TOP 10 Best Hanging Fruit Basket to Buy in 2021


If you find your kitchen counter is overcrowded, and there is no place to put your fruit basket you should then utilize the ceiling space. A hanging fruit basket can be a great storage option that gives you easy access. It has also been seen that hanging fruit baskets can be a good way of reminding you to have fresh fruits daily.

If you go through any of the Best Hanging Fruit Basket Reviews you will come across many fruit and vegetable baskets that can keep your space tidy and organized. An open hanging basket allows air circulation and keeps the fruits fresh for a long time.

In this article, we have reviewed some of the best hanging fruit baskets that you can take a look at and consider purchasing. Most of them have a rating of 4.5 to 5 stars on Amazon.

Best Hanging Fruit Basket Reviews

#1 Best Hanging Fruit Basket Reviews 2021

#1 DecoBros 3-Tier Wire Hanging Fruit Basket

DecoBros 3-Tier Wire Hanging Fruit Basket

Are you thinking of maximizing your kitchen space then you should get this DecoBros 3-Tier Wire Hanging Fruit Basket immediately. Its 3-tier design will help you easily store different fruits like bananas, oranges, apples, avocados grapes, pears, lemons or vegetables like tomatoes, fresh beans, peas, potatoes, onions, scallions, garlic, etc.

This 3-tier Wire Hanging Fruit Basket 12-inch is made of chromium steel and comes in a chrome finish. Its elegant design blends perfectly with the décor of your kitchen and dining room. It is very sturdy and can easily handle the weight of the fruits you put in.

Its open design clearly displays the fruits you keep in the basket and reminds you to have them every day. All the three baskets can be easily chained and separated as per your need.

The product has been reviewed by around 3690 users and it is priced at only XX$ on Amazon making it a great hit in today’s market.

#1 Key features:

• Chained 3-Tier design
• Sturdy to hang
• Easy visibility
• Can be split into three single basket

#2 CAXXA 3-Tier Metal Fruit Organizer Hanging Basket

CAXXA 3-Tier Metal Fruit Organizer Hanging Basket

This CAXXA 3-Tier Metal Fruit Organizer Hanging Basket can help you organize and display your fruits in a simple and convenient way.

This 30-inch 3-tier elegant modern design metal fruit basket is made of heavy- duty wire and comes in an elegant bronze finish. The open and airy design not only keeps your fruits fresh but also allows you to see each fruit clearly.

The three baskets can be easily connected and disassembled easily without any tools. With this pack, you get 2 sturdy metal hooks absolutely free.

#1 Key features:

• 3-tier hanging design
• Elegant design
• Made of heavy-duty wire
• Each basket can hold 8 pounds
• Easy to assemble
• 2 metal ceiling hooks included

#3 Fox Run Copper Kitchen Hanging Fruit Baskets

Fox Run Copper Kitchen Hanging Fruit Baskets

This Fox Run Copper Kitchen Hanging Fruit Baskets can be a perfect solution for hanging your fruits, vegetables, craft supplies and a lot more.

This 32-inches 3-tier Metal Hanging Fruit Basket is made of iron wires and has a copper finish. It includes three baskets of different sizes of small, medium and large.

Its attractive design makes it a perfect fit for easy storage also for your other areas like the laundry room, bathroom, kids’ rooms, etc. All the 3 baskets are pre-assembled and thus easy to hang. It is easy to maintain as you can easily wipe and clean the baskets.

The unit is really affordable and comes at a price of only XX$.

#1 Key features:

• 3-tier hanging basket design
• Made of sturdy iron wire
• Attractive storage unit
• No assembly required
• Quick and easy hanging
• Easy to wipe clean

#4 Farmhouse Heavy Duty Fruit Hanging Basket

Farmhouse Heavy Duty Fruit Hanging Basket

This Farmhouse Heavy Duty Fruit Hanging Basket seamlessly integrates into any kind of décor and saves your kitchen and counter space. It can hold a lot of produce.

This 31.5-inch functional 3-tier is made of 100% iron that offers it the required strength and comes in a beautiful rustic brown finish. Its hand-knitted open-wire design not only prevents moisture build-up but also showcases your fruits and allows them to ripen to perfection.

There are baskets of three different sizes where you can store your produces separately. All three baskets can be separated for easy storage of other items thus making it highly versatile.

