TOP 10 Best Electronic Dart Board to Buy In 2021


If you want to through a great party or want to make your house the prime place to hang out with your friends, you should consider buying the best electronic Dartboard. Nowadays, electronic dartboards are become very popular and provide a more interactive experience for adults and children. These boards are safer than conventional dartboards.

However, if you buy a low-quality or inappropriate Electronic Dartboard, you can enjoy these great experiences. That’s why we bring you the best Electronic Dart Board reviews to help you. We picked this best boards based on actual users’ experience and ratings. So, continue to read this whole article to find details about Electronic Dartboard.

Best Electronic Dart Board Reviews

#1 Best Electronic Dart Board Reviews 2021

#1 Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Dartboard

Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Dartboard

Arachnid Cricket Pro is a tournament-quality electronic dartboard. So, it has a target area as per regulation, which is 15.5 inches. It has 39 games with 179 variations, including seven cricket games.

This Dartboard looks delicate and subtle, and it is made up of rigid nylon segments that improve durability and playability. The Height of Dart Board is enough to play at any place. It has a micro-thin segment divider that exponentially reduces the bounce-outs.

It is a LED score display with jumbo X/O scoring. Up to 4 players can play on this Dartboard. It has a Play and ranking feature on this board, and you can also play alone against the cyber player. If you want to play this dart in silent mode, you can adjust the volume accordingly.

#1 Notable features:

• 39 games with 179 variations
• Sleep mode and reset option
• Volume control
• On board dart storage

#2 Franklin Sports Electronic Dartboards

Franklin Sports Electronic Dartboards

Franklin Sports Electronic dartboards have 65 game games with 65 variations. You will have any ways to play games and chill with your friends. It comes with six bonus soft tip darts and 6 replacement tops, so you don’t have to worry if you misplace or lost them.

This Dartboard has an excellent fun voice and sound effects. You can set various voice and sound effects that make you laugh and motivate you to play more and get good scores. It is effortless to mount these dartboards.

It comes with all mounting hardware like nuts and bolts. You have to mount it on the wall by drilling holes. It is easy to set up this as it requires only AAA batteries to operate.

#1 Notable features:

• 65 games with 65 variations
• Runs on AAA batteries
• Fun voice and sound effects

#3 WIN.MAX Electronic Dart Board

WIN.MAX Electronic Dart Board

You can play 21 exciting games with 65 variations in this Win.Max electronic dartboard. You don’t have to keep a scorekeeper because it has a bright LCD that displays individual scores of up to 4 players.

This board can keep score for teams like 2 teams of 2, 2 teams of 3, and 2 teams of 4.
It has a wide catch ring that protects the wall if you miss a throw. The automatic scoring announcement is a cool feature of this board. The darts have a detailed design with great precision and accuracy, so you don’t miss the shot.

#1 Notable features:

• Wide catch ring
• 21 games with 65 variations
• Automatic scoring and voice announcer

#4 Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 Standing Electronic Dartboard with 24 Games

Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 Standing Electronic Dartboard with 24 Games

Arachnid Electronic Dart Board has 8 player crickets with different 24 games and 132 options. You can also play 5 cricket games, and it has an 8-player score display. This board can also be used in tournaments because it has a target area as per the Dart Board Rules, which is 15.5 inches.

The micro-thin segment dividers reduce the dart bounce-outs and improve playability and durability. This Dartboard has a voice prompting feature that offers commands while playing and also has a sleep mode. You will get 6 soft tip darts with extra tips and an AC adapter with a dartboard.

#1 Notable features:

• 24 games with 132 options
• Voice command feature

#5 Viper 797 Electronic Dartboard

Viper 797 Electronic Dartboard

Viper 797 electronic dartboard has 15.5 inches target face, which is according to the tournament regulation. The high-quality thermal resin segment allows you to maximize scoring and increase the durability of the board.

It has built-in storage for two sets of darts and extra dart points, so you don’t have to worry about the darts to put. You can play 43 games with 240 variations and offer up to 16 players.

There is a large missed dart catch ring on the console, which protects the darts from the wall’s collision. It includes 6 soft-tip starter darts, mounting hardware, and an external power supply adapter.

