TOP 10 Best Above Ground Kids Pools to Buy in 2020


Most children enjoy a lot when left to play in a pool. Splashing on a pool has been a favorite pass time of most kids during their summer holidays. Pools prove to be beneficial for your kids in many ways like it entertains them, keeps them engaged outdoors, lets them spend quality time with their family, keeps them fit physically, is sometimes recommended for specific health reasons etc. But not every one of us can afford an in-ground permanent pool and it also requires a lot of space. So, opting for portable kids inflatable pool can be a very good substitute which will make your kids happy.

Best Above Ground Kids Pools Reviews

#1 Why You Need Above Ground Kids Pools?

If you are not willing to spend a lot of money in installing a personal in-ground pool within your premises, then the above ground pools can be a very convenient and economical option. They are available in different shapes and sizes and let you enjoy every benefit of an in-ground pool. The best part of these above ground pools is you don’t need to make any kind of modifications to your existing premises.

You can save on the expensive plumbing modifications. They are portable and can be folded and kept back when not in use. They can be a cost-effective way of teaching swimming to your children under your own supervision. These portable pools are also considered ideal for any kind of water therapy for those who are suffering from a joint problem or any kind of pain. You can also use these pools for the recreation of your pets.

#2 Things to Consider before Purchasing Above Ground Kids Pool

Coming across the best above ground pool can be a challenging task. There are several factors that you are required to consider before purchasing your first pool like:

The Shape and Size – While purchasing the pool considering the shape and size is a vital decision as it needs to fit into your backyard. Round pools are considered better than the oval ones in terms of the space it occupies, cost and maintenance. The size should be determined as per your requirement like are you going to use it for a pool party at your place or just to swim and relax with your family and friends.

Material – If you are in search of a strong pool then the quality of the material used for the pool walls is very important along with the frame used. Normally, PVC or vinyl pools are less expensive compared to resin pools but the later lasts longer.

Pool liner thickness – While selecting an above ground pool this is an important factor to be considered. In the case of PVC or vinyl the larger the gauge, the tougher and thicker the material.

Floor Pad – A good quality floor pad extends the life of the pool. It also provides a cushioning while swimming.

Filtration System – Usually the filtration system that is provided with the pool is not sufficient and you need to buy a higher capacity filtration system. But if you want to use the one that is provided default then you need to run the system for a longer period to keep the water clean.

Installation – Normally it is advised that you get the pool installed by professionals as the ground level plays a vital role. It will cost a little extra but the pool will last longer.

Warranty – Most of the above ground swimming pools have a warranty of 30 to 90 days except for the splash pools which comes with a 15 years warranty. Here, you should ensure that the above ground swimming pool parts are easily available with the product you are planning to buy.

Maintenance – Regular pool maintenance is an integral part of any above ground swimming pool. So, from whichever brand you purchase, make sure that maintenance problems are immediately addressed without delay.

#3 Best Above Ground Kids Pools Review 2020

#1 Bestway Rectangular 94 x 59 x 23 Inches Splash Frame Kids Swimming Pool

Plan some fun time for your little ones with the blue Bestway Rectangular 94 x 59 x 23 Inches Splash Frame Kids Swimming Pool | 56547. The pool is made of heavy-duty PVC and 3-ply polyester side walls. The steel poles provide good support. It comes with a flow control drain valve that helps in easy draining. This 4-pound pool has a size of around 94″ 59″ x 23″ and a capacity of 476 gal. It can accommodate about 10 kids. The pool is easy to set up. The 4.4 rating out of 5 proves that it is a quality product and thus the price of $XXX is justified.

#2 Summer Waves Small Kiddie 8′ Inflatable Kids Swimming Pool with 3D Floor Pattern

Add some real excitement to the summer vacation days of your kids with this bright blue and orange Summer Waves Small Kiddie 8′ Inflatable Kids Swimming Pool with 3D Floor Pattern. This 8-foot inflatable portable pool is a great option for learning to swim and for splashing. The vibrant ocean life images and patterns at the bottom of the pool look lively when your kids put on the two pairs of 3D goggles included in the pack. This 13-pound pool measures 14 x 12 x 10.5 inches and has quite a number of positive reviews.

Summer Waves 8ft x 30in Kiddie Inflatable Above Ground Pool (No Pump Included)
30 Reviews
Summer Waves 8ft x 30in Kiddie Inflatable Above Ground Pool (No Pump Included)
  • Show your kids all the exciting fun the water has to offer
  • This 8-foot inflatable pool is great for splashing and learning to swim
  • Vibrant ocean life pattern on the pool bottom
  • Underwater 3D images come to life with 2 included pairs of 3D goggles
  • Filter pump is required (sold separately)

#3 Bestway 6′ x 20″ Fast Set Round Inflatable Above Ground Kids
Swimming Pool

Teach your kids the basics of swimming with this 6′ x 20″ Fast Set Round Inflatable Above Ground Kids Swimming Pool, Blue from the house of Bestway. The side walls of this pool are made of three separate material layers. Polyester mesh makes the inner layer which is laminated to the two outer PVC heavy gauge layers. An inflatable top ring supports the liner. The pool takes only an hour to get filled and the flow control drain valve aids in easy draining. The DVD has the detailed setup instructions makes this above ground kids pool of plastic easy to assemble. The pool set includes a repair patch.

