TOP 10 Best Light Bulb Security Camera to Buy in 2020


Best Light Bulb Security Camera: Are you planning to install a new security device at home? Then you would be glad to know that there is a new product in the market known as LightCam that doubles up both as a home security camera and a smart light bulb. With the introduction of this new device installing a security camera would be as easy as screwing up a light bulb.

This LightCam has been designed in such a way that it would easily fit into any standard light socket of an existing light fixture. This not only monitors your home or office space but also keeps the area illuminated. After fixing the LightCam all you need to do is install an app in your mobile and connect the device with your Wi-Fi network to allow you to monitor your premises from anywhere you want.

In this article, we will guide you regarding the features of some of the Best Light Bulb Security Cameras so that you can make the right choice.

Best Light Bulb Security Camera Reviews

#1 Best Light Bulb Security Camera Reviews 2019

#1 HIJUNMI 1080P Wireless Light Bulb Security Camera

HIJUNMI 1080P Wireless Light Bulb Security Camera The different features like the 1080P HD Lens having no blind area and 5 different viewing modes make this white pointed bulb-shaped Wi-Fi Light Bulb Security Camera.

Now by connecting to Wi-Fi, you can enjoy smart notification alerts on your smartphone whenever motion is detected to stay updated. It supports Micro SD card up to 128G to store the clippings so that you get to playback these motion alert video clips as per your convenience through your mobile app.

The night vision monitoring ensures that you don’t miss a moment even when it is completely dark. Now you can set an alarm time when you want the Motion Detection Sensitivity to be active. The device will accordingly send you an alarm message at that particular time.

Another good thing about this device is you can install this device conveniently on your house ceiling. Since this Wi-Fi bulb camera comes with CE & FCC certification, you will surely come across it in any of the Best Light Bulb Security Camera Reviews.

#2 ShamBo Indoor/Outdoor Light Bulb Security Camera

ShamBo Indoor/Outdoor Light Bulb Security Camera Do you want to invest in such a light bulb camera that would work both indoors and outdoors? Then this white bulb-shaped could be one of the Best Light Bulb Security Camera options from the house of ShamBo.

This bulb camera can capture full 1080P HD with amazingly detailed images and recordings for real security purpose. Not only does this device work as a security camera, but you can also use it as a bulb to light up your room. Even in total darkness, its IR lights automatically turn on so that you can view clear images. The in-built in 360 Degree Fisheye lens offers a super wide viewing angle.

Its Motion Detection feature comes 5 levels of sensitivity to suit your needs. All its recordings are stored in a Micro SD card that is sent to your smartphone through an app for immediate monitoring. For this, it requires the support of a 2.4G Wi-Fi connection. This wireless light bulb camera can be connected to your Wi-Fi network seamlessly and help you easily monitor your pet or baby. Now, install this light bulb camera to any ordinary bulb socket with the help of its E27 power socket.

Being priced at only XX.XX$ you will not get a better option in today’s market that would work perfectly both indoors and outdoors. So, why search for List of Top Rated PoE Security Camera System when you already have such a great option available.

#3 TUPEYA Wi-Fi 1080P HD Wireless Light Bulb Security Camera

TUPEYA Wi-Fi 1080P HD Wireless Light Bulb Security Camera Are you in search of a Wireless Light Bulb Security Camera that can capture bright colorful HD images both at day and night time causing no light pollution? Then this white-colored bulb-shaped1080P HD Wireless Light Bulb Security Camera is just the ideal pick. Along with a built-in 360-degree Fisheye lens offering a wide view angle it also supports night vision of up to 32 feet in pitch darkness.

No matter where you are, this bulb camera with its motion alerts keeps you updated on what’s happening around at home. Its Alarm Frequency can be adjusted to either “High” or “Low” sensitivity as per your requirement. There are 5 different levels of sensitivity to suit your needs.

Once the light bulb camera connects to your Wi-Fi network it automatically sends you the alerts and also lets you enjoy live-streaming through the 360EYES App. The recordings are saved in the Micro SD card and it supports a memory card up to 128GB.

The camera support to record 24/7 continuously and automatically overwrites when the memory is full. If you don’t want the device to record at a particular time you can turn the LED Status off and then the green light turns off.

