ID, keys, plastic cards and money safe from the pickpockets and criminals while you travel it is really important for you to choose a good quality and money belt with some quality features.

Money belts are practically an incredible invention and super comfortable. They are also affordable at the same time. By just investing in a mere amount you could actually save on a fortune. So, if you’re looking for one to keep your travel essentials safe, just take a look at our article where we have reviewed some of the popular money belts for you.

Best Money Belt Reviews

#1 Best Money Belt Reviews 2020

#1 Travel Flame Travel Money Belt

Travel Flame Travel Money Belt

For one of the best travel experience, you should go for this Travel Flame Travel Money Belt that promises to keep your valuables safe and keep you comfortable throughout your journey. It features 3 RFID blocking layers that offer ultimate protection against electronic theft and pick pocketing.

This black colored money belt is made of breathable skin-friendly lightweight back-mesh material that keeps you comfortable all day long. The fabric is made of rip-stop nylon fabric that is waterproof and keeps it dry even in bad weather.

Its extra-soft elasticated waist strap easily adjusts to your body contour and fits up to XXL size which is 56 inches. This hidden money belt has 2 compartments, a key holder and 3 pockets that help you keep your travel essentials organized. It is suitable for both men and women.

#1 Key features:

• Made of breathable skin-friendly rear-mesh
• Ultra-slim design
• Three inside pockets
• Three RFID blocking layers
• No separate RFID blocking sleeves needed
• Extra strong buckle
• Adjustable waist strap
• Easy access

#2 JASGOOD Hidden Money Belt

JASGOOD Hidden Money Belt

If you are looking for a money belt with plenty of space to hold your money then you should definitely go for this Hidden Money Belt by JASGOOD that features an extra-wide hidden pouch design to store all your travel essentials. It comes with ahidden zippered security pocket to keep your valuables safe.

This unisex black-colored money belt is made of high-quality soft and durable nylon webbing fabric. With a length of 49.2″, it can fit waist sizes between 26″ and 40″. It allows you to easily change to replace its YKK plastic buckle with another buckle and thus adopt a different style.

This Airport Safe designed money belt allows you to actually enjoy hassle-free airport security experience.

#1 Key features:

• Made of soft and durable nylon webbing
• Extra-wide hidden pouch
• Smooth zipper
• Thick high-grade YKK plastic buckle
• Suitable for day-to-day life as well as traveling
• Comes with a nice gift box

#3 Zero Grid Travel Security Belt

Zero Grid Travel Security Belt

Losing your wallet in a foreign country can be terrifying. When you pack your valuables in this Zero Grid Travel Security Belt it can be safer as it safeguards copies of your travel documents and IDs, your passport, your cash along with a lot more items with its 33% wider storage pocket.

This black-colored money belt is made of high-grade nylon webbing and hardened plastic buckle. This travel-friendlyTSA approved belt features an improved buckle design with Travel Safety Lock Technology that ensures the buckleremains securely fastened. You can easily access the 24.5′ long secret pouch without removing the belt.

Being equipped with a hidden zippered security pouch you can safely carry your travel essentials including your valuables without anyone noticing. The fully adjustable anti-theft belt fits waist sizes 26” – 42”.

This travel security belt comes with an exclusive $300 trip assurance that offers you complete peace of mind.

It also comes with 2 Recovery Tags from the world’s largest lost and found company,Return Me. Stick these tags on your phone, laptop, camera, passport, etc. and get back your lost items with easy from anywhere in the world.

This security belt can be your perfect companion for kayaking,rugged hiking,whitewater rafting and other outdoor sports. Wear it comfortably under your casual pants, khakis and jeans. It can prove to be a great gifting option for your loved ones.

#1 Key features:

• Made of high-grade nylon webbing and hardened plastic
• Durable buckle
• Invisible YKK zipper pocket
• No belt holes required
• Wide pockets
• Adjustable waist strap
• Unisex airport-friendly design

#4 TREKKO Money Belt for Travel

TREKKO Money Belt for Travel

Enjoy tension-free travel with this TREKKO Money Belt for Travel that is designed to offer maximum comfort and ultimate security. Being made of high- quality materials with premium stitching, this nylon waist pack features mesh back and an elastic waist strap that is extremely lightweight and soft so that you can even wear comfortably under your clothes all day long.

This compact money belt comes in a cool beige color. Its strong double release safety buckle is incredibly sturdy and durable allowing you to wear it with ease. Its RFID blocking protection envelopes keeps your personal belongings safe while you travel.

