TOP 10 Best Bluetooth Receiver to Buy in 2021


In this age of technology, you need not do away with your old devices like your home audio system, car audio system, your computer, laptop or TV instead just invest in a Bluetooth audio receiver to enjoy streamed audio from the old devices that not equipped with built-in Bluetooth.

A Bluetooth receiver is a small device that can be easily connected wirelessly to different sources of music in your home, office, car or any other place to enjoy seamless music or other audio files. Investing in a Best Bluetooth Receiver will allow you to continue using your old device and not waste them.

Here, is a buying guide, where we have reviewed some of the popular models where all of them have a rating of 4.5 stars on Amazon. This can help you choose the best.

Best Bluetooth Receiver Reviews

#1 Best Bluetooth Receiver Reviews 2021

#1 TaoTronics Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter and Receiver

TaoTronics Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter and Receiver

With this 2-in-1 TaoTronics Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter and Receiver you can enjoy Bluetooth service everywhere. In the transmitter mode, you can convert a non-Bluetooth PC, TV, CD player, MP3 / MP4, iPod into a Bluetooth transmitter. Whole in the receiver mode it can prove to be an Ideal Bluetooth Receiver for PC, your home or vehicle music sound system.

This black-colored rectangular device has a high definition codec that offers a richer and deeper sound experience. It works perfectly for streaming content without any delay.

It can be paired with two Bluetooth receivers like headphones and speakers simultaneously. There is no resting time, it can stream your content even while charging. The built-in battery supports up to 10 hours of constant use.

It has a total customer review of 13154 on Amazon that speaks of its popularity.

#1 Key features:

• Bluetooth V5.0 transmitter
• A 2-in-1 device that supports both transmitter and receiver mode
• Low latency
• Can easily pair with 2 devices simultaneously
• Stream even while charging
• Built-in battery

#2 Mpow BH129 Bluetooth Receiver for Car

Mpow BH129 Bluetooth Receiver for Car

This Mpow BH129 Bluetooth Receiver for Car being highly compatible with jeeps, vans, cars and trucks can help you easily upgrade your car stereo system into a Bluetooth system. This Bluetooth Receiver for Car can help you enjoy a musical drive. It also lets you make and receive phone calls and keep track of the navigation map.

This rectangular black Bluetooth 5.0 adapter comes with a 3.5mm AUX port making it perfect for any non-Bluetooth car/home stereo system. It is fitted with a CSR chip that provides stable and faster transmission yet consumes less power.

There is a built-in mic that allows you to receive speakerphone calls just with the press of a button. There is a volume/track button on one side for convenient control. The device is highly compatible to receive signals from any of your Bluetooth-enabled devices like tablets, smartphones, MP3 players, etc.

So, get it today and enjoy not only your favorite music but also the navigation simultaneously with its 15 hours long battery life.

#1 Key features:

• The 5.0 Bluetooth lets you enjoy good music quality with the CSR chip
• Compatible with 3.5mm AUX port
• Fast re-connectivity with easy on/off slider switch
• Built-in microphone
• Can connect two Bluetooth devices simultaneously
• 15-hour battery life
• Use it even while charging

#3 TP-Link USB Bluetooth Receiver for PC

TP-Link USB Bluetooth Receiver for PC

Now you can connect any Bluetooth device with your computer with this tiny TP-Link USB Bluetooth Receiver for PC. It is only 0.74-inch in length which is even smaller than the size of a coin.

This tiny device comes in a combination of black and golden. It is sleek and extremely small. This plug and play 4.0 Bluetooth device is designed for PCs with windows Win 8, Win 8.1, Win 10 and Win7/XP. You can insert it into any USB port even if you are traveling with the device.

It ensures reliable wireless communication with Bluetooth-enabled devices like computers, printers, phones and headsets. It provides energy-saving wireless connectivity using very low energy. The device has a transmission range of 65 ft.

If you are looking for a Bluetooth Receiver for TV, Linux or Mac this is not for you.

#1 Key features:

• Plug and play ultra-small 4.0 Bluetooth receiver
• Long-distance operating range
• EDR for fast speed
• A2DP offers better sound
• With low-energy technology

#4 TaoTronics Bluetooth Receiver

TaoTronics Bluetooth Receiver

This TaoTronics Bluetooth Receiver is an excellent audio music streaming system as it is compatible with most of the smartphones, home or vehicle audio systems.

