TOP 10 Best Mini USB Keyboard Vacuum Cleaner to Buy in 2021


Do you know that an unclean keyboard has more bacteria than a toilet seat? If you don’t see it, then you can look at the faces. Cleaning a keyboard is always a good idea, and for that, you can use the Mini USB Keyboard Vacuum Cleaner.

Regular cleaning f keyboard gives it a longer life and enhanced functionality. You will find different types of keyboard cleans with some basic to advanced functions. But picking one out of thousands is always tough.

How do you feel if someone can help you and narrow down the choice to a few numbers and make your work easy? Yes, today, we are doing the same. In this post, we have listed the top 10 vacuum cleaner for keyboard and its buying guide. So let’s start.


#1 Best Mini USB Keyboard Vacuum Cleaner Reviews 2021

#10 XHIF Mini USB Keyboard Vacuum Cleaner


If you are looking for the Vacuum for Keyboard with powerful suction, then we suggest this name for you. It can clean the mechanical keyboard along with the crumbs, scraps, dust, and hair for laptops.

The two types of vacuum nozzles reach the tightest place. The brush nozzle can suck all dust and ash particles effectively, whereas the flat nozzle can inhale paper pieces. This multifunctional is useful for any device. I like its filter system as you have to open the dust collector and remove the filter net out to clean it. The filter net is washable and reusable.

This USB rechargeable cleaner has 2000mAh Li-battery for powerful suction. You can use it anywhere after charger, no worries of the cord. It charged through USB cable. The compact size makes it more comfortable to carry and clean. It provides a Chinese knot within the package as a gift!!

#1 Notable Features

• Powerful suction
• 2000mAh Li-battery
• Compact size
• 2 type of nozzle
• Removable and washable filter

#9 Tyuobox USB Keyboard Vacuum Cleaner



The next name on the list is Tyuobox Mini Vacuum Cleaner. This upgraded version of the handheld vacuum cleaner has two functions one is blowing, and another one is sucking.

From one end, you can use it to absorb the dust, and on the other end, you can use it to blow the dust. Along with this, other different attachments can be used as per the use. It can remove hair, dust, crumbs even from the tightest part of your keyboard.

You can put it in your bag, desk, drawer due to its compact design. The cordless rechargeable design lets you use it anytime, anywhere, after charging. 2000 mAh built-in Lithium battery is there for continuous cleaning and outstanding performance.

It can give you approximately 50 minutes of continuous operation. I think it is enough to clean your keyboard. The fast-charging technology contains multiple features like overcharge protection, temperature control, over-voltage, short circuit, and input current protection for the device’s safety.

#1 Notable Features

• Easy to clean and use
• Dual functioning
• Offer deep cleaning
• Great suction power
• Fast-charging technology

#8 VNDEFUL Mini Keyboard Vacuum Cleaner with USB Connection



If you are looking USB vacuum cleaner at alms negligible price, then this model is for you. Mini Size keyboard is easy to use and clean all corners of your keyboard quickly. It designed to vacuum the dirt and dust particles from the surface of your keyboard.

Yeah, with this price, people won’t expect too much in return, but it works beyond your imagination. Connect the vacuum t the USB port of your pc or laptop, and it will start working.

This portable vacuum cleaner cleans the keyboard. Even it is also useful for other electronic equipment like printer, camera, machines, etc. Apart from its price and compact size, another notable thing of this unit is its color option. The random color always surprises you when you open the box.

It can clean between your keys and all other areas which are hard to reach. The nozzle is attached to the computer keyboard tool attachment, bristle brush, and flexible rubber for advanced cleaning. You can use the attachment according to your cleaning application.

#1 Notable Features

• Random colors
• Pocket-friendly price
• Easy to use
• Effective keyboard cleaning

#7 HONKYOB Cordless Laptop Keyboard Vacuum Cleaner


Whether it is a usual keyboard or Lefthanded Keyboard, this rechargeable cordless vacuum cleaner can effectively clean all types of keyboard. This compact keyboard cleaner has Built-in Lithium Battery, which can run continuously for 60 minutes when fully charged.

