TOP 12 Best Massage Chair to Buy in 2021


TOP Best Massage Chair Review : Do you know that 77% of people experience various physical symptoms, including stress? And out of all, 73% are due to stress.  And you know there are many ways to reduce stress like yoga, exercise, etc. But the best way is the Best Massage Chair.

And here we are with Best Massage Chair Review. Full Body Massage Chair is perfect for your home or office. Even it is a one-time investment and gives you massage like a professional. The Electric Massage Chair costs a bit more, but nowadays, you can find the one which fits into your budget. The manufacturer now made a quality product at affordable rates so that folks set up a personal massage chair at their space. If you are also thinking of buying a massage chair, then this is the best time to buy it. It does not only reduce stress but with it, it some other benefits as well. So let’s have a look at some Best Massage Chair.


#1 Best Massage Chair Review 2021

#1 Rrelax Zero Gravity Full Body Shiatsu Luxurious Electric Massage Chair

Rrelax-Zero-Gravity-Full-Body-Shiatsu-Luxurious-Electric-Massage-ChairRrelax is the first name in the list of Best Massage Chair. Like the name, it gives your body complete relaxation. For the first time in history, this chair provides 8 points smart massage system, including rolling, tapping, and kneading back massage. It matches the contours of your back and adjusts according to your body. It is more like a customized massage for you. A true full-body massage will surely melt away your stress and pain.

This massage chair helps you to fight stress and remove discomfort in the body. The zero gravity position of the chair reduces the effect of gravity on your spine. You feel more weightless, energized, and stress-free during and after the massage. Each footrest at the bottom stimulate acupuncture points and relieve muscle tension and stress. The automatic air massage system works on the lower legs and gives a more pleasing massage.

The heat therapy improves blood vessels and heals the damaged tissues by increasing oxygen and nutrients. A soothing heat feature relieves and renews your sore and aching muscles.

Made up with eco-friendly material this ergonomic designed black color chair is the best Massage Chair Under 1000$. One hand operator with speed control and fixed roller on the trigger point for the massage reduces stress and pain for the arm and calf part.

The significant part is three years of manufacturing warranty. It also accepts return in case of any manufacturing defect for free. But if you have changed your mind and wish to return it, then you have to pay return shipping charges.

#2 Sinoluck Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair

OOTORI-Thai-Yoga-Stretching-Zero-Gravity-Shiatsu-Massage-ChairThis chair is a dream massage chair that supports many features at ease. Do you know this Best Massage Chair has a total of 26 airbags? And the massage chair covers body parts like neck, shoulders, buttock, backrest, arms, waist, thigh, calf, and foot.

The zero gravity recliner chair is designed with three-stage (initial, comfort, and deep stage). The chair cover airbags on neck, arms waist, shoulder, back, hips, calves & feet area. You can adjust the intense massage for your full body with shiatsu, kneading, knocking & kneading, and so on types.

You know, you can set this chair in a small space and about 3.9 inches near to the wall — a perfect chair for all the places. The chair will gradually stretch your body while enjoying kneading, padding, shiatsu on manual mode.

The SL double-track allows you to enjoy a massage from neck to legs. Isn’t it amazing?  The chair is easily assembled. Two heating pads on the lower back area soothes your muscle and all damage tissues. Also, it stimulates blood circulation. The chair will automatically detect your shoulder width, weight, and height and set according to it.

3D massage hands give the feel of a real human. 3-rows of foot rollers provide deep tissue massage and thanks to gua sha therapy. Even you will enjoy your massage with music as it has a Bluetooth speaker, and you can connect it with your phone. And yes, a three-year manufacture warranty is there.

#3 OOTORI Thai Yoga Stretching Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

OOTORI-Thai-Yoga-Stretching-Zero-Gravity-Shiatsu-Massage-ChairOOTORI Thai Yoga Stretching Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair is the next name in Best Massage Chair Review. It has a 50″ roller track length. The rollers are hit the gluteal and piriformis muscles help in sciatica issues. It extends the back rollers under the buttocks and to the hamstrings. The zero gravity position minimizes stress on the low back.

There is a 30-degree tilt of the seat and a 120-degree angle between seat and chair back. There is unbelievable relief in low back pain. I have experienced it. With 100% customer satisfaction, the electric massage rollers adjust according to your body measurements and give you the personal touch of massage.

Six automatic massage programs give your gentle massage. You can choose three targeted massage area, three levels of airbag intensity, and three massage speed manually and get the relief at the area which needs the most attention.