The height between the baskets can be adjusted as per your need. It is ready to use and does not need to be assembled. Apart from storing fruits, you can also use it for storing different veggies, potatoes, onions, garlic, bread or even for hanging indoor plants.

Since the baskets are detachable, you can also use them individually as a Fruit Bowl for displaying the fruits on your dining table or open kitchen counter.

#1 Key features:

• 3 Tier wire hanging open-wire design
• Made of 100% iron
• Powder-coated for rust prevention
• Sturdy metal chain with hanging hook
• Adjustable height
• Detachable round baskets
• Great storage capacity
• Multi-functional
• Ready to use

#5 Blue Donuts Heavy Duty 3 Tier Hanging Kitchen Black Fruit Basket

Blue Donuts Heavy Duty 3 Tier Hanging Kitchen Black Fruit Basket

This Blue Donuts Heavy Duty 3 Tier Hanging Kitchen Black Fruit Basket can prove to be a multifunctional unit. It is designed to hold anything and is not only limited to fruits and veggies. This elegant basket helps you organize and store everything at room temperature.

This 24-inch 3-tier hanging fruit basket is made of heavy gauge iron wire and is black in color. The X-pattern of the baskets gives your kitchen a classy touch. Its adjustable pop clips make it ready to use.

The top hook is extra heavy and durable and can hold about anything you put. The individual baskets are easy to assemble and use.

#1 Key features:

• 3 Tier hanging design
• Made of strong and durable iron
• Three X-pattern elegant baskets
• Extra heavy and durable top hook
• Lightweight yet durable
• Detachable design
• The pop-clips makes it ready to hang
• No tools installation

#6 Home Intuition Hanging Fruit Metal Basket

Home Intuition Hanging Fruit Metal Basket

To keep your fruits and veggies fresh get home this Home Intuition Hanging Fruit Metal Basket today. Its open-wire design not only clearly displays the fruits and vegetables but also maximizes the airflow and keeps your produces fresh.

This 30 inch 3-tier hanging basket is constructed of heavy-duty iron wire and is steel plated with a black finish. The baskets come in 3 different sizes and are easy to connect with the help of the chains provided. This beautiful product compliments the look of your kitchen and is long-lasting.

#1 Key features:

• 3-tier hanging design
• Made of heavy-duty iron wire
• Elegant design
• Steel-plating makes it rust-free
• Open wire design to maximize airflow
• Easy to connect with the chains
• Includes 2 metal ceiling hooks

#7 Malmo Hanging Basket for Fruits Vegetables

Malmo Hanging Basket for Fruits Vegetables

This space-saving Malmo Hanging Basket for Fruits Vegetables is the ideal product that can prevent countertop clutter in your kitchen. It is the ideal basket for storing your apples, melons, bananas, kiwis, pineapple, potatoes, onions, etc. that keeps the air circulating around the produce, keeps them fresh and also saves your counter space.

This 33-inch 3-tier hand-made hanging basket is made of high-quality soft iron wire black in color. It is lightweight and rust-proof.

The open-wired design prevents the build-up of moisture that causes your fruits to rot. Its foldable design allows you to easily store inside your Kitchen Storage Cabinet. When required can be assembled freely.

Apart from storing fruits and veggies you can also it in your bathroom to store other essentials and in the balcony to hang plants. It comes with a warranty for 12-month.

#1 Key features:

• 3-Tier hanging design
• Made of sturdy iron wire
• hand-made
• Lightweight
• Rust-proof
• Hook included
• Foldable design
• The open-wired design prevents moisture build-up
• Free-assembly

#8 Stylish Kitchen Hanging Fruit And Vegetable Storage Baskets

Stylish Kitchen Hanging Fruit And Vegetable Storage Baskets

If you want things to be really perfect, then labeling the produces can be of great help. Bring home this Stylish Kitchen Hanging Fruit And Vegetable Storage Baskets that have Storage Baskets with 3 removable chalkboards that make it easy to label each metal basket.

This 32.2-inch multipurpose 3-tier wire baskets organizer is made of alloy steel featuring a black finish. It rests flat on the wall and helps you save space on your kitchen counter.

The baskets are robust, anti-rust and last for a long time. Each of the baskets can hold up to 25 lbs and proves to be a clever storage solution for your onion, potatoes and other vegetables that don’t occupy any space on your kitchen counter.

There are 6 metal hooks with rubber tips where you can hang utensils and mugs that increase your storage options. The basket is perfect for other uses also like office, kids room, bathroom and garage.

