TOP 10 Best Cheap Hover Boards to Buy in 2021


Buying hover boards has become a new trend amongst people nowadays for different reasons like transportation, recreation and many other purposes. A hover board is a two-wheeler platform similar to a skateboard fitted with a motor. They are powered by rechargeable electric batteries.

For a good riding experience, you should definitely purchase a high-quality hover board. But a good quality hover board does not necessarily have to be expensive. If you do proper research, you will find that there are a lot of good quality cheap hover boards available that offer a bizarre riding experience.

In this article, we have reviewed some of the popular models that you can take a look at before making your purchase.


#1 Best Cheap Hover board Reviews 2021

#10 UNI-SUN Hover board with Bluetooth for Kids


Be it grass, gravel or tarmac this stylishly designed this UNI-SUN Hover board works in all environments. This Tire Graffiti colored board is made of heavy-duty frame supports up to 264 pounds. It features solid sturdy 6.5″ colorful flashing wheels with side LED lights.

Its 300-watt powerful dual motor allows a cruising speed of up to 9.3 MPH, while its electrical system has passed all fire safety standards and is UL, RoHS and CE-certified. Its Li-ion batteries support quick charging.

Being equipped with a smart self-balancing system it is suitable for both beginners and amateurs. The built-in wireless Bluetooth speaker with extraordinary sound effects lets you enjoy your favorite music.

#1 Key Features

• Smart self-balancing
• Powerful dual-motor
• Gyroscope foot sensors
• Sturdy 6.5-inch wheels
• Supports 44-264 pounds
• Loud Bluetooth speaker
• Cool LED lights
• UL/RoHS/CE-certified

#9 JOLEGE Cheap Hover board for Kids Adult


This Hover board is designed especially for the beginners as its powerful self-balancing feature makes it easy to balance and learn. It is suitable for 8-years and above so, whether you are an office worker, hiker or walker you can opt for this Hover board.

This pink-colored Hover board comes in a delightful design with LED flashlights that aids night driving makes it a hit amongst everyone. The rubber tires offer excellent traction on almost all kinds of surface. It features a pedal that makes it slip-resistant and avoids any kind of accidents.

The UL 2272 certified battery ensures all electrical systems and components are safe and fire-resistant and can be used both indoor and outdoor. This fun and easy to ride JOLEGE Cheap Hover board can be an excellent gift item for both kids and adults.

#1 Key Features

• Attractive design with LED flashlights
• Powerful self-balancing
• Sturdy rubber tires
• Slip-resistant
• Supports a maximum weight of 180 pounds
• UL 2272 certified
• Environmentally friendly
• Suitable for 8-years and above

#8 Swagboard Twist Lithium-Free Kids Hover board


This user-friendly Hover board by Swagboard features an automatic upright balancing on turning on the power that makes it quick and easy to mount. It is made of strong ABS polymer that can support riders up to 155 pounds. It is pitch black in featuring aluminum-rimmed tires with solid rubber.

The Hover board is powered by a lithium-free battery that delivers stable power of 7 MPH which provides enough charge on a single charge to ride up to 5 miles and climb up to 30˚. The pair of 250W motors make it ultimate powerful and perfect to ride on the slopes and scorching the streets.

UL2272 certification guarantees that it is safe against crashes, drops and overheating. This Hover board being really affordable proves to be a great choice for riders of every skill level. A Cheap Self Balancing 2 Wheel Scooter can also be an alternate riding option for your teenage child.

#1 Key Features

• Lightweight and compact
• Impact-resistant frame
• Certified long-lasting battery
• Ultra-responsive controls
• Maintenance-free tires
• Support up to 155 pounds
• UL2272 certified

#7 EPCTEK New Hover board with Bluetooth Speaker


If you love to listen to music while on the move then this EPCTEK New Hover board with Bluetooth speaker is the right pick for you.

This black-gray colored Hover board is made of high-quality hover skateboard material that makes it highly durable. The high-performance rubber tires feature non-slip footpads that let you maintain stability and traction. The LED lights on the wheels not only give it an exciting look but also make it safe to ride in the dark. Its self-balancing technology makes it easy to maintain balance and safer for both beginners and amateurs.

This electrical Hover board electrical comes with a UL 2272 safety certification make it safe and stable.