Rollers at your feet rotate forward and backward and stimulate reflexology zones. You can enjoy your playlist with the best massage. There is a 3-year warranty for all parts and labor for mechanical or other defects.

#4 Real Relax Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

Real-Relax-Full-Body-Zero-Gravity-Shiatsu-Massage-ChairThe Real Relax Massage Chair Brand is one of the cheapest models and has some amazing features that make it in this list. The chair has an interesting mixture of techniques and features.   It handles a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Do not think that low price means fewer features. The zero-gravity feature makes the experience even better. It keeps your position in a comfortable place.

I know this chair does not have many features compared to others, but it provides effective massage. If you have a restricted budget, then this char is for you. Other features include advanced HD display screens that read the commands easily. You can choose airbags massage parts and speed. You can adjust back roller massage speed, as well. The two-wheelers make the movement easy. As the chair is a recliner, you can enjoy the massage while watching TV or reading novels, and yes, there is remote to set the chair up and down.

Built-in waist and feet heater improve metabolism and blood circulation in the body and feel you more comfortable. This multifunctional massage chair will surely improve your health.

#5 OOTORI Zero Gravity Massage Chair, Full Body Shiatsu Electric Massage Chairs

OOTORI-Zero-Gravity-Massage-Chair-Full-Body-Shiatsu-Electric-Massage-ChairsThis most effective Zero Gravity Massage Chair is another Best Massage Chair on this list. It includes features like zero gravity design, full-body airbag, lower-back heat and calves function, foot rollers, saving room, seat vibration, and many others.

Set zero gravity position that adjusts the chair in an optimal position. It set your position by elevating 20cm higher than the heart, and the feet 10cm higher than your head. It effectively alleviates the pressure on the vertebrae and relieves the discomfort of back pain. You can set 3 stages of zero gravity and relax both mentally and physically.

There are a total of 34 airbags located in the seat, calf, feet, and back. When the airbags used with rollers, you will feel that a total of 3 massage therapists is working on you. And yes, eight massage rollers covers your arms, shoulder, calves, thighs, and feet. Even there are six massage modes, including kneading, tapping, knocking, shiatsu, air pressure, and heating.

Five pre-set auto massage also there that gives your best massage experience. The manufacturer provides a 3-year warranty under the title “Rock Solid” that will repair or replace the product without any cost.

#6 Sinoluck Tinycooper Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Sinoluck-Tinycooper-Zero-Gravity-Massage-ChairIf you are looking for Best Massage Chair that is cost-effective, then your search will end here. It features a full-body airbag, zero gravity design, lowers back and calves formation, vibration, foot rollers, etc.

They have included eight massage rollers inside the chair according to acupressure point. There are 32 airbags placed all over the arms, seat, shoulder, and legs. Together it will give you a full body massage and relax you from head to toe. When you use the

There are three stages of zero gravity modes, and when it is in a higher position, your heart level raised, and it shows therapeutic effects. You can feel an immediate effect on your body.

You can adjust your speed, style, and strength. You can use any of the 3 level massage speed control and 3 level airbag strength control. The product offered a 3-year warranty and replaced or repaired it without any cost.

#7 RELAXONCHAIR [MK-II Plus] Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

RELAXONCHAIR-Full-Body-Zero-Gravity-Shiatsu-Massage-Chair-1When you are tired, go and sit on the Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Best Massage Chair. It embodies affordability with exceptional quality. Even the chair features top-quality content and has some amazing features at almost half of the price.

Zero gravity chairs take your feet to heart level and minimize the strain of gravity and relieve the pain and discomfort. With less work, your body relaxes more.

The top quality leather enhances your experience and experience lightweight. The chair is user-friendly. The rollers are glide from upper to under the seat. The built-in sensor measures your body dimensions and set massage according to it. The airbags are separately inflated and deflated and cause body twist and stretch on hips, thighs, and shoulders individually or simultaneously. You will feel like a personalized massage given by a human. Even you will get a full-body stretching function with this Best Massage Chair.

The chair moves in the calculated routine and stretches your muscles gently. The air cells pinning your body in place and airbags at the hip and waist inflates for compression massage to the pelvis and lower back area.

Heating pads, arm massager, calf, and foot massager also incorporated inside the chair. A full-size remote controller gives you a large view of the functions to operate the chair. The manufacturer provides a limited 3-year warranty. In the first year, it covers all the labor and parts. In the second year, only parts. And last year it covers the framework of the chair.

#8 Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair By Kahuna Massage Chair

Zero-Gravity-Full-Body-Kahuna-Massage-Chair-By-Kahuna-Massage-ChairWithout this chair, our list of Best Massage Chair Review remains incomplete. This zero gravity chair has a completely new design with six auto program. Users can set a timer of massage for up to 30 minutes. There are three stages of zero gravity position.

