TOP 10 Best Camera Lens Pouch to Buy in 2020


Best Camera Lens Pouch Reviews: Photography is always fun and many people even take it up as a profession. Most professional photographers would agree that the varieties of equipment involved in photography are very expensive. Though the body of a DSLR lasts only for a few years, the lenses if handled with care can last for decades. Camera lenses are one of the most delicate fixtures which should be transported and stored with extreme care.

Being extremely fragile they can break or get scratched easily and the repairing cost can go up to thousands of dollars. So, the perfect way to keep the lens protected is to use a good quality camera lens pouch. The specially designed lens pouches add to the life of your camera lens and save them from any kind of physical damage.

Best Camera Lens Pouch Reviews

#1 Best Lens Pouches Reviews & Buying Guide 2020

This best lens pouch reviews on the top ten products available in today’s market will help you make the right decision as to which will satisfy your needs. Some of the popular models are as follows:

#1 JJC DLP-7 Deluxe Lens Pouch Bag Case

JJC DLP-7 Deluxe Lens Pouch Bag Case The JJC Deluxe Lens Pouch is available in seven different sizes to accommodate a wide variety of any typical SLR lens of the popular brands. The XXXXL has an inner size of 124*310mm. This lightweight heavy-duty nylon case comes with a double-zippered lid and a soft interior that offer your camera lens full protection and shock absorption.

The sliders of the zip have small loops allowing you to lock them up and keep your lens safe. There is a mesh pocket inside that helps you to store some small accessories. For your convenience, the pouch offers three carrying options two eyelet loops for a shoulder strap, two D-rings also for a shoulder strap and a rear belt loop with double touch.

Though it is priced at just $XX in Amazon, the 4.6 rating out of 5 makes it one of the most sought-after products.

#2 Deluxe Camera Lens Pouch Case by Altura Photo

Deluxe Camera Lens Pouch Case The Deluxe Camera Lens Pouch Case is an exclusive heavy-duty lens case from the house of Altura Photo. It is light in weight and specially designed for your 5″ x 11″ sized DSLR lens. Its external size is 6″ x 12″. The 14mm thick internal soft padding makes the pouch shock resistant.

This along with the water-resistant exterior offers ultimate protection to the photography gear. The double zipper with lock keeps the lens safe inside. The mesh compartment on the inner side of the top of the case is just ideal for storing your SD card, lens caps etc. It comes with three carrying options i.e. an adjustable shoulder strap having 3 D-rings with anti-slip padding with a small compartment, a convenient quick-grab handle and a Velcro closure at the back to be used on belts.

It is compatible with some of the large DSRL camera lenses like Nikon, Canon, Tamron etc. Apart from this, it can also fit in other products like JBL Xtreme Wireless Bluetooth Speakers. The pouch comes with a 90 days 100% satisfaction warranty.

#3 Powerextra 4 x Lens Case Lens Pouch Bag

Powerextra 4 x Lens Case Lens Pouch Bag The set includes pouches of four different sizes ranging from S (2.95 x 3.74 inch) to XL (3.74 x 9.64 inch) to fit in the lenses of different sizes. Being made of superior quality neoprene you can easily take it out even in bad weather as it protects the lens from moisture and dust thus keeping it dry.

When you are really worried about the protection aspect then this set of Powerextra Lens Pouch Bags comes as a respite. Its webbing strap lock along with the safety buckle lock keeps the camera lens in place and prevents it from slipping off.

The shock absorption function along with the soft inner lining saves it from scratches, accidental bumps and adds to its safety. The sturdy zippers make it convenient to take the lenses in and out of the pouch and keep them safe.

#4 Amazon Basics Camera Lens Protective Pouches

Amazon Basics Camera Lens Protective Pouches If you are in search of a good quality portable waterproof lens pouch to protect your camera lens from rain and moisture then the AmazonBasics Camera Lens Protective Pouches set of four is one of the best picks. The excellent water-resistant fabric keeps it safe from wet conditions like splashes on a poolside, rainy day, etc.

This set of four-pack protective lens pouches by AmazonBasics is ideal for professional photographers. Their tough design keeps your lenses safe even while it is being transported from one place to another. The 5 mm thick neoprene exterior combined with a soft-fleece interior provides overall protection from dust, water droplets, moisture and from any kind of damage against bumps or scratches.

The pull out cord in each of the pouches gives you easy access to the camera lens. The snap-and-swivel clip adds to its safety. The set of pouches is compatible with some of the popular brands like Nikon, Panasonic, Canon, Sony, Fuji etc. Being reasonably priced at $XX, anyone can afford it.

#5 Neewer Deluxe Padded Camera Lens Pouch Case

Neewer Deluxe Padded Camera Lens Pouch Case Neewer is one of the popular brands when it comes to high-quality padded camera lens pouches. The outer lining of this well-constructed Neewer Deluxe Padded Camera Lens Pouch Case is made of heavy-duty nylon material and the inner portion with protective 14mm padded foam along with a soft purple lining of cloth.

Both of these factors together ensure the shock absorption factor and the ultimate protection of your lens. The 5.9 x 11.8 inches lens pouch accommodates any lens of standard size. The 3-D rings along with the removable strap let you carry the lens pouch in different ways like a satchel bag, a sling bag, a comfortable grabbing handle and a rear closure to be attached to belts.

If you are confused as to where to keep your SD card, lens cap etc. then the mesh compartment on the inside part of the lid and a small zipped pouch on the shoulder pad proves to be very useful. It has quite a good number of customer reviews and most of them are positive.

