A Short Guide On How To Chose A Roof Bike Rack


If you possess a vehicle and a bike both, then you’ll sometime be in need of a roof bike rack and therefore, it is very necessary for you to get some knowledge about how to choose a roof bike rack. A roof bike rack is nothing but a frame, which is mounted on the lid of a vehicle where the bike is to be hooked. However, in small vehicles, usually, roof-mounted bike racks are placed because placing frontal or back-mounted bike racks make extra weight for the vehicle to carry easily.

How To Chose A Roof Bike Rack

Things that are necessary for a roof-mounted bike rack:

A roof-mounted bike rack must be very rigged, strong, several points where the rack itself can be hooked with the vehicle body firmly, better and smoother rails for placing the bike, flexible supporting arms and many more other parts individually. But there are ways that are to be remembered or reckoned to learn how to choose a roof bike rack. Not all the vehicles are compatible with all sort of bike racks and that is literally why you need a fostered thought of roof-mounted bike racks.

One more important thing is that, as the matter is about roof-mounted bike racks, you have to lift your bike when you need to keep the bike on the vehicle. Therefore, it is also necessary to get acquainted with the procedure to lift your bike on the lid of the vehicle on the rack promptly.

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Types of Roof Mounted Bike Racks:

Though roof-mounted bike racks can be segregated in different types but there are three main types in which bike roof-mounted bike racks can be placed. The main three types of bike racks and the reason for choosing them are detailed in short-

1) Frame Mounted Roof Bike Racks: frame-mounted racks are the simplest among many. Through this rack system, you just need to put the bike on its rails and fit the wheels on its rail grooves promptly. Then there is a supporting arm in between the two wheels on the rack. All you need is to lift the supporting hook and make it grab on the bike frame. Also make sure that you put the straps on both the wheels promptly. This is, therefore, the simplest bike mounting mechanism on a vehicle’s top.If you have a bike and would like to have such a mechanism, then you have to be careful because you can cause unwanted scratches on the bike. Also, you have to make sure if the two straps on the rails at the portion of the wheels of the bike are present or not. If not, you better not go forward with such a bike rack. Make sure that you have all the options available in the bike rack and then you choose the rack.

2) Fork Mounted Bike Rack: in case of form mounted bike racks, a special case has to be considered. Once you’ve installed a fork-mounted bike rack on the top of your vehicle, you have to make sure that you are comfortable with the frequent opening of your bike’s front wheel. This is because you have to open your bike’s front wheel and then mount the bike with the rack on your vehicles lid. Through this mechanism, you get the firmest grip on the bike and your bike won’t fall even on a spasmodic road. But as it is all about choosing the best bike rack, you need to be very careful if you are provided with all the screws and necessary straps to grip the rear wheel also. But this bike rack system requires a bit extra time and attention because you have to deal with the frontal frame of the bike and then mount on the rack through screws on both sides.

3) Wheel Mount Bike Racks: wheel mount bike racks are the best for use and easy to access at almost every condition. A wheel rack mounted on the roof of a vehicle doesn’t require anything special because it itself has got all the straps and supporting arms. When your rack and vehicle is ready, you need to uplift your bike and put it into the rail grooves and place the bike. After that, you have to anchor and put straps on both the wheels. The main grip is on the frontal wheel through a supporting lever on from the front uplifted.

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How You should Identify the Best ones among many:

When you are up to buying a top-notch roof-mounted bike rack, then you have to overhaul the overall rack out and out, from its beginning to its end. There are some points and tasks that you should carry out on spot so that you can get yourself assured of its quality and durability-

  1. You have to check the overall product. Look for any sort of scratches and cracks. If you find any, note the supplier and look for a new one.
  2. Tilt the rack on a line where you can keep one eye and see if the line looks straight or not. If it looks wavy, then make a change.
  3. Knock the rack at different places and feel its ruggedness. The sound output should be thick. If it makes a thin and a long-lasting sound, then the steel isn’t robust enough. Request for a change on spot.
  4. When you get to buy a new roof-mounted bike rack for your vehicle, make sure that after all the checkouts, you have taken all the necessary equipment, supporting arms, screws, hinges and straps with you. Without any of them, you wont be able to hook your bike promptly on the roof of your vehicle. Mounting so without any of these might cause serious damages to your vehicle.

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Whatever happens and whatever your budget for buying a first-class roof-mounted bike rack is, make sure that you go through all the guides regarding how to choose a roof bike rack, because without this short yet informative awareness you wont be able to take a nice one for you.


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