This black rectangular device has a silver border. There a button that allows you to control the volume, pause or play the music or skip tracks with ease. For better audio effects you can invest in a Subwoofer. If you connect it with an Apple device, it can even activate Siri.

The built-in microphone allows hands-free calling with ultimate clarity. You can connect 2 Bluetooth devices simultaneously to answer phone calls, track the GPS and enjoy music at the same time.

It offers around 10 hours of talk and playtime and up to 200 hours on standby time.

#1 Key features:

• Bluetooth 5.0
• Built-in microphone
• 3.5mm stereo output
• 10 hours of talk and play time
• Connects two Bluetooth devices at once
• Wide-compatibility

#5 AUKEY Bluetooth 5 Wireless Audio Music Receiver

AUKEY Bluetooth 5 Wireless Audio Music Receiver

The 3.5mm Stereo Jack along with the CSR chip just makes this AUKEY Bluetooth 5 Wireless Audio Music Receiver ideal for your home and car audio system. It can wirelessly stream audio from your Bluetooth enabled devices to your existing wired home or car stereo system, headphones or speakers.

This black square-shaped compact device has built-in controls that can be used to access voice assistant or manage hands-free calls.

It comes with a rechargeable battery that supports 18 hours of nonstop playback and 1000 hours of standby time. To enjoy music and answer phone calls at the same time you can connect it to two Bluetooth devices simultaneously.

The pack includes 3.5mm Audio Cable, Micro-USB Cable and 3.5mm to RCA Audio Cable.

#1 Key features:

• Bluetooth 5 receiver with LED indicators
• With built-in controls that supports hands-free calling
• Hi-Fi sound
• 18 hours playtime
• Connect two Bluetooth devices simultaneously
• Easy to set up and use

#6 1Mii B06Pro Long Range Bluetooth Receiver

1Mii B06Pro Long Range Bluetooth Receiver

Now you can enjoy Hi-Fi & 3D surround sound on your home stereo effect with this 1Mii B06Pro Long Range Bluetooth Receiver. This black square-shaped device with dual antennas and excellent Bluetooth technology it can achieve a range of up to 197ft in the open air and up to 50-70ft indoors.

The Bluetooth Audio Receiver has a “3D” button by operating which you can enjoy 3D audio. The green LED will turn on when you switch it to 3D audio. It also supports apt-X Low Latency. You can adjust the volume and also go to the next or previous track with the volume button.

This plug-and-play device easily fits into your home stereo system, computer speakers or other speaker systems through the AUX 3.5mm coaxial and helps you connect them with any of your Bluetooth audio devices like smartphones or tablets. You can also pair this device with your Amazon Echo via an app and control it with voice commands.

#1 Key features:

• Bluetooth 5.0
• Long Bluetooth Range with dual antennas
• Easy volume and track adjustment
• With 3D Surround sound effect
• Works with voice commands
• Easy to setup

#7 Mpow Bluetooth Music Receiver with Display Screen

Mpow Bluetooth Music Receiver with Display Screen

Now you can keep track of all your activities like Bluetooth connection status, battery volume, caller’s ID, etc. on this Mpow Bluetooth Music Receiver with Display Screen that comes with a unique dynamic display panel reflecting all such information. It makes wireless streaming easier.

This black rectangular device comes in the latest design. Its built-in CSR chip provides Hi-Fi wireless audio experience. The receiver offers 2 times faster transmission speed and provides a stable connection with a wider signal range of 40 feet.

You can get the best calling experience with clear listening and authentic voice transmission as it is equipped with dual noise-canceling technology. It supports hand-free calls especially while driving when paired with any of the voice assistants like Siri or Google Assistant. The device can pair with 2 Bluetooth devices simultaneously.

#1 Key features:

• Compact and portable
• Bluetooth 5.0 Receiver with Display Screen
• The in-built CSR chip delivers high-quality sound
• CVC 8.0 guarantees authentic voice transmission
• With DSP Noise Cancellation
• Receive hands-free calls when paired with Voice Assistants
• Easy to install

#8 GaoMee Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver

GaoMee Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver

This GaoMee Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver has extensive compatibility with a non-Bluetooth TV, laptop, home stereo system, smartphone, CD player, computer, MP3 player, etc.