#6 Zecti Thick Protective Lens Pouches Set (3 Pack)

Zecti Thick Protective Lens Pouches Set (3 Pack) When it comes to camera lens pouch you can never miss out the product from the house of Zecti. Having an exceptional rating of 4.7 out of 5 makes it is a must-have for any professional photographer. The Zecti Thick Protective Lens Pouches Set comes in a pack of three, of various sizes small, large and extra-large.

The pouches are suitable for DSLR lenses of brands like Canon and Nikon. Its thick waterproof canvas material protects the lens against any kind of accidental impact, moisture, scratch and dirt. The drawstring pull tab along with the metal clip is convenient to use.

This practical design of the bags makes it suitable to store other fragile items like glass water bottles. The pouches come with a 24-months warranty for any kind of quality issue.

#7 Camera Lens Case (4 Pack)

Camera Lens Case (4 Pack) These camera lens cases are made of the material neoprene which is tough outside and plush inside. The soft purple protection inside keeps your lens safe. The drawstrings keep the lenses in place and allow easy access. The pouches come with a hook that lets you hang them conveniently with your dress or other items.

The set of Camera Lens Case is compatible with lenses of most popular brands like Canon, Olympus, Nikon, Panasonic, Fuji, Pentax, Sony and more. At $XX this is probably one of the best deals where you get a set of four pouches of different sizes small, medium, large and extra-large to fit in your camera lenses. The product comes with a 90-days guarantee.

#8 JJC Deluxe Lens Case Pouch

JJC Deluxe Lens Case Pouch If you are in search of a smart-looking camera lens pouch then you just cannot miss out on the smart JJC Deluxe Lens Case Pouch that comes in a combination of black and vibrant blue color. Its 78 x 115mm size easily fits in lenses having a diameter and height below 78 x 125mm.

This lightweight sturdy case is made of abrasion and water-resistant polyester fiber that lets in air. The cushioned interior acts great in case of shock absorption for the lens. The case comes with four different convenient carrying options. The mesh pocket on the inner side of the cap allows you to store different accessories.

#9 SAFROTTO Lens Case Lens Pouch Bag

SAFROTTO Lens Case Lens Pouch Bag Just like you go for a waterproof pouch for the camera, the case for your camera lenses also needs to be water-resistant. Keeping this factor in mind, the SAFROTTO Lens Case Lens Pouch Bag is made of nylon and waterproof EPE cotton. This heavy-duty material with inner padding provides full protection to your camera lenses.

The zipper with pulls keeps the lens safe inside. The inner dimension of the case is 130x295mm that accommodates any standard lens of Nikon, Sigma and Tamron. It is designed in such a way that you can easily carry it on your waistbelt, harness etc. Most user reviews of this product are positive thus making it a must buy.

#10 ESDDI Lens Case Extra Thick Protective Neoprene

ESDDI Lens Case Extra Thick Protective Neoprene If you are actually concerned about providing your lenses the best protection then ESDDI Lens Case Extra Thick Protective Neoprene is possibly the best choice. The 15mm thick extra thick inner padding provides your camera lenses the utmost protection required. The 600D weather-resistant nylon material along with the overlapping zipper provides full protection against rain, dust, sand and moisture.

The four carrying options lets you hang on the belt, backpack, satchel or just grip it by the handle. The shoulder strap that has an anti-slip pad along with a pouch compartment is optional. The 13.5x14x21cm sized case can easily accommodate large telephoto lenses of popular brands like Canon, Tamron Nikon Sigma and more. If you buy this pouch you can enjoy a 6-months warranty.

#2 Things to Consider Before Purchasing Best Lens Pouches

Being a photographer, protecting your camera lenses should be one of your greatest concerns to ensure that the lenses last for years. Picking a lens pouch is as important as selecting a DSLR camera pouch. There are certain factors that you should consider while buying a lens pouch-like:

Type – Basically you will come across two types of lens pouches; hard and soft. The hard case is a suitcase-like carrier used by photographers who often travel to other places, to carry many lenses at a time. But mostly, the soft cases are used for carrying the individual lenses in a bag.

Material – The two most common materials used for making lens pouches are neoprene and polyester or foam. Though neoprene pouches are commonly available, their biggest disadvantage is, their walls are very thin and they do not protect against any impact. Whereas the polyester or foam pouches which are used by some of the top brands are of better quality. Their thick foam layer provides protection against any damage and the resilient polyester exterior adds to its longevity.

Functionality – Every photographer has their own requirement. So, you should choose the lens pouch depending on how you want to use it. It depends on whether you want a clip or strap and on which side. Accordingly, you should choose your lens pouch. Ultimately, the functionality of the lens pouch should match your intention.

Size – Practically, there are more than 900 types of camera lenses available from different manufacturers. Moreover, if you are planning to fit in the lens hood too within the pouch which is a little wider consider a pouch of a bigger size than the size of your lens.c

#3 Conclusion

You will come across a number of lens pouches in the market. But when you are in search of one of the best lens pouch, never make a hasty decision. You should have a clear idea about your requirements and your budget before you make the final call. In this article, you get the chance to compare some of the best lens pouches and gather a basic idea as to which will prove to be useful.

Every model specified here is good in some way or the other. It is just that you have to select as per your requirement. Always remember, the model you choose must match with the specifications of your camera lens and provide ultimate protection against stress and shock absorption.


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