TOP 10 Best Garage Exhaust Fan to Buy in 2021


Ventilation is a process that helps you get rid of foul and stale air and fill the space with fresh and clean air. The basic principle that a ventilation process works on is ensuring that the unwanted air is out and the fresh air is in.

An exhaust fan basically is a ventilation system that pulls out the old, stale, hot and humid unclean air from a particular space and replaces it with fresh and clean air. In an enclosed space, it can prevent the equipment and structures from being damaged and also proves to be helpful for people who are working in that space.

It ensures that you don’t have to breathe in contaminated air in the confined space. It process to be really essential in enclosed spaces like garages, attics, shops, warehouses, barns, chicken coops, etc.

So, if you are thinking of purchasing an exhaust fan for your garage then you can take a look at this article of ours where we have picked and reviewed some of the best garage exhaust fans to help you make a wise decision.


#1 Garage Exhaust Fan Buying Guide

Capable of Removing Moisture and Fumes – Too much moisture and fumes in your garage can be hazardous for your health. So, while selecting a garage exhaust fan you should go for one that is effectively able to get rid of both.

Cubic Foot per Minute (CFM) – CFM is an essential factor that you should consider while choosing the size of the garage exhaust fan. It represents the measurement of the air (in cubic foot) that moves around in your space in a minute. For this you need to measure your garage space in square foot, this result will help you decide the ideal CFM of the exhaust fan required for the garage.

Types of Exhaust Fans – Depending on the space and proximity available in your duct system you need to select one from the following types:

Wall-mounted Garage Exhaust Fans – As you can make out from the name, these exhaust fans are fixed to the exterior walls and thus there is no ductwork required.

Inline Garage Exhaust Fans – These types of fans can be installed either on the ceiling or a wall, but its fan motor is situated between the ducts that pull the air outside.

Ceiling-mounted Exhaust Fans – A ceiling exhaust fan for garage can be fixed on your ceiling or vent through ducts or a roof.

Additional Features – With the fast-developing technology, setting the operation of your exhaust fan as per your suitability is very much possible nowadays. Today’s modern exhaust fans can operate continuously. Some energy-saving fans run on a thermostat or timer that turns them on and off automatically, some via motion detection that turning off the fan when it senses the absence of a person in the room. Few bonus features are humidity sensors, even low-wattage night lights, etc. Go for the operational feature that suits your need.

#2 Best Garage Exhaust Fan Reviews 2021

#10 VES Indoor or Outdoor Exhaust Fan


Do you find it stuffy when you park the car in your garage, then its high time you get a garage exhaust fan to give you the required comfort. This VES Indoor or Outdoor Exhaust Fan is ideal for cooling your attic, garage, greenhouse shop or chicken coop.

This 12 inches box fan is made of corrosion-resistant aluminum shutters and blades that prevents it from getting rusted and improves its life. It features a totally enclosed motor, complete with in-built speed switches and a 9′ cord. There is a tie bar to minimize the shutter flapping and keep the shutters secured when the fan is not operating. Its aluminum blades are protected by a strong painted grill that meets the OSHA standards.

Since it comes fully assembled, you don’t need an electrician to get it installed. So, put it up a window opening or opening in the wall to remove the hot, stale and stuffy air from your garage.

#1 Key Features

• Made of corrosion-resistant aluminum
• 3-speed shutter fan
• Maintenance-free motor
• Safety painted grill
• It comes fully assembled
• Ideal for indoor or outdoor ventilation

#9 Tornado – 10 Inch Heavy Duty Aluminum High Speed Exhaust Fan


Now you get to enjoy a healthier and odor-free environment with this Tornado – 10 Inch Heavy Duty Aluminum High Speed Exhaust Fan. It can remove any kind of unwanted odors, excess moisture, heat or contaminants with its PSC energy-efficient 1650 RPM motor.

The 10-inch rectangular-shaped exhaust fan is made of heavy-duty aluminum. Its casing is made of galvanized steel that prevents it from getting rusted. It boasts of two OSHA-compliant features like a safety grille and a fully enclosed, thermally protected powerful motor.

The external shutters close tightly when not in operation and open automatically when you turn it on. Its automatic shutters prevent the bugs and mosquitoes from entering. It needs to be wired to your building’s electrical system.

The pre-drilled holes aids in easy mounting along with the rolled flange edges that offer protection during installation. This heavy-duty UL Safety Listed exhaust fan comes with a 5-year limited warranty. The best part is this feature-rich product is available at a price of only XX$ in Amazon.