#1 Key Features

• Self-balancing technology
• High-performance rubber tires
• LED lights
• Non-slip footpads
• Built-in Bluetooth speaker
• UL 2272 certified

#6 EPIKGO Self Balancing Off Road Hover board Scooter


Go safe with this UL 2272 Certified balance board that comes with a UL2271 Certified Smart Battery from the house of EPIKGO. The battery even comes with an Intelligent Protection.

This space-gray colored Hover board features an aluminum alloy body that makes it highly durable. The 8.5” solid rubber tires fit for all-terrain like grass, dirt, mud and sand, etc. Its 2 times more powerful 400W dual motors take good care of its speed, drifting and acceleration. The IP56 waterproof certification makes it semi-submersible.

The Hover board features a built-in fast 2-hour fast charging technology that ensures that you can cover miles without the additional headache of getting it charged. The board can bear up to a maximum weight of 240 pounds. Now you can go higher and practically anywhere with this sophisticated and sophisticated Hover board that promises a stable ride.

#1 Key Features

• Aluminum alloy body
• Solid rubber tires
• Powerful dual motors
• More foot space
• IP56 waterproof certified
• UL2271 certified battery
• Recommend for 13 years and above
• Supports a maximum weight of 240 pounds

#5 Hover-1 Titan Electric Self-Balancing Hover board Scooter


Pink has always been the favorite of all girls. So, gift this Hover-1 Titan Electric Hover board that comes in in bright pink and black combination to your adventure-loving teenage girl which she will surely enjoy to ride.

It is made of high-quality plastic and can thus handle any rider who weighs up to 265 lbs. The 10″ rubber wheels make it highly stable. The customizable LED lights make the Hover board even more attractive.

The board features 3-skill modes that make it a perfect pick for a beginner, intermediate or expert rider. The GPS tracking system allows you to find the route easily. The Hover board is powered by a lithium-ion rechargeable battery. There is a low-battery indicator at the bottom near your feet area that helps you keep a tab of when to recharge the battery.

Its two 250W motors can reach up to a speed of 7.45 mph thus ensuring a fun and stable ride. The built-in Bluetooth speaker easily pairs with this app-enabled Hover board and lets you enjoy a musical ride. Some kids may also enjoy a Kick Scooter that comes with a handlebar and is human-powered.

#1 Key Features

• Attractive color and design
• 10″ sturdy wheels
• 3-skill modes
• LED lights
• Built-in Bluetooth speaker
• Two powerful motors
• Powered by a lithium-ion rechargeable battery
• Can handle the weight of up to 265 lbs

#4 Felimoda 6.5 inch Hover board with LED Wheels Side Lights


Kids always enjoy a flashy Hover board, so gift them this Felimoda Hover board with LED wheels side lights that is a perfect combination of style and performance.

This pure white-colored Hover board is made of high-grade anti-fire ABS shell that can support up to 260 pounds. Its 6.5-inch hard vacuum tires with flashy LED lights lend it that attractive look. The non-slip footpads make it highly stable while riding.

The powerful 300W brushless motors can pick up a speed of up to 9 MPH and travel up to 7.5 miles. It supports freestyle riding with 360-degree rotation and an excellent climbing gradient that promises the riders the coolest experience. This UL2272 Certified Hover board has passed the electrical and safety test.

#1 Key Features

• Made of high-grade ABS shell
• Supports up to 260 pounds
• 6.5-inch hard vacuum tires
• Flashy LED lights
• 360-degree rotation
• UL2272 Certified

#3 Beston Sports Newest Generation Electric Hover board


This Beston Sports Newest Generation Electric Hover board is one of the most budget-friendly options you would come across in today’s market. It is a perfect gift for both kids and adults as it can bear a maximum load of 180lbs. It is powered by a lithium-ion battery that when charged for 3-5 hours can pick up a maximum speed of 10km/hour.

This chrome-gold and black colored Hover board flaunt an environment-friendly design. The 6.5” rubber tires together with the thick non-slip footpads of this US UL Certified Hover board make it totally safe. The high intensity LED headlights and the LED wheels makes riding safer and more fun.

The built-in speaker has an extraordinary sound effect. The holding bar makes it easy to transport. It is designed for ultimate performance and durability and offers improved stability and traction experience while riding.