Portability is an excellent feature of this unit. You can take it anywhere with you. This mini USB vacuum offers strong suction irrespective of its small size. You can recharge it with a USB cable or PC’s USB port.

If you plug it in the laptop’s USB port while cleaning, it does not require any external charging support. It saves your energy and time both. This low maintenance product is easy to clean. Open dust pot, remove filter mesh, wash it, dry it, and use it again.

2 different vacuum nozzles reach the tightest corner. Flat nozzle picks the large pieces like paper cuts and brushes nozzle clean dust-like particles. A 1-year warranty makes sure that your product work for prolong time.

#1 Notable Features

• Battery-powered
• 2 vacuum nozzles
• Effective filter system
• Small and compatible size
• Good keyboard cleaning

#6 Hurinan USB Mini Computer Keyboard Vacuum Cleaner


This little USB connected vacuum cleaner for laptop is a very effective one. With this unit, you do not have to worry about cleaning between the keyboard gap. Excellent suction power will suck all the dust particles and other tiny trash and gives you a clean keyboard.

Its seal converts more air into suction and does not emit excessive noise while working. It means no worries about a disturbance at home or office while cleaning.

2 different vacuum nozzles reach the tightest places. Brush nozzle takes away all ash and dust while flat nozzle inhales pieces of tiny papers. The less weight and small size make it portable. Put it in your bag, drawer, or suitcase while traveling and keep your laptop clean.

You can charge it or plug it into a USB port, power bank, etc. and use it for cleaning purposes. High-quality filters are effective. It can separate small dust and large particles.

You can disassemble the filter, wash it, and use it again once it gets dry.

#1 Notable Features

• Handy device
• Low noise
• 2 vacuum nozzle
• Multiple charging methods
• detachable and washable filter

#5 Ehoyal USB Mini Vaccum Cleaner for Keyboard


This 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner plus air duster is a powerful cordless device that works as a dual device. From one side, it absorbs dust, and from another side, it blows away dust. The laptop vacuum has 2200mAh high capacity lithium-ion batteries that can run a maximum of 50 minutes after full charging.

The compact size and lightweight makes it easy to carry and clean the pc and laptop keyboard. It removes even the smallest particle from your keyboard. With 1000 charging cycles and 5-year lifetime for dustbuster, you can trust on the product quality.

This device is equipped with many safety features, and it protects from short circuits, over-temperature, input voltage, and current. The vacuum filters are removable and washable. You can clean filter time to time and ensure perfect cleaning.

#1 Notable Features

• 2-in-1 function
• Ultra-long life
• Fast & safe charging
• Long-lasting battery
• Removable & washable filters

#4 Honlibey New Cordless Mini Computer Vacuum Cleaner


While making this list, we initially pick many products to narrow down the option. But this product catches the eyes in the first screening. You can’t imagine the compact size of this product with high quality.

It is quite powerful. The kit contains two different nozzles and an extra filter—no need to use Keyboard Cleaner Gel for cleaning the keyboard.

Built-in 2000mAh lithium battery can work up to 50 minutes continuously after a full charge. Sturdy design, comfortable design, washable filters, brush, and nozzles keep your keyboard new and clean.

The excellent quality and best option always gives you the best experience and meets your needs—the standby customer support always helpful in case of any problem.

#1 Notable Features

• Sturdy design
• Pocket-friendly product
• Powerful suction
• 2 nozzle and extra filer
• Washable filter net

#3 Brigii Small Handheld Cordless USB Vacuum Cleaner


This dark gray USB vacuum cleaner offers out of box features. With 356g of weight, it is one of the smallest cordless vacuum cleaners. It can quickly and efficiently clean the keyboard. It incorporated with dual function features.

It does not only suck the dust and particles but along with it, it can work as a dust blower. One end of the machine is connected to the vacuum nozzle, and another end is with the blowing nozzle. Total 3 portable nozzles are enough to cover all the parts and corners of your keyboard.

The built-in 2000 mAh Lithium battery runs up to 20 minutes and passes 500 full charge cycles. This dust container design and High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) standard design ensure quality.