#1 Key Features

• Made of heavy-duty aluminum
• 2 OSHA-compliant features
• Automatic shutters
• Access the wires from the side hole
• An airflow of 650 CFM
• UL Certified

#8 TPI Corporation CE14-DS Garage Ceiling Exhaust Fan

This TPI Corporation CE14-DS Garage Ceiling Exhaust Fan is highly suitable for ventilating your garage efficiently. The permanent split capacitor motor of this exhaust fan provides lets it operate at 3 varying speeds making it ideal for exterior ventilation.

The 14 inches single-phase stainless steel garage exhaust fan comes with 3 aluminum paddle blades. The spider assembly of the blades with front-steel spiral wire guards improves its sturdiness.

Its entirely enclosed and permanently lubricated ball bearing 2 AMP motor and the in-built automatic shutter mechanism are two of the vital features that make it a must-have. The enclosed motor prevents any kind of dirt or debris from collecting. The self-closing shutter system protects the fan from rain when not in use. The junction box is included that aids in direct wiring to the wall switch.

#1 Key Features

• Stainless steel casing
• Aluminum blades
• Permanent split capacitor
• Self-closing shutters
• Permanently lubricated motor
• Junction box included

#7 AC Infinity AIRTITAN T8 Crawlspace Basement Ventilator Fan


The AC Infinity AIRTITAN T8 Crawlspace Basement Ventilator Fan is a smart appliance that quietly lets in the fresh air and exhausts out the pollutants at the maximize rate producing noise of only 32DBA, consuming minimum power.

The latest exhaust fan model features dual 120mm IP-44 rated fans that are enclosed in a heavy-duty stainless steel frame with spiral fan guards. The IP-44 rating makes the fans highly resistant to liquids and dust. There is an LCD display in between the two fans along with a smart thermostat, dehumidistat control and buttons for customizable fan speeds.

The dual 120mm PWM-controlled DC fans with airflow of 240 CFM are highly efficient in maximizing airflow at power levels. It includes an 8-foot cord to help you mount the unit onto a surface and supply power through an outlet.

The appliance also has certain smart features like alarms, timer, backup memory and an eco-mode. Apart from your garage, this exhaust fan proves to be ideal for ventilating crawlspaces, basements, attics, etc.

#1 Key Features

• Heavy-duty stainless steel frame
• Dual 120mm PWM-controlled DC fans
• Smart programming
• Alarm warning
• Quiet PWM DC-Motor
• Plug and play
• IP-44 Rated
• Certified by CE and RoHS

#6 Broan-Nutone L300 High Capacity Ventilator Fan


Upgrade your garage today with this L300 High Capacity Ventilator Fan by Broan-Nutone that operates on a single, impact-resistant centrifugal blower wheel with an airflow of 308 CFM offering powerful and effective performance.

This Garage Heat Exhaust Fan has a white plastic grille with a 20-gauge galvanized steel casing. It features an 8″ round metal duct connector for long-lasting use. The 2.6-Amps Motors are permanently lubricated to ensure quiet operation.

The fan has the ability to duct horizontally, vertically or in-line depending on your requirement. Apart from garages, it is also ideal for large rooms that require continuous ventilation.

#1 Key Features

• Plastic grille with steel casing
• 8-inch diameter duct
• Quiet motor with low RPM
• Horizontal, vertical or in-line discharge
• Ideal for big spaces

#5 iLiving – 18″ Wall Mounted Exhaust Fan for garage


When you want to get rid of allergens and mold from your garage it is recommended that you install a garage exhaust fan at the earliest. This iLiving – 18″ Wall Mounted Exhaust Fan for a garage can be an ideal solution for this situation. Its exhaust fan features an automatic shutter that can easily remove excess heat, moisture and prevent mold and allergens to keep your space comfortable the year-round.

This 18″ fan is made of high-quality galvanized steel frame. Its shutters are made of durable, high-grade aluminum that makes them corrosion-resistant improves the ability to withstand heat and moisture for a longer period. This ready-to-install wall exhaust fan comes with a fully enclosed motor that is thermally protected and permanently lubricated ensuring easy maintenance.

It features adjustable speed functionality and runs on standard 120 Volt 0.90 Amp that rotates 1070 times per minute with an airflow of 1736 CFM thus cooling an area of 1736 cubic feet per minute.