L-Track massage system in the combination of smart body scan technology scans your body and detect your body shape and gives you a customized massage. Six auto programs include special yoga stretching programs that stretch your full body.

The dual foot rollers are placed on the feet area gives a gentle massage on your feet. These rollers are debatable and washable. .It needs only -inch space from the wall. The chair gives you a 3-year warranty. It includes all parts, labor, and structural framework. It is a highly recommended Best Massage Chair by customers.

#9 Lernonl Full Body Recliner Zero Gravity Shiatsu Luxurious Electric Massage Chair

Lernonl-Full-Body-Recliner-Zero-Gravity-Shiatsu-Luxurious-Electric-Massage-ChairLernonl full body recliner chair is one of the trusted massage chair ever. This massage chair will give you a complete position in a zero gravity recliner. The proper massage provides better circulation, relaxation, deep, and effective massage.

The various massage methods include Knocking, Rolling, Kneading, Shiatsu, Tapping, Vibration (seat), and a combo of tapping with knocking. It also includes four massage programs like a stretch, swing, relaxes, and recover mode.

Two heating pads are placed in the lower back region that loosen your back. 2 rows of spinning reflexology massager gives you soothing kneading style massage. There are eight rollers inside the backrest and foot rollers.

It also has 56 airbags placed all over your shoulder, arms, seat, and legs. In short, you will enjoy a full body massage. A 3-year warranty is also there. In the case of replaced or repair, the customer doesn’t have to pay anything.

#10 Top Performance Kahuna Superior Massage Chair

Top-Performance-Kahuna-Superior-Massage-ChairThe next name on the list is Massage Chair by Kahuna. It is an advanced version of the massage chair and has many features. The chair is built to focus on high-quality massage and cover the full body. It includes massage techniques like kneading, tapping, a combination of tapping and kneading, shiatsu, and knocking. It covers a whole, partial, or specific portion of your body according to the program.

There are a total of 13 features for the automatic massage program, and all are based on shiatsu therapy to give users full massage experience. You are getting a massage like home. The air cell system provides real relaxation at the shoulders, arms, and waist.

The newly constructed chair has a 3 zero gravity angle and space-saving design. It has an up to 1-hour massage session. The back and leg area have a separate on/off button. Users can enjoy the massage with music as it has speakers on both sides.

The 13 programs include Stretching programs, special programs, Fast Recovery, Pain Relief, Relaxation, and Athlete. It has a 2- year warranty on parts & labor.

#11 BestMassage Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair

BestMassage-Full-Body-Electric-Shiatsu-Massage-ChairThe last name in our list of Best Massage Chair is BestMassage Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair. With this chair, you can adjust your massage angle, control speed, width, and intensity with three different levels. Massage with air pressure has four levels.

There is a heating coil at the back and foot and covers the neck, shoulders, waist, back, leg, and foot. There is a total of 21 airbags which are located in the area of arms, hips, calves, shoulder, thighs, and feet. Heat therapy increased your blood circulation in the body and reduced the pain and aches.

The computerized body scanning technology scans your body and sets a massage that suits best your body. For this work, there is a total of 11 signals. According to body weight, the intensity is also adjusted. In short, it set according to different figures.

There are seven different massage modes, including tapping, stretching, combo, shiatsu, pressure, heating. There are nine preset auto programs for massage method, but you can set massage functions manually as well. It has a 1-year limited warranty period.

#2 Things To Consider Before Buying Best Massage Chair

Getting a massage chair is not easy. There are thousands of options available. And in these options, there are various types and features. To familiarise you with all these features, we have made a list of things to consider before buying the 2021 Best Cheap Massage Chair. Look at all the options carefully and decide what you want. After that, go to the Best Massage Chair Review to choose the best from the list.

#1 Features

Different type of massage chairs comes with different features. Some chairs offer slight intensity, whereas other chairs like Shiatsu Massage Chair target pressure points on the body. Even the zero gravity chairs set the position in the zero-gravity position before the massage starts.

The best way to find out the ideal one is to look at various types of chairs and their experience. Different massage chair gives massage to a different area of your body. So it is essential to find out which body part/parts need attention.

For example, if you are feeling excessive pain around your shoulder and neck area, then go for such a chair that focuses on alleviating pain in that particular area. Look for the chair that incorporates foot massage if you want it.