#1 Notable Features

• Portable and lightweight
• Dual function
• Long battery life
• Three interchangeable nozzles
• Washable and reusable filters

#2 MECO Cordless Keyboard Cleaner


If you are looking for a Cordless keyboard cleaner below $30, then I would like to suggest this name. It cleans dust, debris, crumbs, pet hair, dog hair, cat hair, and liquid. The powerful vacuum makes your cleaning work easy by sucking up everything scatted on your keyboard.

The high efficient, energy-saving, and easy to handle design is user friendly. You can bring it anywhere with you and clean the keyboard. 2 in 1 nozzle and multifunction brush pick up the smallest particles from the tightest corners and spaces easily.

After full charging, it can run for 30 minutes and gives you perfect cleaning without any tangled cord. It is easy to clean. Just open the filter and remove dust. A 12-month warranty is also there. What else you want at this price?

#1 Notable Features

• Easy to use and clean
• Constant run for 30 minutes
• 2-in-1 vacuum nozzle
• Cordless design
• Perfect for solid and liquid waste

#1 MECO Rechargeable Mini Vacuum Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


Now the best Mini USB Keyboard Vacuum Cleaner of this list is here. This product offers precisely what you are looking for. It cleans the keyboard effectively. Even though it is cheap in terms of price, it is best to use it on the keyboard. The suction is strong enough to pick up the dust, lint, pet fur, bread crumbs, and tiny particles from the keyboard.

The rechargeable 2000mAh Li-battery can work about 50-60 minutes after a full charge. And if you use USB cable, then no time limit. Plug it into your USB slot of the laptop, and it will start working.

Flat nozzle and brush nozzle, reach all the space and clean your keyboard correctly. Even cleaning and washing filter media is quite easy. The significant part is after was you can reuse it. The portable size makes it easy to take it anywhere and clean up the keyboard all the time.

#1 Notable Features

• Powerful vacuum
• Cordless & wired working mode
• Multipurpose use
• Easy to use
• Removable filter media

#2 Mini USB Keyboard Vacuum Cleaner Buying Guide

Here are the primary considerations for the best USB vacuum keyboard cleaner. Look at it and then consider the final product.

#1 Nozzles

A good USB vacuum cleaner works best to remove all the dust, dirt particles, and other things from the keyboards. When you go for any product, look for the type of nozzles that come with the unit. Pick the one that comes with two types of nozzle, one is flat, and another is brush nozzle. On the cover, all seenable parts of the keyboard where another one goes to the tight corners of the keyboard and make it clean.

#2 Suction Power

The vacuum cleaner you use provides the ideal suction power. The cleaning efficiency depends on the suction power, and hence it needs optimum ability to clean all the dirt, dust, and other unwanted particles from your keyboard. Also, check the type of filer, whether it is removable or not, washable or not, and reusable or not.

#3 Versatility

Pick the highly versatile model. Along with cleaning the keyboard, it also works for other smaller devices to remove dirt, dust, pet hair, crumbs, debris, etc. It offers a great deal to use it in everyday life.

#4 Power source

Vacuum cleaners are wither cordless or corded with the same application. Both types have their advantage and disadvantage. So go with the one that is comfortable for you. Cordless vacuums are convenient, but it required proper charging. For the corded vacuum, this is not the problem; there is no issue of charging. However, if the cord is short, it limits the reach.

#5 Accessories

If you want competent and perfect cleaning for your pc, you need a set of accessories. It includes different nozzles, brushes, Keyboard Cleaner Spray, etc.

#6 Weight & Portability

No one wants a large vacuum cleaner to clean the keyboard of pc and laptop. That’s why go for the smaller device that is easily carried everywhere in your bag or case. The handheld, low weight, and portable USB vacuum cleaner are best for use.

#7 Budget

The last but most important feature is your budget. It is the first thing you must consider before buying any item, and keyboard cleaners are no exception. Always make sure how much amount you can afford on the product. However, these devices are cheap and usually not cost more than $40-$50.

Along with the above features, you can also consider the battery life for cordless cleaner.

#3 Conclusion

With this, we end our post here. I think after reading this guide, you will get proper knowledge about the features. And you have 10 best products that vary in features, quality, price, etc. You can choose according to your priority. What do you say? Which one are you going to pick?


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