#1 Key Features

• Made of heavy-duty galvanized steel frame
• Corrosion-resistant blades
• Aluminum shutter
• Fully enclosed motor
• Variable fan speed#
• Easy to install

#4 iPower 12 Inch Shutter Garage Wall Exhaust Fan


When you are looking for an affordable exhaust fan for your garage to ventilate out the heat, moisture and odor and would let in the fresh air then you can consider investing in this iPower 12 Inch Shutter Garage Wall Exhaust Fan that is priced at only XX$ in Amazon.

It is a 12-inch exhaust fan that features a safety grille and fitted with automatic gravity shutters that are made of corrosion-resistant aluminum. Its large-sized blades are also made of the same metal that prevents them from rusting and improves their longevity.

This exhaust fan with a 60W completely enclosed motor having an air flow of 940CFM can easily be added to a window opening or in an opening in the wall along with a thermostat to optimize the cooling level of your garage. Not only in your garage, you can also install it in the sheds, barns and greenhouses.

#1 Key Features

• Corrosion-resistant automatic shutters and blades
• Safety grille
• Large fan blade
• The bare leads allow custom application
• Blocks mosquitoes and bugs
• Comes fully assembled

#3 Powerful Industrial Garage Window Exhaust Fan


When it is a high-quality product that you are looking for you can definitely count on the Powerful Industrial Garage Window Exhaust Fan that has a total user review of around 256 in Amazon making it one of the most popular products.

The casing of this silver-colored traditional styled powerful 14-inch exhaust fan is made of galvanized steel which prevents it from getting rusted and has pre-drilled holes that make mounting easy. The rolled flange edges offer protection while installation. It offers 2 OSHA-compliant features one is the safety grille and the other is the fully enclosed, thermally protected, PSC energy-efficient motor. This 310 watts motor has an airflow capacity of 1400 CFM.

The automatic shutters open and close as and when required that helps remove contaminants, unwanted odors, excess moisture or heat. The fan requires wiring while installing in your garage. It comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

#2 Professional Grade Products 9800394 Shutter Exhaust Fan for Garage

This Professional Grade Products 9800394 Shutter Exhaust Fan for Garage is made of moisture-resistant plastic and painted shutter. The paint makes it corrosion-resistant.
This industrial-grade garage exhaust fan comes with an automatic shutter that ensures that when the fan is not in operation, the shutter closes and stops the infiltration of air. Its 6-inch fan blades produce a constant airflow of 265 CFM.

Apart from garages, it is great for ventilating small rooms, factories, shops, stores, offices and other closed spaces. It comes fully assembled with a power cord that makes the installation easy.

The best part of this exhaust fan model is it is available at a very affordable price of XX$ and has been rated by around 323 users in Amazon thus making it highly desirable. It even comes with a 60-days warranty.

#1 Key Features

• Plastic body
• Painted rust-resistant shutter
• Extremely powerful
• Automatic shutter
• The motor is located outside
• Power cord included

#1 iLiving – 10″ Wall Mounted Exhaust Fan


If you are allergic to molds then you should ensure that your garage is properly ventilated. This iLiving – 10″ Wall Mounted Exhaust Fan is designed to effectively remove excess moisture and heat to prevent mold and allergens and get some fresh air.

This 10-inch wall-mounted exhaust fan features a high-quality galvanized steel frame with high-grade aluminum shutters that are corrosion-resistant with wire guards. The 0.55 Amps motor is fully enclosed. The blades rotate 1580 times per minute that has the ability to cool and ventilate an area of 600 CFM.

The motor being lubricated is easy to maintain. The Parking Garage Exhaust Fan has a motion balanced aluminum propeller ensures quiet operation. This model is available at a reasonable price of XX$ and has been rated by 473 customers that speak of its popularity.

#1 Key Features

• Heavy-duty galvanized steel frame
• Weather-resistant aluminum shutters
• Adjustable speed
• Superior airflow
• Multi-purpose fan
• Easy to install

#3 Conclusion

Since the ratings of the products we have reviewed are mostly between 4 to 4.5 stars, you can consider purchasing any one of them depending on your requirement. If you have decided which garage exhaust fan to go for and have placed the order, next you have to figure out where you want to install it for the best result.

Here, you should remember that exhaust fans that are installed high on the wall or ceiling directly opposite the main garage door then it is known to be most effective. So, place the fan properly and get the best result.


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