This black-colored square ultra-portable Bluetooth Receiver for Stereo can be easily switched between the transmitter and receiver modes. You can connect it easily using advanced Bluetooth technology or the 3.5mm audio cable.

Even it is portable and lightweight it can stream audio powerfully. You can effortlessly carry it wherever you go. The set includes 3.5mm cable and 3.5mm to 2RCA cable.

#1 Key features:

• 2-in-1 Bluetooth 4.2 adapter
• Compact and durable
• Low Latency
• With indicator light
• Built-in battery
• Easy to set up and use

#9 TOKSEL Visible Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter Receiver for TV PC Home Stereo

TOKSEL Visible Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter Receiver for TV PC Home Stereo

Whether you require Bluetooth in a transmitter mode or a receiver mode this TOKSEL Visible Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter Receiver for TV PC Home Stereo supports both.

The transmitter mode aids to connect your computer, TV or MP3/MP4 player with your Bluetooth speaker or Bluetooth headphone. While in the transmitter mode can connect your wired headphones and wired speakers with your gaming console, tablet or cell phone.

This square black-colored Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver features the latest OLED screen design where you can view the Bluetooth name making it convenient for you to select. With its help, you can stream audio to 2 headphones or speakers at a time without any delay while you are watching TV, movies or playing games.

This Bluetooth transmitter for TV and PC can adjust volume up to 15 levels and has a long battery life of 18 hours. It is equipped with a 3.5mm AUX audio cable and RCA audio cable.

#1 Key features:

• 2-in-1 Wireless 5.0 Bluetooth with OLED display screen
• Simultaneously stream audio to 2 headphones or speakers without any delay
• 15 levels volume adjustable
• aptX Low latency
• Extended battery life

#10 MaedHawk Bluetooth Receiver

MaedHawk Bluetooth Receiver

Upgrade your car stereo with this MaedHawk Bluetooth Receiver instantly to enjoy music, hands-free calling and navigation. Its in-built Qualcomm chipset ensures high-quality transmission speed with ultra-low lag.

This gray and black rectangular device is designed to deliver 24-bit wireless HD audio over Bluetooth. This ensures that you hear even the smallest details in the music and offer lower background noise with minimal sound distortion.

Its 180° swiveled 3.5mm audio jack offers extensive uses as you can plug it even in any narrow corner seamlessly. The device works great for gaming and lip-sync applications. The built-in microphone helps you keep your hands free and make calls or enjoy music even while driving safely.

The easy-to-use buttons allow you to adjust volume, switch tracks and answer calls.

#1 Key features:

• Bluetooth 5.0 AUX adapter
• 180° rotatable 3.5mm jack
• Built-in microphone allows hands-free calling for car speakers
• Built-in 120mAh battery
• With LED light indicators
• Easy to pair

#2 Things to Consider before Buying Best Bluetooth Receiver

To know about the factors to be considered you can take a look at any of the Best Bluetooth Receiver Reviews. Below highlighted are a few of the points:

Good sound quality – Most of the Bluetooth receiver does not provide a clear sound quality while streaming your audio as that of a wired connection. Hence, it is really important for you to choose carefully and find a high-quality receiver that provides crisp and uninterrupted audio.

Range – For a Bluetooth receiver to be able to connect to the speakers in your apartment, you need to ensure that the receiver has an excellent range which is over 100 feet. If the range is less, you might have to struggle with the connectivity issue. But if you are planning to use the receiver in your car, the range is not a constraint.

As a buyer, you should also check if the Bluetooth Adapter is equipped with 4.0 technology. The reason behind this is, this technology ensures a better range, i.e. you can connect to a certain device even though you’re not close to it. It also consumes lesser energy.

Connectivity – Connectivity is another important factor that you have to consider while purchasing a Bluetooth receiver. Few points you need to check are, whether it is easy to set up, if it can seamlessly connect to your phone through simple Bluetooth pairing, etc. Answering these questions will help you understand how good its connectivity is.

#3 Conclusion

By now you must have realized that a Bluetooth receiver is probably one of the easiest and the cheapest way to upgrade your non-Bluetooth gadget into a Bluetooth device.

Now that you have gone through the article, hope it could help you get a fair idea about what to look for in a Bluetooth receiver as per your need.

So, pick your device today and enjoy high-sound quality without getting rid of your old audio system at home or in your car.


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