TOP 10 Best IP Security Camera Systems to Buy in 2020


Best IP Security Camera Systems: To make your home or office safe, we need the Best IP Security Camera System. It is necessary as we can’t trust everybody who comes to our place.

Before some years, IP cameras were used in industries only. But in the last few years, they used in the home as well. With the technology improvement, you can find various models and features. Wireless IP Security Camera System becomes more advanced with time.

To choose one out of all without any knowledge is tough. And hence I am here to help you with the Buying Guide of Best IP Security Camera System.

Best IP Security Camera Systems Reviews

#1 Best IP Security Camera System Reviews 2020

Names we have included in the list are checked personally by our team in terms of all the factors that we have covered above. These are Top Rated IP Security Camera available in the market with best value.

#1 GW Security 16 Channel 4K NVR HD 1920P IP PoE Security Camera System

GW Security 16 Channel 4K NVR HD 1920P IP PoE Security Camera System Are you looking for the Best Security Camera System that can cover all the details sharply? If yes, then GW Security 16 Channel security system is ideal for you.

This full HD camera with 8.0 Megapixel and 4k resolution can record widescreen with quality. Manual zoom of 2.8~12mm Varifocal Megapixel HD Lens allows you to adjust your angle of view.

You can record and view it in widescreen. It also supports remote view on Android, PC, Mac, and iOS device. Setting up the camera is secure. You have just to scan the QR code with a mobile app, and it will help you in it. The Ethernet is also set up with a single network cable.

It is built with P2P service and support H.265 / H.264 Onvif IP cameras. 4TB hard drive and 1-year warranty and free lifetime support for the US A are free to add-ons.

#2 Reolink 8CH 5MP PoE Home Security Camera System

Reolink 8CH 5MP PoE Home Security Camera System This Top ReoLink Security Camera Systems with stunning HD display has 2560 × 1920 HD resolution. It provides crystal clear footage in day and night both. Night vision feature provides a flawless display for the distance up to 100ft.

60ft network cable comes with the camera kit. It makes installation and setup easy. It also shows the live recording within seconds once you connect the security camera to the NVR ports via an HDMI monitor.

Due to the IP camera system, the video will not lose quality. 5MP HD image makes the picture crystal clear. Pre-installed 2TB hard disk drive records the video and can able to store for 10 days. It supports up to 4TB external HDD, but for that, you have to use the camera’s e-SATA port.

You do not have to pay any extra charge to play video on your smart device; free Reolink app will do it for free. 8 PoE ports on the NVR video recorder make the security system flexible to work with 8 Reolink PoE, dome and bullet cameras.

#3 OOSSXX 8-Channel HD 1080P Wireless Security Camera System

OOSSXX 8-Channel HD 1080P Wireless Security Camera System The wireless system supports a maximum of eight cameras and can monitor a wide range of fields. The product can suit to any place and any occasion like school, homes, office, restaurants, etc. During the night, the waterproof camera can monitor every little detail with its night vision mode.

The mobile app is there to notice everything from your home or somewhere else. If someone enters your place, it will notify you via email. This IP-67 rated device protects the camera against moisture, dust, etc. They provide a variety of extension accessories like extend camera, extend the antenna, Wi-Fi extender, etc.

The camera can handle all extream weather conditions. With the best quality body material, the manufacture assures long term reliability of the surveillance system. It can use in commercial as well as a private place for safety purposes.

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#4 Firstrend 8CH 1080P NVR Security Camera System

Firstrend 8CH 1080P NVR Security Camera System This 1280 x 960P camera resolution of these Wi-Fi IP Security Camera System gives you complete safety of your home, office, warehouse, and all other places. It provides a 72-degree angle of view. The lens size is 3.6mm.

This camera is entirely compatible with your mobile, pc, and tablet. It supports remote view and playback recordings. The night vision feature provides vision up to 65ft. Sync-playback, Motion detection, Video Backup, etc. are also supportable. On motion detection, it will send you an alert via SMS, email, or application.

In the package, 4pcs of 960P HD bullet cameras are provided. All cameras are weatherproof. Now install it anywhere, any weather condition; indoor or outdoor. It provides a 40-day free return and 1-year warranty. Just plug and play surveillance kit, camera, and NVR as everything is paired.

#5 Firstrend Wireless Security Camera System

Firstrend Wireless Security Camera System The next name in Best IP Security Camera System is Firstrend. This 72degree field of view camera comes up with Plug and play surveillance kit, camera, and paired NVR. You have just to connect the camera and NVR, provide a power source and done.

This wireless security camera system is compatible with remote access like android, iOS device, pc, and tablet. For a remote view, you have to download the app.