#1 Notable features:

• 43 games with 240 options
• Crisp and clear LCD
• 15.5-inch target face

#6 Bullshooter Cricket Maxx 1.0 Electronic Dartboard Cabinet Set

Bullshooter Cricket Maxx 1.0 Electronic Dartboard Cabinet Set

The Bullshooter cricket Maxx 1.0 is an electronic dartboard with a cabinet with an E-Bristle target for both types of darts; it means you can play with steel and soft tip darts. It has a large door with an X/O cricket display, just like you see in the pub.

It has a 13.5″ target area, and you can play 34 games with 183 variations, including four cricket games. It supports up to 8 player score on an LCD.

#1 Notable features:

• 34 games with 183 options
• Stylish wooden cabinet doors
• Applauds voice

#7 Viper Showdown Electronic Dartboard

Viper Showdown Electronic Dartboard

This electronic dartboard is designed with tournament quality thermal resin segments and a regulated target area of 15.5 inches. The high-quality segments offer a durable playing surface and allow to maximize the scoring. The body is made up of polypropylene material.

It has 32 games with 590 options, and up to 8 players can play these games. There is a large missed dart catch ring is mounted on the surface to protect darts. Its ultra-thin spider reduces bounce outs and allows closer dart groupings for higher scoring. It has built-in storage that holds two sets of darts and extra dart points.

The bright LCD show a clear, crisp view of scoring stats. I like its stylish color scheme that is a combination of red, blue, white, and black. With this dartboard, you will get six soft-tip starter darts and mounting hardware.

#1 Notable features:

• 32 games with 590 options
• Built-in storage for darts
• Bight LCD display for scoring

#8 Viper Neptune Electronic Dartboard

Viper Neptune Electronic Dartboard

Viper Neptune Electronic dartboard has 15.5 inches target face. It is made with commercial-grade nylon segments. The closed dimensions of this Dartboard are 26.5″ h x 21.75″ w x 3.5″ d and open dimensions are 26.5″ high, 58″ wide and 3.25″ deep. It has ultra-thin spiders on the target face, which looks very stylish and enhances your gaming experience.

This thin spider reduces the bounce-outs and allows players for closer darts to maximize scoring. It has built-in storage that can hold two sets of darts and extra dart points. You can play 57 different games with 307 variations. You can play these games with your 15 other friends. It means it offers 16 multiplayer capacity.

There is a large missed dart catch ring that protects your darts if you miss the throws. The big bright LCS display offers a crisp and clear view of the scores and stats. It means now we don’t need a scorekeeper. The stylish showcases have three color combinations; red, silver, and black.

It comes with a built-in cabinet, six soft-tip starter darts, and mounting hardware. You will get an external power supply adapter with 5V, 1000 mA capacity, and you can also use batteries in this electronic Dartboard. It has excellent positive Best Electronic Dart Board Reviews.

#1 Notable features:

• 15.5 inches target face
• 57 games with 307 variations
• 16 multiplayer capacity

#9 Viper Metropolitan Solid Wood Cabinet & Electronic Dartboard

Viper Metropolitan Solid Wood Cabinet & Electronic Dartboard

Viper offers a solid wood cabinet and a powerful electronic dartboard. These dartboards cabinet has classic look and finishes; the one crafted with solid pine, box joints, and bronze hinges.

The open Dart Board Dimension is 49.5″ L x 38.5″ W x 3.5″ D and closed dimensions are 24.75″ L x 38.5″ W x 3.25″ D. These dimensions are measured with mounting hardware.
This Viper 800 electronic dartboard has 15.5 inches target face with a backlit LED display. It looks fantastic, even in the dark.

It has ultra-thing spiders on the target face. This board allows for a close grouping of darts on the boards to maximize the scoring. You will get 57 games with 307 options and variations in these dartboards. Up to 16 players can play in one game.

It runs with electricity, so this product comes with a wall power adapter. You will get one set of Viper Black Magic soft tip and 18 gm lightweight darts. These darts are designed with black coated brass barrels that provide immense balance and styling.