It includes multiple pockets with a secret mesh pocket to hold your valuables like cards, passport, keys, cash, headphones, phone, etc. Its slim design lets you easily conceal it under your clothes. So, wear it wherever you go with no one even getting a hint of where you have stuffed your valuables.

#1 Key features:

• Made of breathable mesh fabric
• Durable
• Slim design with thin buckle
• Soft strap
• Water-resistant
• Adjustable strap
• Includes 2 passport and 6 card RFID protection sleeves

#5 AIKELIDA RFID Blocking Money Belt & Passport Holder

AIKELIDA RFID Blocking Money Belt & Passport Holder

With this RFID Blocking Money Belt & Passport Holder brought to you by AIKELIDA you get to greatly minimize the risk of losing your travel essentials. Its multi-layered lining with the latest RFID blocking technology keeps your RFID Chip enabled Credit Cards & Passportsto save from any kind of illegal scanning. Even though it incorporates such an excellent feature it is priced at an unbelievable rate of only X$ in Amazon.

This waist pouch belt that is made of premium quality tough non-rip, water- resistant fabric is black in color. It features durable stitches that add to its security factor. The moisture-wicking fabric at the back prevents the build-up of sweat and keeps you comfortable. Its adjustable strap offers a perfect fit.

This slim money belt comes with two zippered compartments and three individual pockets. These large-sized pocked is specially designed to fit the US passports, travel tickets, all bank notes and your iPhonesafely under your clothes.

#1 Key features:

• Made of finest durable waterproof material
• Durable stitching
• Soft breathable padded mesh backside
• Adjustable strap
• Features latest RFID blocking technology
• Large-sized pockets with zippered compartments
• Machine washable

#6 Mind and Body Experts Running Money Belt

Mind and Body Experts Running Money Belt

The Mind and Body Experts Running Money Belt is the ultimate money belt for tucking your phone and essentials away safely. This little belt gives you a feeling of freedom from as you can remain truly hands-free.

It is a black-colored belt that is made of high-quality polyester is sleek and stylish in design. It has two well-constructed side pockets with smart additions like a key clip. There is a velcro pocket for holding smaller items and a strap for carrying a lightweight water bottle.

There is a small port in the main pocket that allows you to use your headphone without the cord getting tangled. This lightweight water-resistant belt is perfect for all kinds of outdoor purposes. This running money belt is available at only a price of X$ in Amazon.

#1 Key features:

• Made of high-quality polyester
• Slim and elegant
• Adjustable elastic strap
• Small headphone port
• Key clip
• Compartmentalized pockets

#7 DAITET Hidden Travel Wallet Money Belt

DAITET Hidden Travel Wallet Money Belt

With the increasing number of crimes around us, keeping your belongings safe is a challenge. With Hidden Travel Wallet Money Belt by DAITET you can now keep your travel essentials safe. Its RFID blocking function blocks all the RFID scanners and readers and prevents the pocketing of your personal information.

This beige-colored travel wallet money belt is made of waterproof 210D rip-stop nylon fabric that will withstand day-to-day use. There are two pockets with zippers. There is also a soft and breathable mesh panel at the back that is sweat- resistant and offers a non-itchy feel. The belt features a heavy-duty buckle that can be quickly released.

The elastic waist belt is adjustable in nature that can fit waists of any size between 26″ – 46″. Along with your money, Debit and Credit cards, passport, ID, etc. it can also hold your mobile phone in the smartphone pocket provided. There is also a pocket with a key buckle to hold your keys. The size is compact and comfortable to carry around.

#1 Key features:

• Made of waterproof 210D rip-stop nylon fabric
• RFID blocking function
• Slim and compact design
• Soft and breathable mesh back panel
• Adjustable waist strap
• Sturdy quick-release buckle
• Key buckle

#8 AmazonBasics RFID Travel Waist Money Belt

AmazonBasics RFID Travel Waist Money Belt

Now if you are planning to go on a trip book this RFID Travel Waist Money Belt from the house of AmazonBasicsday to help you keep your cash, receipts and important documents organized and safely hidden.

This travel waist money belt comes in a cool Khaki shade. It is made of high-quality nylon ripstop reinforced woven fabric that resists tearing and ripping.The back panel is made of abreathable, moisture-wicking that would keep you dry and comfortable all day long.

This RFID blocking material protects your valuables against unwanted scans and keeps your cash, receipts, and important documents secure. Keep your essentials organized in its 2 zippered compartments with inner pockets. The comfortable elastic waist strap can be adjusted to get the perfect fit.