You can either drill the entire unit vertically on the wall or use each basket separately. The unit is easy to assemble if you carefully follow the instructions as it includes the necessary screws and anchors.

#1 Key features:

• Stylish and sturdy design
• Wall mount hanging basket
• Storage baskets with chalkboards
• Anti-rust and durable
• Space-saving design
• Each of the baskets can carry up to 25 lbs
• 6 metal hooks with rubber tips
• Easy to assemble

#9 IBERG Fruit Hanging Baskets for Storage

IBERG Fruit Hanging Baskets for Storage

Do you struggle to find the items from your overstuffed fridge, then you should definitely go for this IBERG Fruit Hanging Baskets for Storage. The sturdy mesh hanging fruit basket helps you organize all kinds of fruit and vegetable and keeps them fresh.

This 31.5-inch 3-tier fruit basket is constructed of high-quality iron wire and is chrome plated. This lightweight unit is rust-proof and lasts for years.

Each basket is detachable that can be used in many ways. Its folding design helps store or carry easily. This space-saving large wire basket can also be used as a bathroom organizer, kitchen organizer and for hanging plants. The baskets can be assembled without any tools.

#1 Key features:

• 3-tier fruit basket
• Made of high-quality iron wire
• Lightweight
• Load per basket is 3.3 lbs
• Sturdy lock
• Rust-proof chrome plating
• Foldable design
• Easy to assemble

#10 BASE ROOTS Hanging Basket

BASE ROOTS Hanging Basket

This multi-functional BASE ROOTS Hanging Basket storage has been inspired by a modern Boho style that adds a decorative touch to your room. Apart from fruits, it is also ideal for displaying greenery.

This 37-inch 3-tier hanging basket is hand-woven by Vietnam artisans using all-natural materials like hyacinth seagrass, braided jute rope and sturdy wood frame. Each of these materials is eco-friendly that lends your home a stylish yet natural look.

There are three baskets of various diameters that can be used to organize your fruits. This multi-functional unit can also be used in your living room, bedroom or office. It can help you to beautifully display indoor plants, organize your crafts and mails.

You can easily hang the baskets on a hook from the ceiling, no other is assembly required. Hang it conveniently in any corner of your room, by a window or wall

The baskets can be stacked inside each other in a kraft style box making it an ideal gift.

#1 Key features:

• 3-tier hanging basket
• Hand-woven with natural materials
• Strong knotted loop for easy hanging
• Space-saving design
• Holds up to 10lbs
• Versatile
• Easy to hang
• Pre-assembled
• Comes in a craft style box for gifting

#2 Things to Consider Before Buying Best Hanging Fruit Basket

Material – Hanging fruit baskets can be made of different materials like steel, iron wire, bronze, plastic, copper, etc. Make sure the material is sturdy yet lightweight. Make sure the material is rust-resistant.

The weight it can hold – While purchasing a hanging fruit basket, always check the weight it can carry. Since it is hanging and will not have any support at the base, you should not put in more weight than its capacity. A Plastic Storage Basket is normally not very sturdy and can’t hold much weight.

Design – Look for baskets that aesthetically match with the rest of the décor of your room. It should be sleek and elegant and blend seamlessly with the interior.

Sizes of the baskets – Depending on your need, always check the size of the baskets it includes. Most hanging fruit baskets come with 3 baskets of different sizes; small, medium and large.

Visibility – The basket you choose should give a proper view of what fruits are inside. When you see the fruit, it’s a reminder to eat while it’s still fresh.

The hanging method – Look for baskets that can be hung both in the ceiling and the wall. The hook should be sturdy and able to bear the weight.

Of adjustable height – Make sure the basket height is adjustable so that it can fit into your need. If you are hanging it on top of your kitchen counter then you may need to reduce the height whereas if you want to access it from the floor you might want to increase the height.

Easy to set up – Look for baskets that come preassembled or are partially assembled that will take less time and effort to set up. Some even don’t need any tools to set up.

#3 Conclusion

Only investing in a good quality hanging fruit basket is not enough. You need to know how to hang it properly so that it doesn’t fall off and cause an accident. The hook must be screwed into a stud properly to avoid any mishaps.

Another point you need to consider is there must be enough clearance on all sides to ensure that you can reach the items kept in the basket while its hanging. Once you are sure everything is set, finally hang the fruit basket and fill it with fresh and juicy fruits.


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