#2 Budget

Buying a massage chair from Available Best Massage Chair Pad is a huge investment. It costs from some hundred to thousand dollars according to the type of chair and available features. Even the price depends on appearance, manufacturer, quality, and material used in making of 3D Massage Chair.

If you are looking for a massage chair above $5000, it includes features pleasing appearance, high-end leather, music player, USB ports, expanding airbags, and others.

Do not make these hefty prices scare you. According to your budget, you will find a suitable one. You have to sacrifice in some features, that’s all. There are fewer features in the low budget chair, but there is no compromise in a massage at all.

Even if you go for specifications, then at a low price, you will get a suitable one. Like if you need to massage your back, do not for foot recliner. Similarly, you need foot massage then go for foot massager instead of a chair. In short, go for the right function instead of buying any anonymous chair without looking for specification and price.

#3 Location

Most of the massage chair dimension is huge, and hence you have to decide the place where you want to put it. Do not think to put the chair in the living room. However, an effort was made by the manufacturer on the design; it can disrupt the overall design and decor of your home.

See massage chairs are for personal use, and hence placing it in the office, bedroom, the home makes more sense. Even the home, bedroom, or office has enough space for Recliner Massage Chair.

With bulky size and shape, the chair has foot and head recliner, so you can’t just put it in the corner of the room or near walls. Measure the room properly and count space carefully before you decide the location.

Some chairs have wheels so that you can easily move the chair according to use. Put the chair where space is not in use and move it to a spacious area when you want to use it for massage.

#4 Ease Of Repair and Durability

When you go shopping top portable massage chair available in the market, keep in mind that the massage chair has several moving parts, wiring, and pc components. So possibly that things can go wrong sometimes. Depending on the money you want to buy, the chair will surely help you to get a durable chair. If you are using the chair frequently, then make sure you will get a heavy-duty chair that can bear the load and frequent use.

When you pay more, it is obvious that you invest in quality. And according to me, getting a reliable and solid chair on the first purchase is best, even though it takes more time to buy. A good quality chair lasts longer compared to a cheap massage chair. Consider it as a one-time investment buddy.

Due to the weight and size of the chair, repairing a massage chair can be an expansive and challenging one. And in the end, you pay more for the chair for a long time.

I think a massage chair with a modular design is a great one. The repair can be done easier. And if any part of the chair is broken, you can remove it and send it for repair or replace it. With this chair, you don’t have to ship the whole chair.

#5 Warranty And Customer Care

Each Massage Chair Under 2000$ or above provides some warranty on the purchase, and you have to consider it. Look for the period and what it covers. The minimum period is six months, and it at east covers labor and parts. Even some manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty and replaces parts in case of any major issue.

Along with it, also consider a minimum one-month cash back guarantee on the return of the product. This warranty and replacement show the companies believe in the product and performance.

Also, get a representative’s number in case if you face any problem in the chair. A trustworthy person is always helpful in getting the answer to all your queries. Almost all the massage chair manufacturing and selling companies have customer care center or toll-free number for further help.

#3 Conclusion

It is all about the Best Massage Chair. We hope you like the information we have shared here. In case of your queries or question, you can ask our experts. Our experts have already tried various massage chairs and made Best Massage Chair Review after it. Do not worry; you can trust our buying guide of Best Massage Chair.

#4 Types Of Massage Chairs You Should Know

There is total 8 type of massage chairs. Massage chairs are ranging from $8500 to $60. As per the price, they have different features. The customer can decide by thinking that they want a full body or back only and choose according to it.

#1 Massage Chair Pads

Pads are a most affordable option that can place on chair or couches. Some of them break easily or not apply much pressure, but there is also some decent model out there.

#2 Standard Massage Chairs

This type of chair usually comes under $200. So they are much less expensive from fully featured massage chairs.

#3 Full Body Massage Chairs

Full body massage chairs are work as relaxation equipment at home. These chairs have different slots for hands, legs, arms, thigh and the rest of the body. An equivalent of 1200 square inches of massaging the top-rated full-featured massage chair provides the best experience from your head to toes. The starting range is about $1500, and you can go up from it.

#4 Shiatsu Massage Chairs

From the traditional Japanese technique of massage shiatsu, the name of Shiatsu chair massager come, and it means finger pressure. Like other massage chairs, it uses an airbag or power roller system to target the pressure points of the body like lower back or neck. The starting range of shiatsu massage chair is about $600.

#5 5 Portable Massage Chairs

Nowadays this type of massage chair mostly seen in a mall. They are easy to construct as well as dismantle. They are easily movable and slightly declined.