#1 Key features:

• Made with RFID blocking material
• Lightweight and durable
• Tear-resistant
• Sleek design
• Reliable and smooth zippers
• Adjustable strap
• Comfortable fit all-day long

#9 Raytix Travel Money Belt With RFID Transmissions

Raytix Travel Money Belt With RFID Transmissions

If you are an extensive traveler, then you must surely own this Raytix Travel Money Belt with RFID Transmissions that keeps you prepared for every occasion. This gray-colored premium travel money belt is made of high-quality water-resistant nylon fabric and double release safety buckles that feel genuinely comfortable.

Being made of RFID blocking material,it can protect your valuables against unwanted scans. There are 2 YKK zippered compartments along with inner pockets to keep your items organized. Its lightweight design makes it easy to carry and lets you travel safely.

The ergonomic designnot only keeps you comfortable but also does not limit your movement or cause any kind of irritation while putting it on. The product has been reviewed by 2348 users in Amazon that proves its popularity.

#1 Key features:

• Lightweight and waterproof
• Hidden pockets
• Durable YYK zippers
• Adjustable belt
• RFID protection
• Includes a packing list pad and mini pen

#10 Peak Gear Money Belt with RFID Block

Peak Gear Money Belt with RFID Block

Are to prone to losing your money pouch quite often? Then order for this travel smart Peak Gear Money Belt with RFID Block today and put an end to all your tension. It comes with a $250 Theft Insurance to reimburse you if items are stolen and a 2 FREE Global Recovery Decals to help you get back your lost belongings.

This beige-colored money belt is made of lightweight 210D ripstop nylon that lasts for years of travel. There are two compartments with YKK Zippers and pockets inside the hidden pouch that can fit multiple US passports and keeps your other travel essentials organized. Its moisture-wick backing will keep the pouch comfortable even in warm weather.

The soft strap adjusts comfortably around the waist to fit both men and women.
Its premium stitching and a double-side release safety buckle make it an ideal pick.

This travel accessory can be an ideal partner if whether you are an occasional airport traveler or a keen backpacker. Being reviewed by 4436 customers in Amazon we can say that it is one of the most sought-after products in today’s market.

#1 Key features:

• Features breathable skin-soft back
• Compact and functional
• High-quality YKK Zippers
• No extra RFID blocking sleeves needed
• Waterproof
• Elastic adjustable straps
• Locking buckle
• In this pack you will get 2 recovery tags
• Comes with theft Protection and Lifetime recovery deals

#2 Money Belt Buying Guide


Always go for a travel money belt that is made of tough nylon, and avoid Spandex blend. Usually, the nylon belts last longer and hold less of smell over the time. You can even throw them into the washing machine at a low spin cycle to get rid of the sweat and dirt.

Also, go for a money belt made from breathable fabric to prevent skin irritation. Being waterproof makes them great for all kinds of outdoor use.

#2 RFID blocking

Nowadays, credit and debit cards can easily be cloned with the use of electronic devices. So, opt for an RFID blocking protection built into the fabric of the money belt that can check those pesky pickpockets from cloning your card.

#3 Slash proof straps

Look for money belts that come with straps that help you to tuck it under your pants, so that no one would be able to get cut the straps without you noticing. If the strap is too visible it proves to be risky.

#4 Fit

It is very important to find a belt that fits you right. It shouldn’t be too tight that will make you feel uncomfortable or too loose that it doesn’t serve the purpose.So, it is best to go for adjustable belts.

#5 Features

Each belt comes with different features like more pockets, zippers, clips, buckles and bands. If you want to carry only your cash around with you, a small money belt with minimum features should serve the purpose. But if you want to keep your phone, passport, keys, cards and any other essentials too, always go for one that has different compartments to keep everything segregated. This gives you easy and quick access.

#6 Activity

First decide your purpose before you buy a money belt. If you want a running belt or spend too much time outdoors, go for one that is specifically designed for that purpose. They keep your items organized, safe even when your body is in motion. If you are involved in a lot of hiking or camping, consider a water-resistant model.

#3 Conclusion

Nothing can give you 100% assurance that your money and other travel essentials will remain safe.But a quality money beltbasically increasesthe chances of keeping them safe.

So always choose the best travel money belts that can keep your money and possessions close to your body and is practically invisible to others.Investing in a good money belt can save you from a lot of stress.

In this article of ours, you can see that all of the products have a rating of 4 to 5 stars in Amazon that you can easily trust on. So, pick one that meets your requirement the best and thereby travel safely.


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