#1 Notable features:

• 15.5 inches target face
• 16 player multiplayer
• 57 games with 307 variations
• Stylish and lightweight brass darts

#10 Turnart Electronic Dart Board

Turnart Electronic Dart Board

Turnart Electronic board has illuminated board segments, which gives you a fresh and invigorating darting experience. It has many classic games and offers 48 games with 315 variations with various ways to play.

It is 17 exclusive light-based games with a moving target. Sound impressive! I assure you If you buy this dartboard, you will never be bored from parties, and it’s a great crowd attraction. This board looks delicate and subtle, but it is robust and durable.

Tough testing is performed on these boards so that they withstand heavy use and stand against your most challenging throws again and again. Turnart Electronic dartboard allows eight players to play. So, it has 8 multiplayer player games. You can enjoy yourself with your gang, or you can also play against the cyber player.

The product includes six starter darts, extra tips, an electronic Dartboard, and mounting instruction. Turnart offers 80 days hassle-free returns and 2 years warranty. And if you have any doubt or issue regarding this board, you can directly call the customer service representative. They offer lifetime customer service. It is one of the Best Electronic Dart Board.

#1 Notable features:

• Illuminated boards segments
• 48 games with 315 variations
• 8 player multiplayer
• 2 years warranty

#2 Things TO Consider Before Buying Best Electronic Dart Board

If you want to buy the best electronic Dartboard, you have to consider some aspects. If you purchase an electronic dartboard without considering these things, you may have to regret your decision to buy that board. So, it’s better to check them before buying.

Number of Games: The most significant advantage of electronic dartboards is that it has technology, making this board more advanced. It is a fact that on an electronic dartboard you can play many games.

These boards have many hours of fun and entertainment compared to conventional panels. These games can be multiplayer and single-player. So, make sure you select the board with various games on it.

Storage: If you have used the old Dartboard, you know that you can leave it anywhere, and it is robust; however, it is not the same for an electronic dartboard. You should have a proper place and area for placing the Dartboard and consider the Height of Dart Board.

You can’t put this electronic board in a high-traffic area. So, you should find out the storage place first and then select the board.

Power Options: There are three types of electronic dartboards present in the market; one with batteries, the other with power cable, and the third with both batteries and power socket. If you plan to place Dartboard at a remote location, make sure it runs with batteries, so you don’t have to look for an electric plug.

Aesthetic appearance: If you are buying this board for your club or pub, make sure it looks good on the wall. The boards designing should be aesthetic and attractive, so people love to play dart games on it. Dartboards with different shapes and sizes are available in the market, and some of them have an external cabinet for an extra classy feel.

Number of Screens: Typically, the best electronic Dartboard should have 3 to 4 screens so that people can see the score of multiple players. Electronic dartboards have LCD and LED displays, so it depends on you which type of display screen you select.
You should consider the illuminance of the room while choosing the screen of Dartboards. If the room has bright lighting, an LED board with three screens will be enough.

The handicap feature: If you buy this electronic board for home or office, you won’t play it alone. Many people will play with this board. SO, you should check whether the board has a handicap feature or not. This feature helps various kinds of players to test their skills.

Electronic Dart Board Cabinet: Not every electronic Dartboard comes with a cabinet. If you need one cabinet for the Dartboard, you should look for the board with the cabinet. In this cabinet, you can store the darts and close the cabinet. It looks fantastic, also.

#3 FAQs

Q1. Are electronic dartboards safe for kids?

Ans. Yes, electronic dartboards are safe for kids; however, it is advised to stay with the kids when they play dart o electronic boards.

Q2. Can traditional darts be used on electronic dartboards?

Ans. In the best electronic dartboards, you can use traditional darts because they have modified target area material. However, it is highly advised not to use conventional darts on electronic dartboards because the darts used in electronic boards are lightweight. The traditional dart has a sharp metal point that can damage the electronic dartboards. So, always use electronic darts in the electronic dartboards.

#4 Conclusion:

These are the Best Electronic Dart Board available online. If you are buying any of these, you will not regret your decision. You can enjoy playing these dartboards. Comment below if you have any questions.


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