#6 Reclining Massage Chairs

If you have a space of whole 10 yards, then this chair is for you. It is similar to a massage table at a professional spa because it reclines completely. There is two type of reclining massage chair one is automatic, and another one is manual. If you don’t want to bother for pulling and pushing, then pick the automatic one.

#7 Massage Office Chairs

This type of chair mainly designed for web designers, programmers, stock traders, gamers, writer or anyone else who spends a lot of time in front of the screen in the chair at home or office.

#8 Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

You may find many zero gravity massage chairs while searching and may also confused with the name, too. Zero Gravity is a technology introduced by NASA. In this chair, the position of legs is slightly above the heart. This type of chair simultaneously increase relaxation of the neck and back, eliminates pressure on the spine, improve lung function, and increases your body’s circulation due to the horizontal position.

#5 Health Benefits Of Massage Chairs:

  1. Freedom of stress, total relaxation and your lymphatic vessels and blood vessels improve, eliminate toxins from the body, improve blood pressure and increasing blood flow.
  2. Improves pliancy and balance
  3. Relaxing sore, stiff, and tight muscles with fewer muscle contractions and twists
  4. Less back and neck pain and better posture
  5. Provides more oxygenated blood in the body due to increase blood flow increase and as a result, healing will accomplish sooner.
  6. Target specific muscle groups or sensitive areas
  7. Improves respiration by loosening tight muscles around the ribs
  8. Increased endorphins, which is a brain chemical that work as pain relief naturally. Even exercise also increases endorphins.
  9. Save money on a visit to the spa
  10. Reduce or eliminate abnormal pressure on ligaments, bones, tendons, and tissue
  11. Take massage as long as you want
  12. Increased levels of endorphins and a sense of well-being with relaxed muscles, increased blood and lymph fluid flow to feel stronger and younger
  13. Precisely control strength level of massage from feeling to deep tissue
  14. Control heat level
  15. Enjoy other things while enjoying a massage like reading a book, watching tv, etc.
  16. You will never complain that it is a tiresome thing

#6 How To Choose Best Massage Chair 2021?

Our health is more precious than money. But to maintain health, we have to consider many factors to taken care. With the busy schedule, we want to relax our body from pain, stress, and sprints. For that, we are here with best massage chair under $500. Before picking anyone from the list, you have to take care of some factors. The top things which have to take care at the time of buying the best massage chair are:

  1. Main Features
  2. Type of Massages
  3. Size and Design
  4. Durability and Customer Service
  5. Rollers in Massage Chairs
  6. Airbags
  7. Massage Intensity
  8. Control
  9. Warranty and support
  10. Budget

#7 Massage Chair Brand

  1. Panasonic
  2. Inada
  3. Osaki
  4. Relaxzen
  5. Comfort
  6. Human Touch
  7. Infinity
  8. Osim
  9. Brookstone

#8 Frequently Asked Questions:

#1 What is a Massage Chair?

The massage chair is a chair that designed explicitly for massages. Modern massage chair includes Robotic massage chairs, Shiatsu massage chairs, reclining massage chair, Zero-gravity chairs, etc.

#2 How much Floor Space Needed for the Massage Chair?

There is no set floor space defined for the chair you are considering. Massage chairs need different space, depends on the type of chair. For example, recline chair needs considerable space. You will need space from the wall equal to the height of the chair. However, each manufacturer provides exact dimensions, so that you can get an idea about space.

#3 How much does a massage chair cost?

Depend upon brand and type price may vary from chair to chair. A high end fully equipped chair cost over $8000. And some of the basic chairs cost nearby $ 100 also.

#4 Where to Buy a Massage Chair?

You can buy massage chair from showroom but if you want more option to choose the best one among all Amazon is the best place to check. They also offer various deals to cut down your cost. You can also read the customer review, compare products, check prize and all specifications.

#5 How much weight can hold by Massage Chairs?

For that, you have to check specific brands as the weight of chair vary according to the components as well as the maximum weight it can hold.

#6 What are the specifications of the Electrical Power of Massage Chairs?

The USA uses 110/120-Volts, and 50/60 Hz and the amperage varies by the chair. But for outside of USA, it can be converted to 240-Volts using an adapter. In general, massage chairs use approx 55-Watts, i.e., $1 per month.

#7 What are the Shipping options?

Most companies including Amazon ship the massage chair via ground transportation using reputable freight companies.

#8 Final Thought

It is all about best massage chair review. Before buying check the reviews of customers and rating. In case of any queries or if you want the specification of any product you can contact us. We are happy to hear your experience with best massage chair. Thank you! Happy shopping!


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