The product supports motion detection, video backup, sync-playback, and app alert. Once the system detects any motion, it will alert you via email or SMS.

The cameras are weatherproof and provide night vision up to 65ft. 6 IR-LED lights provide crystal clear night vision. No matter of place, it works best for indoor or outdoor security for home, office, shop or anywhere else.

The system includes 4pc of bullet cameras (960p HD), and 8CH 1080P NVR Recorder. It does not include HDD, but you can install a maximum 4TB HDD. However, the product comes up with four cameras, yet it is capable of expanding up to 8 cameras. What you have to note is it is compatible with Firstrend 960P IP Security Cameras only.

If you think that the received product don’t meet your specification and requirement, you can return it within 60 days. Yes, this IP camera system comes with a 1-year product warranty as well.

#6 SMONET 8-Channel 1080P Home Security System

SMONET 8-Channel 1080P Home Security System If you are looking best surveillance camera for your home, shop, office, villa, or somewhere else, you can consider this wireless CCTV System. It comes up as a set of 4 cameras and a pre-installed 1TB hard disk drive.

The system is easy to install and set up. It does not require any video cables. The system provides more powerful wireless signals to make connections quick and easy. You need good internet speed to run the system.

You can survey your place from a remote location from your android and iOS device via the application “IP PRO” or “Eseecloud.” This TOP ReoLink Security Camera system supports video backup, sync playback, and Video Detection. On the motion detect, you will receive an email on the registered address.

If you have an application, then you will receive the notification there too. You can record and playback the video on your mobile device. Also, you can stream the video on a smartphone, pc, or tablet directly.

The IP 66 bullet camera gives crystal clear night vision up to 65ft. You can expand your system up to 8 cameras. With Resolution of 1280*960 (1.3 Megapixel), 1-year warranty and lifetime technical support, this product work best for many users.

#7 GW Security 8CH 5 Megapixel 1920P Video Home Security Camera System

GW Security 8CH 5 Megapixel 1920P Video Home Security Camera System Capture the high-quality video with this 5MP Best IP Security Camera System. 2592x1920p resolution video gives you the best quality and higher resolution than HD 1080p/720p cameras.

IP66 night vision and weatherproof cameras can handle a full range of temperatures as well. It functions in the temperature range of -22°F to 140°F. You can use it indoor or outdoor.

It also supports remote viewing with the free app. It is supportable on Andriod, iOS, Mac, and pc. Setup is easy; you have to scan the barcode and done.

You know its high definition 1920P ultra HD video capture three times higher quality video than normal 1080P cameras. 2.8~12mm manual zoom varifocal lens adjust the angle of view from 115 degrees to 22 degrees.

Super-Premium IR LEDs can capture night video up to 100-120ft away in total darkness. A single network cable connects to each IP camera and NVR supply power and video signal both. The life support is free for the product, and yes 1-year product warranty is also there.

#8 LaView 8 Channel Full HD 1080P Business and Home Security Camera System

LaView 8 Channel Full HD 1080P Business and Home Security Camera System LaView’s business and home security camera are premium kit for indoor and outdoor use. It does not only protect your home, but it also brings a full HD quality 1080P video. With IR night vision camera, you can see the visual up to 100ft in the darkest night.

With the 1080P video, you will also get real-time footage and recording. You can see a detailed view of 2MP picture quality. 105° wide angle of view expands your capability to extend your view even from a remote location.

A motion detection feature saves your space and records only essential moments. Even the push notification leaves a message on your mobile device when it finds any motion. With an app, you can access real-time live video streaming.

IP67 weatherproof keep the camera protected against liquids and small particles of dust and others. It sustains in the temperature range of -22°F to 140°F, which makes it ultimate for use.

No monthly fees or bond, a lifetime tech support is free with this system. 2-year is also there to protect the investment of the customer and run the product for a long time.

#9 SMONET 1080P Wireless Security Camera Systems

SMONET 1080P Wireless Security Camera Systems Smonet is a professional company that develope, manufacture, and export security camera. If you are choosing this camera system for your place, then no one can breach your security.

This full HD 1080p wireless security camera comes with 2TB pre-installed hard drive. With a stable power supply, you can surveillance your home 24*7.

No need for a cable to install the camera system, just plug and play.  Wireless network system will work best with a stable internet connection, and you can view live video on your pc, mobile, or tablet.

The system is supporting Video Backup, Video detection, and Sync-playback. On motion detection, you will receive an immediate alert on your device via email.

In a case, in the future, if you want to expand your system, then you can do it up to 8 cameras. 1-year warranty and lifetime technical support are free. The manufacturer provides new parts for free in case of replacement.