#4 LUWATT Panoramic Light Bulb 360 Degree Smart Wi-Fi 1080P HD Security Surveillance Camera

LUWATT Panoramic Light Bulb 360 Degree Smart Wi-Fi 1080P HD Security Surveillance Camera Even when you are present at home keeping an overall eye on what is happening in every corner of the house is not practically possible. So, in that case, try installing this LUWATT Panoramic Light Bulb Camera 360-Degree Smart Surveillance Camera. Its in-built 360-degree fisheye camera with 1080P HD and 2.0 megapixel can capture extremely clear images and videos for you from every corner of your home or office.

This white-colored device has silver stripes that give it an attractive look. With this excellent combination of IR Motion Detection Function and Night Vision be it any time of the day or night, it can detect motion pictures and send them to your phone app.

Its Multiple View Modes also allows you to view the monitoring as per your wish. Now you can also communicate with your family and pets even when you are away with its help. So, connect the device with your 2.4G Wi-Fi network and easily control the light camera at your end.

Whichever Best Light Bulb Security Camera Reviews you browse through you have high chances of finding this product on the list.

#5 VTC 360° Panoramic Fisheye IP Wireless WiFi Security Light Bulb Camera

VTC 360° Panoramic Fisheye IP Wireless WiFi Security Light Bulb Camera If you are in search of a feature-filled affordably priced light bulb security camera then nothing can prove to be better than this 360 Degree Light Bulb Security Camera by VTC which is priced only at XX.XX$.

This white bulb-shaped security camera is made of high-quality ABS plastic and just like most other devices even it offers some of the exclusive features. Its Full HD view along with 360 Degree Panoramic Lens and IR night vision offers crisp and clear images even in total darkness. You can also freely communicate with families, babies, friends and even pets through the 2-way audio feature. IT even supports motion detection.

Now, record the footages any time and store them in a Micro SD card which can be extended up to 128GB of memory and just connect to your Wi-Fi network conveniently to send them across to your smartphone through the V380 Pro app. With this device, you can enjoy 5 different types of views on your mobile phone.

With a price of only XX.XX$ you can definitely tag it as one of the Best Light Bulb Security Camera today. In case you are interested in investing an IP camera then you can just take a look at the IP Security Camera Buyer’s Guide for a better idea.

#6 TOUCAN Smart Lighting Outdoor Security Camera

TOUCAN Smart Lighting Outdoor Security Camera If you are looking for an Outdoor Light Bulb Security Camera then nothing can beat this smart camera by TOUCAN. Being powered by a compatible light fixture can be easily installed at your driveway, porch, garage anywhere.

This black round-shaped hanging device has a separate light inside a lampshade with no hard wiring or batteries. Its 720P HD camera has a 120 degree wide viewing angle that can capture excellent images and covers maximum security blind spots. The 2-way talking feature allows loud and clear communication with visitors with alarms and auto greetings. Its pre-recorded message play facility lets you welcome your visitors with seasonal greetings.

Now connect your security camera with your 2.5 GHz WI-Fi network that allows you to watch your visitors on your mobile phone and also receive remotely alerts whenever the security camera detects any motion from anywhere through Kuna app. The device also can record and save the footage for future reference.

You can also watch live HD streamed footages of your home from anywhere on the go. With its one-touch button, you can record live-streamed events and save in mobile for future reference.

It works great with Alexa and Google Home for added convenience. Now upgrade your current light fixture into a smart light with a smart security device.

With a total number of 353 customer ratings in Amazon, you can tag this device as one of the Best Wireless Security Camera Systems available.

#7 BESDERSEC Wi-Fi Light Bulb Security Camera

BESDERSEC Wi-Fi Light Bulb Security Camera If you are looking for a budget-friendly Home Security Camera System then you can easily go for this Wi-Fi Light Bulb Security Camera by BESDERSEC. This white bulb-shaped works based on an Intelligent AI mode that lights up when anything passes in front of it. The in-built 1.44mm Fish-Eye Lens offers a 360-degree panoramic viewing angle without a blind area that lets you monitor the entire room with a single camera.

Its 960P resolution HD Lens camera along with excellent IR LEDs provides bright and colorful day vision and clear night vision even in pitch dark. Its Smart Motion Alarm sends immediate alerts to your phone whenever any motion is detected through the iCSee app. The device support Multi-Devices remote viewing at the same time so now you and your other family members can stay connected and watch the remote view of your home.