Bestway 57252E 6ft x 20in Round Inflatable Above Ground Swimming Pool, Blue
31 Reviews
Bestway 57252E 6ft x 20in Round Inflatable Above Ground Swimming Pool, Blue
  • Assembly usually takes only 10 minutes with a few people
  • Includes 1 heavy-duty repair patch
  • Extra strong side walls are made with 3 separate layers of material
  • The inner layer of polyester mesh is laminated to the 2 outer heavy-gauge PVC layers
  • Liner is supported by an inflatable top ring

#4 Deluxe Kiddie Blow Up Family Inflatable Pool Above Ground
Swimming Pool With Slide

Chill out in your backyard with family and create some memories with this rectangular blue Deluxe Kiddie Blow Up Above Ground Swimming Pool. The pool is made of durable pre-tested extra wide vinyl walls having three discrete rings and I-beam construction. Each of these rings has a separate inflation and deflation valve. The pool measures around 120” x 72” x 22” with a capacity of 307 gal. It is recommended for kids aged 6 years and above. The pool includes heavy duty repair patch.

#5 Kiddie Blow Up Kids-Inflatable Above Ground Swimming Pool for
Outdoor Water Fun With Slide

Are you fed up of your kids staying glued to the electronic gadgets in their free time? Then bring home this blue rectangular shaped Kiddie Blow Up Above Ground Swimming Pool and see them dive into the water and enjoy themselves. The pool is made of 15-gauge vinyl. It has wide comfortable sidewalls that let you relax comfortably in the water. It comes with 3 air chambers having double-valve for intake and a free-flow valve that acts as an exhaust. The inflated size of the pool is 120″L x 72″W x 22″H having a capacity of 264 gal. The set includes a drain plug. The user rating of 5 out of 5 stars suggests that it is one of the best above ground pool for kids.

#6 Kids-Blow-Up Small Portable Kiddie Above Ground Swimming Pool
With Floats

Are you in search of an inflatable pool with a different getup? Then this squared shaped Small Portable Kiddie Above Ground Swimming Pool with attractive and colorful fish design on the sidewalls would be the right pick. The transparent sidewalls with colorful designs of fish give the pool an attractive look and different getup. The wide sidewalls provide extra comfort when you rest. The drain plug makes it convenient to drain out the water. This 112 gallons capacity pool is designed for kids above 3 years. The set includes a repair patch. You can easily acquire this exclusive piece from any of the online stores at an affordable price of $XX.

#7 Kids Inflatable Pool. Small Kiddie Blow Up Above Ground Swimming Pool

Turn your backyard into a mini water park with the attractively designed colorful Dinoland Baby Swim Pool from the house of Intex. It is one of the best above ground kids pool. This Jurassic Park themed pool includes Dino Hoops, Volcanic Ball Roller games with six colorful balls, a soft slide with a landing pad and a movable Dino Arch water spray with a water hose. All these activities together ensure that your little ones have a gala time in the pool. The drain plug in the floor of the pool makes it convenient to drain out the water. Apart from the above accessories the pack also includes a drain plug and a repair patch. Getting to buy such a unique piece of pool at only $XXX is an exclusive deal.

#8 8′ x 30″ Intex Easy Set Above Ground Swimming Pool with Filter Pump

Are you about to organize a pool party at home? Then order for this blue colored 8′ x 30″ Intex Easy Set Above Ground Swimming Pool with Filter Pump today. The pool has two outer layers of heavy gauge PVC that is laminated to an inner polyester mesh layer for extra support. The inner lining is supported by an inflatable top ring and as you keep filling in water the level rises on its own. The sidewalls are made of three different materials for added durability. The set includes an easy-to-use drain plug that lets you drain out the water conveniently, a 300 gallon-per-hour filter pump featuring a built-in debris surface skimmer along with an adjustable mounting bracket. A total of 230 reviews suggest that it is one of the most popular above ground pool toys or inflatable pool toys available in today’s market.

Intex 8ft x 2.5ft Easy Set Inflatable Swimming Pool with Filter Pump, Blue
  • Intex Easy Set Pools are great for adults and kids alike
  • Ready for water in 10 minutes
  • Included 330 GPH filtration pump comes with a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) saftey plug feature
  • SUPER-TOUGH(TM) Plastic is unaffected by gasoline, oil and salt water & highly resistant to damage from abrasion, impact and sunlight
  • Water capacity: 639 gallons at 80% full

#4 Conclusion

Once you have gone through the review you must have gathered some sound information on which features to look for while purchasing a portable above the ground pool. Apart from the shape and size of the pool, you should also keep your budget in mind. The reviews of the existing customers prove to an excellent guideline while making any wise purchase. If you reside in a region where winters are actually cold then a solar heater for above ground pool could be an excellent choice.


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