#1 Key Features

• 6.5” rubber tires
• Thick non-slip footpads
• LED lights
• Built-in speaker
• Holding bar
• Maximum load-bearing capacity of 180lbs
• A maximum speed of 10km/hour

#2 LIEAGLE 6.5″ Self Balancing Scooter Hover Board


This lightweight LIEAGLE 6.5″ Self Balancing Scooter Hover board is ultrafast and easy to learn. With a maximum weight-bearing capacity of 264 lbs, it can prove to an ultimate purchase that can be used by the entire family.

This black-colored Hover board has 6.5″ self-balancing wheels fitted with LED light-up flashy wheels. The tires are non-slip, wear-resistant, puncture-resistant, damping and thus suitable for all kinds of pavements. The anti-skid ensures that you don’t get tired easily.

You can ride on it either straight, take a turn and rotate for 360 degrees locally. The powerful 160W brushless motors attain a maximum speed of 7.5 MPH. Speed limit protection and anti-tilt protection makes it extremely safe.

It is equipped with a DC24V / 2AH battery that needs 2-3 hours charging time. This Hover board is easy to use and has passed UL2272 certification. The product has been reviewed by around 755 customers in Amazon that speaks of its popularity.

#1 Key Features

• 360 degrees rotation
• 6.5” wheels with LED lights
• Powerful 160W brushless motors
• A maximum speed of 7.5 MPH
• Low battery indicator
• A maximum capacity of 264lbs
• UL2272 certified

#1 SISIGAD Hover board Self Balancing Smart Scooter


This easy to learn SISIGAD Hover board can be controlled in just about 2-minutes. It is a technologically advanced Hover board has evolved as a new way of transportation amongst people of all age groups.

This matte-white colored Hover board is made of high-quality material and is fitted with 6.5-inch vacuum rubber tires making it extremely durable. The special texture comfortable non-slip footpad provides a smooth riding experience. The LED colorful lights give it an attractive look.

The dual hub motors let it pick up a speed of 6 mph bearing a weight of around 200 lbs. It is powered by long-lasting batteries that get charged quickly. The board can adapt itself to almost all surfaces like wet, sandy, ceramic and even uphill.

The board comes with built-in wireless speakers that can be connected effortlessly to any device to aid you to listen to your favorite music while on the ride. This product has attained a total review of 1142 customers in Amazon making it one of the best Hover boards in today’s market. But you can also take a look at the two-wheeled self-balancing personal transporter by Segway for a different experience.

#1 Key Features

• 6.5-inch vacuum rubber tires
• Can bear a maximum weight of 200 lbs
• Wireless speakers
• Picks up a speed of 6 mph
• Long-lasting batteries
• Easy to learn

#2 Cheap Hover board Buying Guide

It is true that there is a wide variety of Hover boards to choose from and it can be a challenge to select the best. If you go through any Best Hover board Reviews you will come across the factors you need to consider while buying a cheap Hover board.

Weight – An ideal Hover board should be light in weight so that it is easy to carry around. A heavy and cumbersome board becomes really difficult to carry especially when it runs out of battery life. So, always pick a Hover board that is able to support your weight.

Safety – To judge whether your Hover board is safe or not you need to check if it is UL certified and equipped with the necessary protection features. When it comes to selecting a Hover board safety is something that should be of top priority. Never settle for a shaky, unstable board that does not meet the safety standards.

Battery Life – This is another primary factor to be considered as if you plan to travel long distances on it, you would need a Hover board with extended battery life.

Speed – You should select the speed as per your requirement. For kids and beginners, the speed should be a bit slow whereas for the advanced rider or a speed enthusiast a fast Hover board can be a great pick.

Capabilities – If you live in a hilly area, ideally you should go for a powerful Hover board that can accelerate and climb the hills. Also, the wheels should be solid to deal with the off-road terrains and bumpy roads.

Price – When we are talking about looking for cheap Hover boards, the price will certainly be a prime factor. Here, you should be aware that there are a lot of options available at affordable rates that are highly reliable and do a great job. In this article, we have luckily discussed some of the quality products that will not pinch your pocket.

#3 Conclusion

Hover boards are a perfect option for a fun ride, but before you invest in one you should be well acquainted with the rules applicable in your country and which are the places you are allowed to ride on it. Based on these clauses you can make the purchase.

If your country allows you to use a Hover board, you can then select any of the models reviewed in our article. We have highlighted the key features, ratings that are 4 star and above, etc. to make your job easier.


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