Its plug and play option makes it extremely convenient to install. Being compatible with E26 / E27 light sockets you can set it up within minutes. It doesn’t require any drilling or wiring. So, considering all its features and its price of only XX.XX$ in Amazon it can be labeled as one of the Best Light Bulb Security Cameras.

#8 OLTEC 1080p WiFi Light Camera Security Camera

OLTEC 1080p WiFi Light Camera Security Camera For the ultimate security of your home or office, you can take a look at this OLTEC 1080p WiFi Light Camera Security Camera. This spy camera is the easiest way to keep you informed about what is going on at home or in the office even when you are not physically present there.

This white bulb-shaped hidden camera can record crisp and clear 1080P images and videos. Its 360-degree fisheye lens covers a super wide viewing angle and has no blind spot. The images captured show every minute details and are stored in an in-built SD card for later reference.

The in-built Motion Detection feature detects movements and sends alerts to your phone for live monitoring. Just connect the device to your Wi-Fi network to see the live-streaming. This bulb light camera also has an easy to use Graphical Interface that aids in any kind of remote activity.

It is thus ideal for keeping a 24*7 eye on your property. With its help, you can now playback video, monitor in real-time and also activate an alarm. Its extremely easy to install, all you have to do is insert it into a standard bulb holder and connect it to your Wi-Fi network.

So, its rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars and a total review by 364 customers you can say it is one of the Best Light Bulb Security Cameras available in today’s market ensuring ultimate security. If there is too much power cut issue in your area then you should instead opt for Security Camera Powered by Battery.

#9 JBonest 1080P Wi-Fi Camera Light Bulb Panoramic Camera

JBonest 1080P Wi-Fi Camera Light Bulb Panoramic Camera Do you know this device not only protects your home or office you can also use it as a bulb to brighten up your room. You also get to set the bulb on/off and adjust its brightness from your phone through an app. Its lumen is around 450, hence it consumes very low energy.
This white bulb-shaped has 3 IR lights that automatically turn on and provides a good view even in pitch darkness giving you the best viewing experience ever.

The Motion Detection feature guards your property and sends you a notification whenever it detects any, unlike movement. These notifications are sent with the help of 2. 4G Wi-Fi through an app to your mobile phone. It is Two-way Audio lets you communicate with the person at the other side of the camera whenever required.

Its Multi-device Viewing feature allows you can connect many devices to this bulb camera for monitoring. This light bulb camera can be easily installed in the E27 power socket without any drilling. The rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars in Amazon makes it one of the Best Light Bulb Security Cameras today.

#2 Things to Consider before Buying Best Light Bulb Security Camera

When you intend to buy the Best Light Bulb Security Camera, there are certain things you need to consider like:

The Purpose – Ask yourself the reason why you prefer to buy an LED light bulb camera. Only if you intend to monitor your house you need to go for this device. But if you want only for lighting purposes go for a simple conventional LED light. If you want your security camera to be hidden then go look for a Security Camera in Light Bulb. It proves to be a very good option.

Brand – Whenever you decide to buy a light bulb camera then it is always recommended that you go through any of the Best Light Bulb Security Camera Reviews that will help you to do a comparative and select the brand having the best rating.

Features – Apart from the fact that your light bulb security camera provides light, there are several features that you can consider before buying the device like high-quality video recording, motion-detection sensor, 360-degree panoramic view, has night vision, 24/7 recording, Wi-Fi connectivity, remote connectivity with your mobile phone or system, 2-way communication, waterproof, etc.

Type of Light Bulb Camera – Firstly, you need to decide whether you need to install the device indoors or outdoors. Then decide if you are planning to install it on the ceiling or wall. At times, you can even choose a LED light camera that requires no installation at all and can be easily placed on a table or rack.

Budget – If your budget is low, you can choose an LED light camera that has fewer features so that it is not very expensive.

Warranty – This is a vital aspect that you need to consider while purchasing any electronic product. Similarly, before buying an LED bulb camera, you should check whether your product comes with a warranty. This lets you return the product and get a new one in case of any complaint.

#3 Conclusion

Remember, in the case of light cameras for home security, you need to install several bulb cameras in different areas. Some of the prime areas are the front door, living room, bedroom, and kitchen. Usually, the light camera does not use batteries to store power and draws power directly from the home electricity point.

These types of light cameras are suitable for modern apartments where electricity supply is there for 24 hours. So, pick your bulb light camera today and keep your home or office protected from the intruders.


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