#10 EVERGROW H.265 Wireless Home Security Cameras System

EVERGROW H.265 Wireless Home Security Cameras System The last name in the list of Best IP Security Camera System is H.265 Wireless Cameras System. The camera provides two different resolutions. 1080P provides 1920X1080 resolution, and 720P provides 1280X720 resolution.

We prefer a 1080P camera due to the higher resolution. The latest technology brings ultra HD video quality and stores 50% of space. It also reduces bandwidth and double recording time with conventional H.264 Compression. The system together offers faster and smooth video even for remote view.

With a remote view feature, you can watch the video anytime and anyplace through its application. Like all other systems, it also supports live video capture support and gives you real-time updates. It is easy to set up and install. With one year warranty and lifetime free support, it is ideal for your home use.

#2 Things To Consider Before Buying Best IP Security Camera System

You have to consider some factors before buying a Home IP Security Camera System. Have a look at it.

#1 Type of IP Camera

There are about five to six types of IP camera named as Fixed, Day/Night, Wireless, Indoor, Outdoor, and PTZ. For the office, centralized IP cameras are recommended. To monitor outdoor surroundings, pick the Day and Night IP cameras. For automatic surveillance of surrounding, go for PTZ. The fixed camera provides you neat sight on a particular object due to its HD graphics. In short, choose according to your needs.

#2 Resolution

Resolution or video quality is an integral part of the video recording. IP cameras used VGA graphics, but at present, Megapixel IP cameras are used most. You have to choose the high-resolution camera as higher the resolution, better the quality.

Go for a minimum of 720p HD as you can zoom the video to know more details like face, number plate, or action of the person. For the best view, chose 1080p or higher resolution. Another thing to remember is your video is recorded in the DVR, and hence it supports the HD camera. If it is compatible then only you will get crystal clear photos and videos.

#3 Infrared/ night vision

LEDs or Light Emitting Diodes are there in IP cameras that let you see in even dark. IR rays are produced in the dark by LED and allow you to watch in the night. If you want 24 hours of surveillance, then you need IR vision. But keep in mind that it will produce black & white video, not colorful.

It also can uncover hidden activity that happens during the night. Look for the night vision camera that covers the 30 ft. Distance and has a high number of LED and IR sensors. It can capture excellent quality videos in even low-light.

#4 Motion Sensing and Alerting

If you want to capture a wide range of surveillance, the flexibility of Ip camera is required. You know all the new and advanced camera can rotate 360 degrees and gives independent vision.

This kind of camera used to monitor the traffic as they have inbuilt accurate motion sensors. Zooming with the motion sensor is a great combination. Even some advanced PoE Security Camera System has an alert system that sends email or SMS to an authorized person.

Motion detection option triggers when it detects motion. It can be useful for the indoor camera and doorbell system.

#5 Power

You might have a question about the power source of the cameras to function. Few cameras run with batteries, and some need to be plugged into the power source. The power over Ethernet transmits the power to the camera. It uses an internet connection via Ethernet.

#6 Storage

Do you know your recorded video is stored somewhere in most of the systems? When you put DVR with a camera, it has a hard disk that stores the video footage of your camera.

You can see the video on the screen of your pc or laptop, and they can be a source of storage. When multiple cameras connect with IP camera, it acts as a central server operator and captures all the video.

For the Wi-Fi camera, SD cards are inserted in it. But SD Cards might get stolen and hence it is not reliable. The most reliable source of storage is Cloud storage. When cameras are linked with a cloud account, it stores all the video on it. You can also operate a camera and view live video from multiple devices.

#7 Accessories

Some accessories enhance the performance of IP cameras, and here is the name of it.

#1 Remote control setup

You can operate your IP camera with your tablet or mobiles, but it needs a Wi-Fi connection. If your camera has a remote control, then you can zoom and tilt it and cover a large area. The use will get a better-filed view and viewing angle without physical reposition of the camera.

#2 Speaker

The Speaker cam starts two-way video interaction. In the mass of people, you can deliver your message quickly. Even you can connect when someone comes to your door, and you are working inside the house.

#8 Mounting

Mounting the IP camera at the proper place is required.  Before setting up the camera, you need an idea about what angle it covers as well as how much range it covers.

#9 Field of View

The field of view means the wide-angle or the area that can be covered by cameras without moving it. Each camera has a specific field of view.  You can pick 130 degrees of field of view. It is an idea for most of people. You can also opt for higher degrees as well.

#10 Mobile Device Streaming

Many outdoor security cameras can live stream the video to the mobile device directly. If you can’t be able to present physically, then you can check the condition of the place over your device. Choose the camera that is compatible with your device.

#3 Conclusion

It’s all about the Best IP Security Camera System. Hopefully, you find your perfect piece of the camera from the list. In case if you want help with another system, you can ask us. Thank you!


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