10 Amazing Benefits of Adjustable Dumbbell Sets


Below you’ll find a brief look at the reasons why you should get yourself an adjustable dumbbell set.

Amazing Benefits of Adjustable Dumbbell Sets

#1 Benefits of Adjustable  Dumbbell Sets

1. Convenience

Adjustable dumbbells bring expediency to your weight training program because they are meant to be used by anyone irrespective of how light or heavy you want them to be. Essentially, you won’t need a complete set of dumbbells; you have all the weights in one system which will save you money and space as well.

2. Various Exercises

Unlike conventional dumbbells, you can move from the range of about 5 to 110 pounds without having to change or move the plates with adjustable dumbbells. All you need to do is turn the dial and lock the plates to your desired weight. You can perform a number of weight training workouts with these dumbbells too, from leg to chest to arm exercises regardless of whether you want lose weight and get toned as well as develop muscles.

3. Saving of Space

Most adjustable dumbbells are conveniently designed to occupy a very limited space. As a matter of fact, they hardly occupy any space. If you don’t have a lot of room, you can as well store them in your closet or under the bed. This means that unlike conventional dumbbells, you can use the set and store it until the next training session. The space-efficiency associated with adjustable dumbbells is one of reason why they are very popular since they can be used at home without having to worry too much about space.

4. More Durable

Typical dumbbells are prone to tear and wear due to factors like corrosion. The best adjustable dumbbells are built with strong materials and are more durable. Irrespective of how many times or how long you use your set every day if it’s made from durable materials, chances are that it will be in the same condition in a couple of years. Just to give an assurance to the customers, most manufacturers attach a warranty of 5 to 10 years on their dumbbells.

#2 What to Look for in Adjustable Dumbbells

Where do you start in your quest to own a pair of adjustable weights? There are a few factors you may want to consider including;

1. Price

This is the most fundamental factor if you’re interested in buying weights, seeing that some dumbbells can be quite expensive. While adjustable dumbbells are an important part of your weight training regimen, it doesn’t necessarily mean draining your pockets. Before you make a purchase, make a comparison of various sets available in the market and go for the one that fits your budget while offering quality as the same time.

It is important to note that the lowly dumbbells don’t necessarily guarantee you quality and vice-versa. A cheap set of dumbbells might cost you close to $400 while a high end unit might be anywhere from $1,000 to $1,500.

2. Weight Range

Before you hit the “purchase” button, you must put some thought in to the product’s weight range. You should look for the available weight range with each set of adjustable dumbbells and you may have to consider if you’ll always need that highest or the lowest range of weights.

Be sure to pick a dumbbell that has a weight range that meets your workout needs. If you’re on a strength building mission, you may consider a higher range of weights with 50 to 75 pounds on each hand. If all you want is to tone your muscles and be fit all round, the best adjustable dumbbells would have a lower range of 25 pounds or thereabout.

3. Number of Weight Settings

There’s no need of buying a dumbbell set that doesn’t offer you an array of settings to adjust the weights as you please unless you have a fixed workout plan. The ideal set is the one that has many weights settings to offer you the luxury of making weight increments in your desired range within the shortest time possible.

Be sure to check that your dumbbells of choice not only lets you to increase weights easily but also at a comfortable rate as well. Most adjustable dumbbells come with 9 to 17 weight settings.

4. Weight Settings

When choosing a dumbbell set, go for the one that is highly adjustable in weight. The benefit of having a pair whose weight settings allow you to adjust the amount of weight on your dumbbell is that it lets you increase the weight little by little as you build your physical endurance over time.

You should also bear in mind that you may not be the only one using the dumbbells, thus an ideal pair should allow other users more so beginners set the weight as per their liking without many difficulties.

5. Dumbbell Dimensions

Your adjustable dumbbells of choice should have dimensions that make the workout routine easy. It should have a stand that’s neither too short nor too high so as to accommodate users of all heights. Likewise the length of the dumbbell should not be too long. In a nutshell, an ideal set of dumbbells should encompass parameters that greatly improve usability by any user.

6. Brand

If you’re a first-time dumbbells buyer, it’s important noting that the top-rated adjustable dumbbells are likely to offer the best quality. That a brand has a high ranking means that its previous users have been contented with what it has to offer. Go for the most trusted brand if you’re looking for a dumbbell set that will offer value for money.

7. Warranty

It is imperative to know what the warranty of your dumbbells of choice states and what is covered. Dumbbells that have longer warranties are most likely going to offer efficiency and durability. If the manufacturer has placed a warranty spanning for not less than 5 years, it means they believe in the quality their unit has to offer.

#3 Conclusion

Dumbbells are becoming increasingly popular as people seek to maintain healthy lifestyles through weight training. This has led to an increase in the variety of dumbbells, making the task of choosing the best adjustable dumbbells even harder. However, with the insights provided here, not only are you in a position to get the best set but you’re able to get what you pay for as well.


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